Saturday, October 11, 2014

Second Saturday in brown....

Having sick kids home most of the week means a lot less time in the sewing room. Hopefully everyone is on the mend and we have a pleasant weekend. I plan to drag  take Greg and the kids to a corn maze and pumpkin patch on Saturday morning if everyone is feeling ok. If not, there is always next weekend.

I made a 16 patch in black to join the other colors.

I prepped some hexagons for some brown flowers to add to the mix. I got this one done in the car line on Friday. I will not do any black ones as I plan to surround all the flowers with black next year as each color comes up by month. 

I finished off the borders to the Hugs and Kisses Quilt this week. I hand appliqu├ęd all these blocks last year with the RSC Challenge. I had hoped to get this pinned for hand quilting but sick kids nixed that this week. Maybe next week? I had picked up a bunch of wide backing fabrics on sale last month so I just need to cut it to size and cut some batting off the role and then this can be pinned once I have no one in the house.  Hopefully Tuesday!
Hugs and Kisses Quilt by VTQuilter

Border of Hugs and Kisses by VTQuilter
I have been making one Civil War Diary block each day this month and today's block is called 'Letters or Papers from Home'. Each block will finish at 6 inches and will be made into a sampler quilt.

Head on over to SoScrappy and see what other dark colors are being linked up this weekend.


  1. Hope everyone is on the mend. Lots of fall germs seem to be making the rounds right now. Glad you still had a bit of sewing time. Maybe next week everyone will be back to school.

  2. No fun having sick kids around. Love your hugs and kisses quilt. Can't wait to how the quilting will transform it. I always look forward to that magical moment.

  3. hope they are better for a fall fun weekend!

    Lots of pretty progress here :)

  4. Hope everyone feels better so you can make it to the corn maze. Don't get lost!

  5. I hope everyone will be well soon. Love your black 16 patch block. Beautiful quilt top. You go girl!

  6. The 16 patch looks like a good way to use up the tiniest of scraps!

  7. Some virus is going around the schools around here too. One of my granddaughters has already been to the doc twice since school started with some nasty bugs.

    Good luck getting work done on hugs and kisses!

  8. Love your brown hexie and the hugs and kisses border - great progress, despite "life" interfering!

  9. Hope everyone was able to get out and about this morning. You have lots of fun projects going on. Hugs and Kisses is beautiful! I also really like the quilt in your header (and the purple little kitty socks too)!

  10. Sure hope that everyone is feeling well enough for your outing today!

    I love that little CW block! And I cannot wait to see your Hugs and Kisses quilt come to life with your quilting.

  11. I love darker colors. Your blocks are pretty. Very nice finished quilt.


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