17 UFO's for 2017

UFO 2017 - 17 projects to move along this year
1.) Snowflake quilt - Hoarfrost - need to make 3 snowflakes
2.) Cats and mice are now a TOP! APRIL.
3.) Create applique border for hand pieced midget applique.
4.) Churn dash blocks 
5.) Churn dash quilt
6.) Birds in the Air Blocks
7.)Midget blocks
8.) Century Quilt top.
9.) Scrapbook quilt top - machine quilt. COMPLETED binding in March.
10.)VQF quilt - blocks done need to work on finishing kit.
11.) Civil War 6 inch blocks.
12.) Grandmothers Choice purple and green quilt. COMPLETED in April.
13.) White and blue quilt - cut out but need pattern?
14.) green and brown blocks ?
15.) 1857 Applique **Blocks all done.
16.) Hexagons
17.) 2015 RSC Challenge quilt COMPLETED May.
18.) 2016 RSC Challenge quilt. COMPLETED Jan 3, 2017.
19.) Crochet mystery project from Yarnspirations 2 years ago. Modify and finish I hope!
20.) Thangles 12 block series of 8 inch blocks. COMPLETED Feb 18, 2017.
21.) 2 inch hand pieced trip around the world quilt. - Top finished in October.

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  1. You have an interesting list. I collected all the Midget blocks and bought the rest and even photocopied quite a few foundation patterns. They are in a binder waiting for me to have time or to impulsively jump in. I made one Grandmother's Choice block. And of course, 1857 but I have reached the end of how many I plan t make, just need to complete them. That is #7 on my list. Looking forward to watching your journey this year.


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