UFO List

Just a list of non-completed projects sitting around waiting for me to get to them.

UFO 2017 List
1. 2016 RSC Challenge quilt - completed in January.
2. Cat and mice quilt is a top in April.
3. Grandmothers Choice - purple and green sampler - Completed
4. VQF quilt - blocks done have finishing kit.
5. Thangles kit sampler - completed February.
6. White and blue print quilt - cut but pattern? Maybe in 4 patch booklet?
7. Civil War 6 inch blocks - finish sashing and quilt.
8. Midget applique quilt - needs borders.
9. Churn Dash - top
10. Churn Dash - blocks - multiple baby quilts?
11. Century Quilt
12. Midget blocks

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