Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend update

Well.... Saturday didn't go as planned but I got to sew pretty much all day Sunday until about 3:30..... and I got the black and white quilt pinned, quilted and the binding created and sewn on. I just need to hand sew that to the back but that can be done anytime. I also got one recieving blanket finished...two others are cut just need to sew around the edges.

and my picture 'helper' Miss Max...

Sunday night I went out to dinner with some friends for one of their birthdays. It was great to see them and catch up on everything that's happening with their families.
I think my sewing room will be converted this weekend to Aidans room...so probably not much sewing this week as I pack up the room. We'll put the baby in the nursery room Aidan is currently in...it is a smaller room 12x13. Aidan will get the 15x16 room and that will give us room to put more of his toys up there so that will also be a play area. I am thinking I may pop a little table into the nursery and plop the sewing machine onto it until the baby arrives...but we'll see how that goes. Between Aidans toys (how did we accumulate so much stuff.. I know I haven't bought much at all!) and the baby stuff we'll need to bring back out- swing, bouncy seat, mega saucer, etc.. I think he'll be playing in his room a little bit more this coming year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm here!

Just haven't had much time on the computer to check out quilting things lately. The time has just flown by.... and still so many things to do before the baby comes.
Last weekend was shot... we all got a stomach bug last Thursday night/Friday so that took care of the weekend! I had a little relapse yesterday but am much better today.
I did get a few things done. The charity quilt is completed. I missed the guild meeting last night though to turn it in. Will plan to go next month.

I got a cheater panel of trains for Aidan and put the binding on it this week. Just need to hand sew down the back.

I got the pink and green little quilt quilted and bound too. I did a loop de loop on this one and the charity quilt.

here is a close up of the quilting.

I hope to get the green pinwheel quilt pinned tomorrow so I can quilt it this weekend.
I also have a black/white and red quilt that the rows just need sewing together and that top will be completed. I hope to get that done this evening.
Hopefully I'll get another post in at the end of the weekend with the black and white and pinwheel quilts all done! We'll see how I do.
Have a great day everyone.