Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Graduation Quilt!

Almost done and well before Saturday! I just have a little under a side to finish hand stitching down the binding and then adding a label. This is the 'brother' quilt to the one I made for my hubby a couple of years ago. It is a pinwheel pattern from Nickle Quilts.

Next up is doing the last guild block for tomorrow's meeting. I have decided to add more blocks with the idea of things that remind me (and my family) of Vermont. I'm not sure how I will do some of the ideas I have but I'll come up with something. Right now I'm thinking of doing some blocks for all seasons and working the quilt top from top left as spring, then summer then fall and the bottom right will be winter. We'll see how it comes out sometime next year when it is done... hopefully for the April quilt show.
I have decided to do a jewel box pattern for my niece's 2011 graduation quilt in purples and yellows. Just need to clear out my fabrics and see what I currently have for purples and add to it this summer. I plan to start working on the blocks for this in the fall.
Next up will be adding borders to my cardinal quilt, embroidery around the wings and getting it basted for hand quilting. I'll also work on my storm at sea wall hanging and start with some of my VT quilt blocks for the summer sewing. We'll see how I do over the next couple of months.