Monday, December 31, 2012

Unable to sleep.....

So I got up and decided to try and catch up a bit on Easy Street. I cut out 145 green squares to finish off step 4. I had pieced the geese units together last week.

Then I cut out the 3.5 inch blue squares - I had a stack already sitting that were leftover from the anniversary quilt a few years ago so I only had to cut out half of what was needed. That was a nice bonus. Now I need to cut the 128 maroon squares to go with that step so I can sew them up later this week.

Then I cut some cream strips for step 6. At that point it is 5AM and the girl was making noise so I had to go cover her up and get her settled in again. I figured I should vacate the room next to hers so I decided to update the blog.

I also have been plugging away on a baby quilt for Aidan's teacher. She is due January 9 (cutting it close I know!) and hopefully she will be in on Wednesday when he goes back to school.... and the quilt will be done! It is a top. The back is pieced. The binding is made. I just need to pin it and do some quick quilting on it later this afternoon after  work. I see some binding stitching in my future tonight and tomorrow. I'm wishing I took the hubby's advice and finished the pink chain part in the side and top border.... but it is done and I'm not changing it now. The binding will be the pink and the backing is a green polka dot with monkey's.

Once that is done, I am jumping back to the Easy Street mystery. She posted step 7 this morning and yikes.... it looks like the last step is tomorrow! Of course... I need to get a midget done, a Quilt Square Along Block and I'm behind on the Sufferage BOW..... and I need to prep some hand work for next week. Oh well, as long as the baby quilt is done by Wednesday and I have something to work on while I am away I'll be happy. I think I just bumped up prep of some Orange Peels after this baby quilt is done.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A load of scraps for 2013...

I decided to take a shower this morning and leave the bucket of scrap fabrics out for the kids to sort. This is what I walked out to after 5 minutes....... it's an Aidan fabric monster!

As you can see - once it is all sorted I'll have lots of pretty fabrics to work with in 2013 for the rainbow scrap challenge. Pink was chosen for the month of January. I'll have to create my template for the orange peels and get cutting away so I have things prepped for next weekend. The hubby and I have a conference that week and we are heading out a couple day's early without kids. Grandma agreed to stay with the kids and cart them to school and dance classes. I can't wait to dig in and play with some pinks. I think I'll be doing a snails trail in light/dark shades each month along with the orange peel blocks from the 'Remembering Adelia' book. I may have to do some more birds in the air block too.... I need to spread them out and see what I need to finish off my 2012 Rainbow quilt.

Head on over to SoScrappy and see what others are planning for 2013. Oh - yesterday was 'project' and craft day for the kids. This was one that they have been bugging me for a week to do. This was after about an hour.

and this is this morning's results.

They also got little felt sewing kits for Christmas and after some frustration in doing the thread/needle part - the yarn kept sliding out of the needle causing some frustration. (Mommy got to do that part) They stuffed them and then added the sequins and/or eyes. Emily did a yellow cat and Aidan made a yellow flower. Sometime they will get to the heart and butterfly. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wrapping up 2012

I like to look back and see what I have accomplished in the sewing room this time of the year. Enjoy.
Completed quilts - even if the pictures are of just the tops. I can't seem to find the finished shots!
Crumb quilt for Emily.

12 inch log cabin Quilt Square Along quilt. Hand quilted. 

Jacobs Ladder - currently on my side of the bed. It is darn chilly down here in Florida - near freezing the last few mornings.

Starburst - for Mindy - graduation quilt

Baby Bunting - for Gail's granddaughter.

Irish Chain #1 - donated

Scrappy Pinwheel - donated.

irish chain - red/tan - donated

scrappy pinwheel 2 - donated

tops completed:

scrappy log cabin - pinned and waiting for quilting.

Aidan's star quilt - have backing. ready for quilting.

pink string X- added the final border - ready for quilting.

I'm sure there are other things I am missing but I think that is a pretty good record for 2012! I plan to do a recap of the BOM and BOW projects this year in another post. 2013 I am planning to finish some UFO's that have been hanging around. Then there will be the new projects.... I got three new quilting books for Christmas and have gotten lots of 'inspiration'. I believe G said - 'Hope you like them and that they give you lots of inspiration for your quilting!'. I do love my hubby.
He got me 'Remembering Adelia' by Kathleen Tracy (so I have the template to do my Orange Peels), 'The Civil War Sewing Circle' by Kathleen Tracy and 'Civl War Legacies' by Carol Hopkins.  I have been looking through the books every day since I got them and love all the little quilts in the book. I think a few will get made in 2013.

For now, I'd better get everyone dressed so I can tire out the kiddo's this morning to allow me some sewing time this afternoon. I started a baby double irish chain on Wednesday and need to get it done for next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

#69 Mexican Star went together really easily this afternoon. The kids were out running around and I was able to steal away into the sewing room. Now if we can get the kids down early for bedtime (they slept in until 7 but no naps!), I think we'll curl up on the couch with a movie. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday slow down....

I was able to make the T block over the last few days. I think it came out pretty cute, after a bit of frogging on a couple of steps.

I've also made more progress on that Sunflower block from week 4. This one has been hand pieced. Almost to my goal of getting it done by Christmas. I just have to sew down the middle.... the brown might change colors. I also might pick out the outer green and just applique it down onto a square instead. I don't like how it is puckering.

How are you coming along on this block? I am joining up with Quilter Kathy for a slow down Sunday. I got all the kids presents wrapped this morning and tucked back away in the closet. I just need to go out to get a few groceries and some stocking stuffers for hubby and the kids and I'm calling it done. Then I can settle down with some hand stitching and relax. Head on over and see what others are working on.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Street part 3.....

I was able to get part three all cut out and sewn yesterday! I think I can get back on track over the next week and get all caught up for next Friday. Yes, there are 63 on the floor. #64 is under the presser foot on the machine.

I finally got to cut into some blue fabrics. I decided to go from light to dark with some brights in between. I see I get to use more in the next step and have some 2 inch strips left over from a project a few years ago that will be perfect for the wings. Good thing I cut way too many 2 inch maroon strips! I can use them in step 4.

Me and Emily - excuse the mess! Taken by my 4 year old.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easy street progress

I am a bit behind on this mystery but I am planning to keep plugging away at it.
Step 1 - completed.
Step 2 - completed.

I am planning to move onto step 3 today. I see some cutting happening at the kitchen island while keeping an eye on the kiddo's. Maybe I can even sew a little this afternoon while they take naps.

I have made some progress on the Kansas Sunflower block from week 4 of the GC BOW. This is all hand pieced and is going together really easily. The hardest part is the prep work on this one. I just have to prep the outermost part and the circle in the middle. I really believe I will hit my goal of having this one completed before Christmas. Anyone else making progress on this one? I drew the b parts out yesterday, and was able to get them all added on in the afternoon.

Tonight Grandma wants to take them to the Homasassa Zoo since they have some pretty white lights hanging all around and Christmas music playing. We will head to her house and pick her up, have a bite to eat out at a restaurant for an early dinner and then head to the Zoo. It should be dark by then but I see lots of driving in my future today. I will have two back seat drivers pointing out all the Christmas lights on houses as we pass and doing 'Woo hoo's' and clapping for the ones they really like. It is always interesting to see what the kids come up with in the car - various questions or just enjoying the lights.
Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

I worked on this little guy on Sunday morning before heading out to SeaWorld with Emily. For such an easy block, I sure did have trouble getting those HST's to go the correct way. There was a little bit of frogging to make this block come out correctly. This is #131 - Indian from the sentimental stitches midget block patterns.

Sorry for the bad photo - mini chocolate chip muffins are in the oven and I'm trying to do a quick post before they need to come out of the oven.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hand work Sunday

As Kathy reminds us to slow down on Sunday and relax, I am planning to work on my Kansas Sunflower block this evening while watching the end of Survivor. I cut out the D and C parts yesterday and was able to start putting it together this morning while Grandpa visited. I'll need to cut out the next set of parts this evening so I will be able to put more of it together tonight.

First, I'll be taking the girl to SeaWorld this afternoon. The boy has had some listening issues lately so he will stay home with Daddy. Emmy is looking forward to riding the Polar Express and we'll try and hit the Sesame Street Christmas show this afternoon too. Not sure what else we will see or how long she'll last. I hope she will nap in the car on the way there.

Head on over to Quilter Kathy and see what others are slowing down with today.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Grandmothers Choice: New Zealand

This block is called Centennial: New Zealand Victory. It went together very easily. I really love this rich purple batik in the block and fear I am running out of it very quickly making these blocks. It reminds me of my niece Kristin every time I use it. This was one of the purples used in her graduation quilt a few years ago. 30 minutes until I need to wake the kids to go to the afternoon Christmas party with Santa. I think I'll attempt to start cutting out the pieces for the Kansas Sunflower block..... time is ticking away to get that one completed before Christmas!

RSC - finishing up some black birds....

I still had 12 black birds in the air blocks that needed to get completed for the year. I was able to get those done this week after I shipped off the 4 quilts to my sister on Thursday. I completely forgot to get a shot of the last pinwheel quilt after the scrappy binding was put on. Oops.

Here are my 12 black birds......

And the whole lot of them from the year.
Looks like I need 6 more to get a 10x12 setting. I believe these will finish at 6 inches so 60x82... Hmm. Maybe I'll just need to make a bunch more and do a 12x12 setting for a double bed size with a nice border or two around? I had some good suggestions on setting them but I am still not sure how these will end up. Originally I was thinking a border around with some type of applique...... I think I am going to just let it set for a bit until it speaks to me.

For me... I have a bunch of catching up to do on the Easy Street Mystery (I'm still on part 2!) and I need to make a quick baby quilt for Aidan's teacher. She won't be getting it until January when he goes back to school but I should probably start it now so it is all done and washed for January 2nd.

For me, it's time to go pick up the boy. Try and feed them lunch and settled for a short nap before we head back to school for the Christmas party with Santa arriving around 3PM.

Head on over to SoScrappy's on Saturday morning to see what other RSC finishes are happening around blog land.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I won!

I was looking around blogland while I was not feeling well last month and came upon the pumpkinpatch quilter's blog. She has the cutest little snowman wall hanging made from pineapple blocks and I won!!!!! I was so excited when I got her e-mail with the PDF's. I need to save them off and print them so I can make a cute snowman wall hanging in January. She has the pattern available for sale on her website.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Midget Wednesday

A day late but I did get a midget block done this week. I decided to do #71 - Railroad Crossing. It went together quick and easy.

The rest of my 'free' time today has been spent on bindings and washing and drying the pinwheel quilts. I just have one seam to fix on the last pinwheel in the dryer and then they should be set to ship once I find a box to fit them in.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pinwheel Quilted

I got a little bit done this week. I have one of the scrappy pinwheels from the rainbow scrap challenge all quilted and the binding is nearly done. I have one side to go and then need to sew down the label and this one is ready for the washing machine. I just did straight line stitching on this one to outline the blocks and sashing.

We postponed our trip to SeaWorld for the Christmas Spectacular today until next Sunday. G and the boy are not feeling 100% today. We'll stay home and make some Christmas sugar cookies instead. It is always fun watching the kids decorate their cookies with frosting.  Yes, the glass dish got moved before it got broken!

I was able to pin the second pinwheel quilt during nap time and got most of the quilting done. I just need to do a stitch around the edge and then trim it up and put the binding on. I think I can sneak away after dinner and get that one all set for binding later tonight. I'd love to get these shipped out by mid week.
 That would let me get back to my birds in the air which need some black ones to be made still. Any ideas on how I should set this one? Borders?

I also have the Easy Street mystery to catch up on. I have all of part 2 cut out but need to just buckle down and get them sewn so I can start step 3.

I'm hooking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Quilter Kathy's slow stitch Sunday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fabric and progress.

First - I got a package in the mail yesterday. Aidan proceeded to open up the bundle of blue and make a 'quilt' on the living room floor with it! Yup, that's my boy. I put an order in to Connecting Threads on the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Such pretty fabrics to add to my stash. Here are a couple of them. 1 yard each of these three and three FQ samplers - Canterbury Christmas ,Winter Blues and Prairie Sampler. I also got 4 yards of solid black for the next Graduation quilt.

I scooped out the maroon ones from the Christmas bundle and used them in my Easy Street Mystery. I have all the geese and parts cut out for this week's step and also have the 64 rectangles done. I still need a few more four patches but I cut more strips for that as well while I was busy cutting things out. I went a little overboard and have a bunch of extra maroon 2 inch strips. I hope we'll need more of them in this mystery.

I finally used my Fons and Porter Flying Geese ruler. I did sew up two just to make sure it works and it measures correctly. I really like that you cut both parts from the same ruler and all the instructions are right on it.

I hope to try quilting a pinwheel quilt tonight. I started it this afternoon and was having tension and thread issues. I decided to wait on that and cut things out for the mystery instead. I was thinking a loopy meander on the quilt but if it continues to give me fits I'll pull out the quilting on the two squares I have done and will just do some straight line quilting so I can call it done. I still have one more of these to do and then bind them....... I don't think they will be shipped off this week. Bummer.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - #70

I skipped ahead again. I really need to get back to making these on the weekend and not on Tuesday! This one was hand pieced and needle turned appliqued for the petals and then sewn together on the sewing machine.
This is #70 - Four Leaf Clover and will finish at 4.5 inches. You can find the pattern over at in the midget section. They are still free for now so go grab them while you can.

Monday, December 3, 2012

GC - Bride's Knot

This weeks block is called Bride's Knot. The block was cut and pieced and very easy to put together.
I was able to sew this one up on Saturday so that leaves me all week to start prepping that Kansas Sunflower block for some hand work. 21 days before I need to have it done!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quilt Square Along Reveal

 Today is reveal day for the November Quilt Square Along over at Jo's Country Junction. Head on over and see an amazing quilt block parade.

This month I got one block done and hand quilted! I used my new hand quilting needles and after a little adjustment to them I really like how they work. They are clover black gold needles and they work wonderfully.

Here is all the blocks I have done so far this year. I seem to be missing January's and have no clue where it is hanging out in the sewing room. The bottom two just need their hand quilting.