Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 blocks done!

I was able to get some sewing done yesterday. I have officially 'moved' my sewing stuff into the basement. Just need to get my comfy chair and stereo down there now. Since both kids were down for the night a little after 7 (well, Emily got up a bit after 8 but Daddy was handling her) I got some sewing time in!
I made a blue monkey wrench block.... since I had found one as a UFO in my 'unfinished' box. I think I'll make a total of 12 and make a little quilt out of them. This will probably be donated to my guild charity quilts.

this is the one I did yesterday... a little busy on the fabric..

I also found a maple leaf quilt that I had started quite a few years ago as a $5 block quilt at my local LQS. It will finish as a lap quilt I believe. It came as 6 - 12 inch blocks in various colors. I did get the finishing kit which contains 2 more leaf block fabrics and fabrics for the offset blocks. I did a red leaf last night... sorry it is upside down!

then started a yellow one. Unfortunately I missed the cutting down of the fabrics on the second one (missed that step.. guess I was paying more attention to a crying baby upstairs!) and once I realized that I stopped. So, I think I can 'salvage' my boo boo. We'll see how that goes - hopefully this evening if both kids are behaving.

We woke up this morning to a crying and screaming boy.... this has never happened before. He just wanted to be cuddled so something is hurting but we don't know what. I assume it is teeth.. since at almost 17 months old (next week!) he only has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. I have a feeling he has a slew of them coming in since he should have 20 teeth by the time he turns 2.
At least Miss Emily is a much happier baby now... hasn't really been colic/fussy the last few weeks. Just fusses right before she falls asleep for a few minutes at night. Much better than it was. Here she was a couple of days ago.