Friday, July 10, 2020

Saturday in Blue.....

This week I added 2 of the 16 patches and 2 Stash Buster blocks in dark blues.

The chicks are growing and love the roosts that Greg made for them. We added this bigger one yesterday and all 4 of them were sitting on it within an hour! Feathers are coming in and they are looking a little scruffy.

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Saturday morning.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Progress and an almost finish

I managed to get the baby quilt quilted on Wednesday and now it is just finishing up the binding.

The first snowflake is appliqued down onto block 1. I am waiting for some white fabric to come in so I can finish the other two snowflakes and make the borders for the Hoarfrost quilt.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Summer UFO 2020 Challenge projects.

I decided to join in over at The Joyful Quilters Summer UFO Challenge. The goal is to pick at least 5 projects that you would like to get finished off by the last day of September. It sounds like as long as you finish ONE... you are good! Between the OMG and trying to actually finish some quilts the second half of this year I figured I might as well throw in the hat and give it a shot!

Since technically a UFO - is an UnFinished Object..... I'm throwing in some I actually plan to work on this month... and a bunch of others in case the mood strikes (see, I learned from you Joy!).

1.) Umbrella Quilt - currently being hand quilted.

2.) Hoarfrost - Needs 3 snowflakes, to be pieced together and borders pieced and made.

3.) Cat and Mice - loaded on the frame to be quilted.

4) Save the Bees - I ***think I have 2 rectangles done, one in process and I don't know where the pattern for the bee is so I'll need to be creative. I do remember doing the hexagon part and I found the top right flower in process of being appliqued.

5) Midget Applique - blocks are together. I want to add an applique border onto the 5 inch yellow of some kind.

6) VQF quilt is a top

7.) 2018/19? RSC quilt.... yes the bottom right has been fixed.

8.) Baby boy magic stars/iSpy quilt.

9.) Bittersweet Briar.... I have the kit and the book instructions. Will this be the time that I finally decide to work on it? It appears this one actually needs to be started to be included in the list..... So I'm going to start it by doing the first part - cut and sew the background square that the pretty applique will be added to this afternoon! 

First cut made! It's officially started with the 40.5 inch background cut!

10) Hand Pieced Quilt Along. I think I want to add a  blue border and hand quilt.

11.) Book Club - hand pieced this year.... so it will require hand quilting as well. 

12.) Purple hearts need to become something!

The extremely sad part is I have a whole slew of other UFO's hanging around but we will see if maybe a few of these can get finished off in the next few months.

Slow Sunday

After a rainy and thunderstorm day yesterday, progress was made as I stitched a bit. Half of the snowflake is appliqued down (the left side!) and hopefully the right side will get done today. I need 3 of these to replace paper pieced snowflakes in a quilt I am working on this month. I don't remember seeing white for them in the pile for this quilt.... so that might make things interesting. I seem to be running out of white on white prints....

I also added some 'rain' to the umbrellas. I drew the lines on the left hand side yesterday as the right hand side was all quilted. 

Joining Kathy and the other Slow Stitchers today. What will you be stitching today?

Saturday, July 4, 2020

RSC Cobblestones in dark blue

I cut and pieced this grouping of cobblestones yesterday. They will get sewn into their strip later today. We will have a quiet 4th of July here. Greg is working this afternoon and evening. Grandpa had his pacemaker replaced on Wednesday and is on a no-drive for 2 weeks order so is staying home....I hope!. Grandma's sciatic is acting up still - 2 weeks on Sunday! - and is staying home with the doggies. Just me and the kids. I see some pool time in between the t-storms and maybe some burgers to go with the potato salad, corn on the cob and watermelon for dinner tonight. 

Wishing those in the USA a happy and safe 4th of July, a belated Happy Canada Day to those in the north and a Happy Saturday to everyone else!

Linking up with the RSC Quilters.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Baby quilt.....

It appears I am in need of a baby boy quilt! As the master procrastinator that I am..... I kept putting it off as inspiration had not sprung other than I really wanted an iSpy of some sort.

Well, I played with some blue and made a little version of Magic Star top earlier this week. I realize I have the squares flipped the wrong way too but I didn't like how the 2 color looked with it the proper way. What if I added a dark blue border to make it a wee bit bigger and add some fun 'boy' fabrics to the back and make it a 2 sided quilt? I like it! I think it is around 40 inches. 

I had to hit the store and get a few veggies Wednesday so I went to the 'big' Walmart for the first time since January I think. I have been to the neighborhood one with just groceries and essentials but I wanted to check out the fabric aisle. Let's just say... there were 7 FQ's and maybe 15-20 bolts of fabric in the whole cotton aisle...... That's it! I grabbed 4 fat quarters - baseballs and bats, doggies, dinosaurs and a cute red check with ants crawling all over it. Boys love bugs ..... well, all but mine does! Aidan took one look and told me to remove the ants... they might think they were real ants! He also asked why I was using his fabrics! 
I was a wee bit disappointed by the lack of selection but that is why we have a stash! When the t-storm dropped my connection to work again Thursday, I took the time to shop the wall and pull some 'fun' fabrics. I found some Thomas the train, owls, horses, cats, red sox - cause I HAVE to add that in with my family!, turtles, pumpkins, bats, etc. It worked. I figured if I cut 16 fabrics of 10.5 inch squares it should make a fun 40x40 backing and I'll border it to make it the same size as the front. That way the kids (he has 2 older sisters!) can do some iSpy searching together.

So other than completely forgetting the back needs to be bigger to quilt it (can you tell it has been a while since I have actually finished something?) I am going to make this work!
I have no clue how to quilt this one.... I am thinking on the diagonal from the magic star side. I'll use warm and natural so it won't need much quilting. That is today's project - get it pinned and quilted and make and add a binding to the top.  

I did manage to find a package of elastic while shopping so I plan to make a few more masks so we all have an extra one. I finished off mine and ordered some fabrics from Connecting Threads to make Greg a few more with just loops over the ears for working. They have to have plain so I have Aloe and Sage basics on order to go with the Publix green. It will also work as vines when I ever finish off the applique for the midget applique quilt... hopefully sometime this year now that I have my bias binding maker again.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Easy Breezy Leader and Ender Challenge.....

On July 1 - Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville releases the new block for the leader and ender challenge. I think I just might join in this year as one version is using 1.5 inch strips and making a cute block. I really need to start going through the bins and taming them and I think this little block might help tame it.  Here is the first one.

Will you be joining in on the fun?