Friday, May 14, 2021

RSC Saturday in red

I showed this earlier this week but since it's Saturday and Red.... I'm posting it again. Garden Path blocks are all caught up!

I spent a bunch of time Friday night prepping a slew of red hexagons. I think I counted 27 prepped so if I have extra reds after finishing up Harmony, I'll grab a few more to finish off the 31 I need this month. Sophie was kind enough to allow a photo with them. 

I got 2 sets of step #4 of Harmony stitched. Before I prep the next 2 sets, I figured I'd actually stitch these together to make the first part of the block. These 4 go together then a HST goes in the corner with 2 white rectangles to make it square. There are 4 of these for each block. Halfway through the month and making good progress on getting this stitched together by hand.

Linking up on Saturday with the RSC.

I had planned to prep this post Friday night but there were dangerous warning signs on the blogger sites including mine. Thank goodness it cleared off by 10:30 or so. Post written and scheduled.
Saturday - horses, then dropping Emily to a birthday party for the afternoon and possibly overnight. I plan to head to Joann's and see what I can find for black on black and black on white fabrics for a graduation quilt needed for next month. The accent color is red! I came up with the disappearing nine patch pattern for a quick twin quilt for a boy. I found a new Andover fabric line that would be perfect... alas, time crunch and I am not seeing a FQ option over at Connecting Threads. We will see what I can find locally first.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday already?

 Honestly, I have not had anything to post about so have been a little quiet the last few days. I did get my red garden path blocks sewn up over the weekend and here is a shot of all of them so far this year. Pink, yellow, green, light blue and red for 10 blocks.

I finished hand stitching step #3 of Harmony and cut out one practice one for step #4. 

That one is all done by templates for the twisted triangle and I'm following their advise to do one or two before cutting them all out. Mine are going to be tan.... since they were in the bundle with the red. I decided to introduce the tan when I was cutting out step #3 and marked up my pattern so I would not forget when cutting out the next steps. 

Instead of prepping blocks and doing my finance report for scouts on Sunday..... I was a wee bit lazy. So... I get to do my finance report tomorrow (it is due by Saturday and I do love to procrastinate!) and then I'll prep some more Hexagons and all of my Harmony step #4 parts.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday RSC in red...

Well, I never did get into the sewing room last night. These are the red parts that will become 2 garden path blocks. 

I have the reds pulled and just need to press them before cutting out some flowering snowball parts in red. I figured I'd make myself a kit for a scrappy flowering snowball quilt this year by cutting a little each month. No rhyme or reason on how many or what fabrics, just pull from the bin and if it fits it gets cranked through! These are bigger so not a lot of my scrap bin parts are big enough. 4 of the half peel and 4 of the bigger parts makes a 12 inch block. I'm using my Accuquilt to cut them out.

I did use my Accuquilt 8 inch cube - die #5 to cut my 2.5 inch half square triangle parts this week in light blues and reds. The light blue ones did get sewn together.

Finally, my Hexagon quilt as you go blocks got prepped and started. I seem to be a few days behind so maybe I'll bring the tin with me to horses this week and stitch a few as Emily is riding.

Linking up with the RSC on Saturday.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Finishing up blue

After dropping the kids to school yesterday I stopped to get a few more pounds of blueberries for the freezer. I might have made blueberry muffins this morning for breakfast.... since Sophie would not stop meowing before 7AM. Figured I might as well get up and feed her.

It was actually not terrible outside last night after the storms went through. Mid 80's and low humidity. I was sitting and got a few feathered friends for company before Greg came out for a bit.

 I was able to get my garden path blocks in light blue finished yesterday afternoon  and just have a little sewing to finish off the red ones today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Harmony.... step #4

 Sunday I prepped step 4 of Harmony. These are 'partial square in a square' or half of the square in a square block from step 1. I have all the parts cut out and the stitching line drawn on the small squares. I just need to remember to make 4 the same and then swap the red and tan on the other 4.... for each set.  

Yesterday - I got a call on the car from Honda stating it was ready for pick up. They replaced a few parts, did an alignment and after a test drive none of the warning lights went on so, fingers crossed that fixed it. I logged off work early and Greg drove me over to pick it up. I had a little window before having to pick up kids - Aidan got out normal time and Em stayed an extra hour for a FFA meeting. Aidan was not hungry (I was surprised too!) and just finished some crackers from his lunch after we stopped off at CVS. I needed mineral oil as I was out and the vet is having me add 1/8 of a tsp to Sophies dry food to help with her digestion issues. While there - he was trying on sunglasses and finally found a pair he was happy with. This has been going on for months and he never likes any of them. He got these, put them on in the car and no doesn't know how he will be outside in the sun without sunglasses on! He has blue eyes like me so the intense sunlight really bothers us. We headed back to school and picked up Emily. I was planning Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner and had prepped the yogurt marinade with the chicken at lunch and since we would be home an hour later - Greg was in charge of making dinner. It came out really good and I'm sure Aidan will be eating some for dinner tonight. They wanted to take photos of dinner so here are our plates. Greg passed as his stomach was not right yesterday.

Mine - sorry the photo turned.



As Cinco de Mayo - I'm humoring Emily and we are having taco salad with chips for dinner tonight!.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Some hexagons in red

 I did a lot of prep work on Sunday. A slew of hexagon shapes were cut and prepped and last night I managed to stitch up the first 3 for the month.

We moved the girl scout meeting inside last night - it was feels like 96 (actual temp of 90) outside around 6:30 in the evening. The girls did go out and chase the chickens around before and after and I got one of the girls dropped off very early as the family was trying to get everyone where they needed to go. We were working on a jewelry badge and made wire rings last night. One of my Cadettes (grade 6) taught us how to do it! I think we will just have 2 more meetings this year - next week to finish our badge and plan bridging. Everyone is moving as we will do both last year and this year. I heard they want an actual bridge so we sill see what we can come up with. A few years ago we borrowed the boy scout one but we were meeting at the church then. They also want a water fight in the back yard! Should be a fun bridging =)

** Bridging is an end of year rite - every 2 years they advance to a higher level. We stopped meetings in March after spring break so did not last year so all of my girls will 'bridge' this year. Daisy is K-1, Brownie is 2-3, junior is 4-5, cadette is 6-7, ambasador is 8-9 and senior must be 10-12. Next year all my girls will be junior and cadette - ranging from grade 4-7.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching and a hand pieced top!

I spent the day relaxing/resting and hand stitching yesterday afternoon. I'm happy to say my Endless Diamond is finally a completed top! It needs a press and then I'll sandwich it for hand quilting in the hoop. It is 48x60. You can read more about this quilt by clicking on the Endless Diamond Tab above. This is completely hand pieced and I love how it came out! I checked back and started this around July 22, 2020!  

I started the Harmony hand pieced quilt along in February but only did step 1+2. I pulled it back out and did step 3 this week. I'll prep step 4 today. I am making the throw - so making 4 of the big blocks. I am using a FQ bundle of red, white and tan I picked up from the old Craftsy site.  My One Monthy Goal (OMG) will be to get Harmony to a top! Wish me luck.