Thursday, September 16, 2021

Quilting and pinning....

After dropping the kids to school it was a quick breakfast then some weeding in the front beds. A quick shower and then this was happening as I attempted to start quilting the nine patch quilt.

I managed to move him and get a few of the diagonal lines stitched before he decided to lay on the quilt! It was a good time to run hubby to Lowes to pick up a few things.  I managed to get the rest of the quilt quilted.... and only had to move the cat 3 more times. I just tugged the quilt with him on it the rest of the time. Yes, I did have the door closed to that room but someone figured out how to turn the knob and managed to get in!

Wonky mismatched seams and all! It adds to the charm... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I love the polka dot backing from Connecting Threads. 


Then I laid out the snowflake backing and cut that to size. The cats decided to have a wrestling match on the quilt at that point. Peanut and Ollie.  That lead to some pressing of the backing and the top again. I was able to distract them and laid it all out with the batting I had cut last night. I'm happy to say this one is now pinned and draped over the cutting board. I hope to get it quilted with some wavy lines this evening. 

I need to trim the nine patch quilt and make some bindings for both of them. I plan to use the same teal for the churn dash but I'll take a look and see what fabrics I have for the nine patch. I'm thinking purple but we will see if I can find enough to bind it. All in all a very productive day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Mid week check in....

Mostly hand work this week so not much progress. I did add a teal border to the churn dash quilt and hope to get this pinned tonight and quilted tomorrow.... for mailing out this weekend. I do get to bring the boy to guitar tonight again so hopefully the pinning can happen after.... and before the rocket launch at 8PM! 

This little frog was by the front door Monday night when Em and I got home from scouts. She took the photo.

More hexagons sewn into sets of 4. I need to prep more orange ones but 12 are done this month and stitched into their four patch. 

The kids 'open house' tomorrow night has turned into a virtual one.... so we will see how that goes. Thankfully the numbers in the schools were down a bit last week. Let's hope that downward trend continues. Em did mention she was pulled yesterday for close contact so we will be watching her for symptoms. 


Saturday, September 11, 2021


September 11. A time to remember the events of 20 years ago when the planes were sent into buildings and many people perished. I miss the day after - when the country came together and was united. Very different from the current climate in the USA. 

I am also missing a wedding reception today - my niece was married a year ago tomorrow in Colorado as a change of plans from the original wedding in Vermont. They went ahead with the reception weekend a year later and hopefully will enjoy their even this afternoon. All my family will be there except us. So sad to be missing it.... but with school, pandemic, and health issues in the household it was the right decision for us to not go. We will be thinking of them all. Both kids were sick with head colds this week and missed a few days of school. Much better now, thank goodness although they are both still going through kleenex like crazy!

I am getting a slow start to orange. I did prep my Hexagons and have stitched up 9 - although 8 are shown. Linking up with the RSC on Saturday.

I also need to make 4 more blocks and then cut and piece the setting to enlarge this quilt for Aidan. I think tonight I'll be pulling the seam ripper out and will be taking off the binding in preparation of making progress on this for him. I am extending it with a couple of rows so it should be long enough for him.  Kim Diehl pattern of Twilight Hopscotch.

I was lucky enough to see the wild turkeys on my walk last night. I counted 10 in 2 groups.  I had not seen them in a while so it was a nice sighting.

The puff pancake is almost ready to come out of the oven and then a quick shower before I take the girl off to horses. New meds for hubby so I am the sole driver in the house for a bit. 


Monday, September 6, 2021

Monday.... or is it?

 I do like 3 day weekends.... even if they were a 4 day weekend for me with a call in sick Friday. 

Today was baking day - I made bagels this morning.  I really did make 8 - Greg and I both had one for lunch.  The first time I used regular flour and this time I used bread flour. I'll be making sure I have bread flour in the house from not on. So much better! I prepped these orange hexagons in the waiting times. All set for stitching in the car line this week. I had some extra cream backing that fit the smaller hexagon..... and figured maybe I'll quilt or embroider a pumpkin or something in there? We will see when I pull those to be worked on.

Next was a trip to Sams and Publix to pick up lunch meats and the things on my list that were not seen last week when Greg went to Sams- butter, chicken stock, Potstickers, salsa and I have been craving a roaster chicken so I got one for dinner tomorrow night. Tonight will be meatloaf. I still need to make a zucchini cake  and pin a quilt for machine quilting. Plenty of time. Not sure the garden will get tilled tonight when it cools down a bit, but there is always tomorrow. Thankfully I am feeling loads better today.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching.

Today will be prepping more hexagons in Orange to add to the collection of blocks I have been making all year. A photo of a couple of yellow ones being joined yesterday.

I added the yard sticks to show the size so far. These are the ones that have been sewn into 4 patches of colors. I have a basket of singles waiting to be connected still along with the new ones that will be added for each day through the rest of the year.

Linking up with the Slow Sunday stitchers.

I know Sunday's are when we slow down but..... last Sunday the kids and I went to Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum up the road from us. This is the posted speed limit!

 There were two big buildings packed full of various things. The first building had all the drag racing cars with trophies and information on each car and how the engines progressed over the years. When Greg and Aidan went a few years ago, Don was actually walking around and they were able to chat with him.  The other half of that building were various race cars over the years and some old classic cars. 

The second building was mainly classic cars in mint condition with the old gas pumps, bikes, cameras through the years and I did see 2 sewing machines but they were in a blocked off room.

Emily was taking photo's to keep her occupied while the boy and I wandered and read. No wonder I was out of space on my phone - lots of photo's! If it was just Aidan with a parent we would have been there a lot longer but the girl was 'done'! 

Today the boy is off to Grandma's house who is feeling much better after a terrible head cold the last 2 weeks. The girl has managed to get a head cold as well so she is stuffed up and coughing and staying in her room resting this weekend. I'll be in my sewing room doing prep work!

Saturday, September 4, 2021

RSC is Orange....

 I have yet to dig into the small orange pile this month. I know my orange is limited and I think I do have a few in a scrap bucket somewhere that I need to find. I knew this area was low so I added a few FQ's from a shopping trip earlier this year.

I had not included my Hexagon QAYG in my teal wrap up post. Here are the 31 from August. All but the bottom row is sewn into sets of 4. That leads me to the hmmmm what to do with the 'extra' blocks after the first 28 days! I think I'll tuck those 3 aside and when I have all the months sets of 4 together, I might mix and match the rest of the colors. Time to prep the orange ones! Linking up with the RSC.

I was laying on my bed after picking up the kids from school (tummy has been off for a few days) and saw this out my window! Aidan had gotten our broody girl Lily out of her nesting box - she finds the batch of eggs and lays on them every day! She decided his arm was a good roost and did not want to get off! Her red crown is not bright anymore as she is not laying.

I did make an order from Connecting Threads this week for some backing fabrics with their 15% off sale. It arrived 3 days later!  I loved the snowflake in grey - perfect backing for hoarfrost and I think I'll use it for my nine patch OMG this month. I should have written down my thinking as I planned 4 quilt backs out of this! The polka dot was fun and cute and I 'think' I planned that for a few smaller ones.  I'll have to search for my hand quilting batting to prep the next quilt. I know the OMG will use my warm and natural and be machine quilted but if I am in prep mode I might as well prep a hand quilting one as well. 

Hoarfrost quilt pattern by Canuckquilter

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Teal wrap up

Why he thinks he is helping while laying right here I have no clue. Peanut is a very needy boy!

I have parts for Erin's butterfly. I need to hand stitch the middle curve then baste it still. The full stop question marks, the garden path blocks and one of the scrappy squares in teal.

I'll link up Saturday for the RSC where we will find out Septembers color for the challenge.