Friday, March 16, 2018

RSC Saturday.....Slow Stitching Sunday.

I'm putting this one out early as I will be roughing it in the woods with 5 girls from my troop this weekend. Three adults including me so it is fairly matched and we have a great set of girls going =). It will be a small encampment this time - 44 girls and 25 adults but we should have a blast. It will be their first shot at archery and we are so excited! (pun intended!)

I did manage to finish sewing the other two green squared away blocks this week - well close enough I ran out of bobbin thread on that last seam of the middle green one.  A photo of all 9 so far this year. This seems to be the only thing I am keeping up with!

A lot of hand quilting was done on the sage green dresden plate block. I seem to be in a hand quilting finish up mode on this project! I just have to finish making the X in each of the squares around the other three edges and I will call this sixth block completed sometime on Sunday! Half way done - Woo Hoo! Peanut is posing on his cat tree for me with the block.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I was checking out Joyfuls blog this morning and saw her post on Hands2Help. A chance to finish a quilt and donate it to a worthy cause (see the sign up post here), I'm in! The deadline is June 1st to have the quilt finished and mailed off to the selected charity or to donate locally in your area. I'm going to finish off my churn dash top by finally getting it quilted and donate that one to one of the charities listed. I might try and get the remaining churn dash blocks into a quilt top and quilted as well. We will see.
If you are interested, there is a signup on the above post and there is a giveaway if you sign up before Saturday March 17th.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Slow Sunday...

I had a slow Saturday evening and relaxed with some stitching on my sage green dresden plate. I got the blades all quilted and will work on the cross hatching in the white today.
The front of the sage green dresden.

The back.

This is number 6 out of 12 dresdens I plan to get quilted this year. The others can be found here.

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The kids are on spring break and Emily has been wanting to make fluffy slime all week long. Dad took her out to buy the needed supplies Saturday afternoon (glue and contact solution and shaving cream) and she got busy making some. When her brother got home from his party he had to make some too. Kept them both busy for a few hours....and they actually cleaned up the total disaster they made in the kitchen and their clothes. We will see if it comes out or not - shirts are soaking in oxyclean in a bucket out back.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

RSC Saturday in Green....

I was able to make one green block this week! I was stitching this up while trying to keep kitten paws away from the sewing machine needle. Peanut really wanted to help.

Our last cookie booth was last night at Mojo's Grill in Ocala. This was all that was left at 8PM. Woo Hoo. Another cookie season is over.

Aidan was happy I didn't have a booth this morning so I could take him to a birthday party. Thanks to his Dad who took him present shopping last night. After chatting with the parents (met them today) I left him and headed home for the afternoon. A first for him but at 10 it was time and he was busy playing. I'll have to go pick him up soon. I'm guessing he will be tired tonight after hanging out with Jakari and Tyler and Tyler all afternoon for Jakari's 10th birthday party.

This will be my hand work project tonight. I finished off the black one earlier this week. I made these a few years ago with the RSC Challenge and then appliqu├ęd them the next year and added the blocks around another year. 5 are hand quilted of the 12 blocks this year. Think I can get this one done by the end of the month?

I'm thinking it will either be family game night or movie night. We will see what the kids want to do. Maybe I'll even get back into the sewing area and finish up the 2 purple blocks from last month!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Black Dresden.... Done!

Really Deb, done already? Yup... and my finger didn't even get all sore like the last time (thanks for the possible arthritis in my left middle finger top knuckle Mom - so happy you passed that onto me.... NOT!)

Pictured are the ones completed - purple, red, light blue, dark green and black.

Now I can get working on the last Sage green one to fit in with the RSC Challenge this month of March. If I get this one completed this month - I'll be half way done!

The backing is pressed but I need to pull my 'extra' batting to sandwich it. Probably later tonight or tomorrow. Need to get some food into Emily before gymnastics, home for her then a quick run to the church to help set up some tables for a GS sponsored event tomorrow, then off to my GS leader meeting at 7. Never a dull moment around my house for me. Think I'll pull the knitting needles and some yarn to take with me to gymnastics. Another dish cloth? Nice and easy non thinking project while I watch Emily.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Dresden progress.

It was a day of rest Sunday... well, mostly. We did help at a cookie booth for a couple of hours and helped out another troop get rid of some cookies. We have 3 for our troop scheduled this weekend and Emily is working 2 of them.

Mostly... I picked up a little and did some hand work. The dresden plates got hand quilted and outlined. I need to draw the cross hatching in the white area so that part can start in the car line.

This might be why I had to stop stitching... someone wanted to take a nap.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday slow recovery day....

After a fun filled week of company, visiting and a quick trip to the beach to see the rocket launch.... today will be a recovery day.

I enjoyed the first hour of peace and quiet as everyone else was sleeping. Unfortunately I just unloaded the car yesterday and then sat and relaxed in my chair. Time to finish unpacking, doing some laundry and picking up the house a bit. Emily does have a 2 hour cookie booth scheduled to help someone out..... so I guess I'd better get moving.

I will get back to this later today - I think I will do different colors in all the petals on this black dresden plate. So far a blue and red have been added.

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