Monday, May 27, 2024

Holiday Monday

 I managed to get the quilting done on this split nine patch and a binding made and attached to the front. I'll work on hand stitching that to the back this week. The quilt is 48x54.

I looked over last night and saw this..... 

Bear had curled up on the couch with a pillow and his quilt. Silly boy.

Grandma is coming over for brats and burgers on the grill. I made a potato salad last night. She is going to bring her dog Scruffy. Scruffy has not been here since we got Bear, but he did go there once and they got along well. We will see how they do. 

Sunday, May 26, 2024


Yesterday I finally decided on a backing for the split nines quilt. I cut it and the batting and did a little pinning. I decided to try a pre-programmed stitch on my machine and got 2 lines done before the needle broke. That told me to turn off the light and call it a day. I'll head back in soon and see if I can get this completed this afternoon.

I did get some hand quilting in on this cat while the F1 race was on this morning. I just need to outline the white part and then I'll have 2 cats left. Two grocery runs were completed, and meals planned for the next few days. 

These two like to curl up together. Emily decided to 'help' me and totally cleaned the master bedroom. Dusting, vacuuming and moved the furniture to vacuum under and behind it. There was a lot of cat hair as that is their territory. It was so nice to sleep in there last night. 

I've got a few hours until I need to make the sauce for the chicken to go on the grill. We call it the Weatherby sauce - from Enosburgh Falls Vermont. It is basically just butter, margarine, vinegar, water and salt. Sounds weird but oh so yummy! Great on bone in skin on chicken cooked on the grill. I have great memories of Dad manning the grill with a maxwell house glass container with holes poked in the top to hold this sauce that is boiled and then put on the chicken whenever you turn it on the grill. 
I should have some time to put in a new needle on the machine and see if I can make some progress on the split nines.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another cat done....


This cat was completed last night, and I moved onto the next one. It is just outlined so far, but every length of thread counts.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


 I pulled out the cats again and got this pretty one done last night. The finger does not hurt at all today, so that is good news. Other good news is Aidan and I watched the first 2 periods of the Oilers hockey game last night. He has been rooting for the Oilers the last year or 2 and was so happy to see them advance to the next round. 

The age old question of what is for dinner? Emily was 'bored' in her last period class yesterday and kept blowing up my phone with recipe links! She did not like when I mentioned it sounded like she was in charge of dinners this summer! 

Last night was Veggie Lo Mein - listed under my recipe tab at the bottom of the page.
Tonight - Aidan has asked if we had Carnita meat in the freezer last week. Nope, I was out so I picked a pork shoulder up on sale yesterday and it is in the crock pot today for dinner tonight. Recipe link is on the Recipe tab page.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Hand quilting.

The girl got a wee bit overheated at the picnic yesterday. Thankfully lots of sleep and liquids had her feeling better this morning. Off to school she went. The humid summer temps have arrived. =(. Thank goodness for AC!

 Instead of cleaning the house yesterday, I cleaned in the kitchen and then decided to bake a bit and mess it up again! In my defense, 3 bananas were overripe, so they became banana bread. Then, I had eggs to use, and quick breakfasts are nice to have .... so, I pulled my individual pie pan (6 mini pie pan) and sprayed it with Pam. Then I cut up a scallion, some baby peppers that needed using and some deli ham. I shredded a little mozzarella cheese and then put a little of each into all 6 areas. 5 eggs and a little half and half with salt and pepper got mixed and then poured into the tin. I baked it at 375 for 15-20 minutes and they were the cutest things! I had one last night for dinner and one this morning. Yummy and a quick and easy breakfast. I really need to play with this pan and try some little pies. I'll have to check out the Pampered Chef recipes page for those. I'm thinking little blueberry pies. Yummy.

After all that, I got lazy and was listening to an audio book while I did some hand quilting. It appears if you don't work on something, it really does not progress at all! So, I finally finished up one cat and did another yesterday. I can feel my right middle finger as I guess that is the one I push the needle with! I have not quilted in a while and I lost my callus, so I'll have to work on building that back up. I have 6 of the 12 cats quilted. I need to figure out the sashing and then start in on those. I noticed a few mice need to have their applique 'fixed' as well. I think my goal is to get this one completed by the end of the summer. It will probably travel up to VT with me this summer. Note to self, use the glasses I picked up from CVS to help thread the needle!

It should be a fairly quiet last week of school. Emily is late Thursday for Graduation band practice and Graduation is Saturday early. A few tests still for both kids and then they are off for the summer. I have seen Emily's summer homework but Aidan has not shared his yet. 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

RSC Arkansas Traveller blocks all caught up!

 I managed to finish off the pink and yellow AT blocks this afternoon. Well, technically I still have some parts for a 4th yellow, but I forgot I had a pink started and only cut out 4 of the 5 background parts needed. 

This morning the girl had horses (89 degrees, feels like 100 and was muggy) and it was bareback riding day. Both girls managed to walk, trot and canter after lots of fussing and 'I'm going to fall off'. Neither fell. This is Henry the barn cat. He is a feral cat that has been fixed and lives on the barn property. He kept an eye on the girls. After their lesson, they went out to the grassy fields and he followed them as they were wandering around both areas.  

Tonight is the band banquet. I need to pop out and grab some cookies for the pot luck dinner. Tomorrow is a picnic for the end of year GEMS girl scout planning committee. I will make some sugar cookies for that one, which means time to check the butter for softness and get that dough made so it can chill. Worst case, I'll buy cookies for that one as well! 
I'll link up to the RSC and hopefully will be able to visit some links later tonight.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Stormy day

 Another stormy day for us. Lots of rain, but we have not had any for a long while, so it is a good thing.

I managed to finish one AT block and almost done another. I need to unpick the final seam and try it again for a better shot at a middle join.

This one is good.
This one is not!

The kids both got invited to their end of year academic awards ceremony last night. Both got recognized (with a whole slew of other kids!) for 4.0 or higher GPA non weighted. Emily got her academic letter and Aidan got a pin to add to the one he got last year. They clean up pretty nice! Notice how much taller he is than her with that blue sign! We stopped at Cracker barrel for dinner on the way home.

The blueberry place is opening tomorrow for one last day of picking and I think I'll go and get a few more. We have been eating them fresh and I am almost out from the last picking. They are going in my overnight oats for breakfast.