Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crumblies... part 4.

Ok, somehow I got the numbering wrong. Oops... I blame the stress of moving and me just not paying attention.
I slacked off again Monday on the unpacking and with Jo's teaser of 9 patches and 4 patches... I worked ahead on Monday during nap time and did a few more blocks. I have not found the square ruler so these are not cut down to size yet.

All of mine so far... the white really stands out in the photo but not in real life. I think I might sash with a solid 30's color and white cornerstones..... just a thought right now though.

Today was our first visit to the local library for story time. We got there a couple of minutes late but quietly went in and sat down. The kids joined in the clapping when the book was done and had a great time singing along to the songs. The librarian came up to me later and commented on how she enjoyed how the kids interacted during the stories and singing. I told her they are old pro's, especially Aidan as he has been going to story time since he was 6 weeks old! After the books they had tons of toys and crafts there for the kids to play with and interact with each other. After 1.5 hours I had to bribe them to get them home for lunch. I also chatted with a few of the Moms and now have some tips on pediatricians to follow up on. I really need to set up their doctor this week so I have someone in place with their records on hand. You just never know what will happen with a 3 and 2 year old in the house!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crumblies part 2...

After a very busy week I was able to take some time and sew this afternoon (thanks G!). He said there was only room enough for one person to go through the boxes in the finished garage and I should sew while the kids napped. Isn't that sweet?

Sew I did.... and got these little guys ready for a good press and then a cut down to size. I really need to unpack the boxes from my sewing room once I get them into my room and find that iron soon. I only did the one heart... but have a feeling I'll go back and make some more as time allows and lots more of the stars.

Go on over to visit Jo and see what everyone else has been up to!

Moving....to here! I took this back in June when we put an offer down to purchase this house.

Last week at this time we were getting settled into a hotel somewhere in South Carolina. Hard to believe it hasn't even been a week we have been here yet but it does feel like home. I am figuring out where things are and can find my way around. Tuesday we had promised the kids they would get bikes when we got down here after the long trip in the car.... Em got the little purple Rapunzel bike with training wheels and AT got a red hot wheels 16 inch bike with training wheels. They both are doing great on them and enjoy riding out on the nice flat driveway. Wednesday was our 5th anniversary and we took the kids to my MIL's while we went out to eat. We also did some shopping (I know, pretty boring) and purchased a new dining room table and chairs. We got our hutch for our first anniversary so this seems to be a trend! We were also looking for a bedroom set for Em and a living room sectional but didn't see anything that we both liked. Thursday more unpacking and the installation of some ceiling fans and then after naps we took FIL out to dinner for his birthday and then some birthday cake after at his house. Friday was unpacking again and my new washer and dryer finally arrived. Lots of laundry got done on Friday night and Saturday. We also went out on Friday night and picked up an entertainment center for the living room so we could get the flat screen tv up off the floor. Saturday we took a break in the morning and found the park and playground about 4 minutes from our house. The kids loved it and it was really nice with shade trees around the edges. G and AT put the entertainment center together in the afternoon while Em and I went and got groceries. Heck.. I didn't even need the Garmin to get there and get me home again!
This week I need to unpack more boxes and set up my sewing room/guest room. The majority of the living space is set - kids rooms, our room, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen are all functional. The finished garage will be an office and the kids play area.... but right now it is full of boxes that need to find a home - either in the house or out in the shed. Oh, the joys of moving.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Another quick post... no pics yet, sorry.
We made it here Monday afternoon. Cats traveled great - no kitty meds were given and only a handful of small meow's were had for the entire ride of 3 days. They just slept and looked around. The kids.... did really good. A few meltdowns but after 7-8 hours driving in the car I would too! They have adjusted well to the new house and were so happy to see all their things - their own beds, toys and everything they had not seen for the past 6 weeks. Lots of unpacking to do still..... but my MIL put all my fabrics into the 4th bedroom closet, I have my sewing machine and can see and get to a small banquet table that I can sew on. Not sure where the small cutting mat is (the big one is in DH's car in Vermont) so looks like crumbs will be on the top of the project list for a while... assuming I can steal away for some sewing time =).

I hope to answer all the nice comments in the next day or two so thanks for being patient. I will so miss my guild and their meeting next Wednesday night in Vermont. Another answer - Nope, I have never done a crumb quilt before but I was having so much fun sewing on it last week... I had to stop when I did only because nap time was over and I had to pack up everything and put it away so I could get dinner started.

Hope to show some cute crumbs in the next post.... and maybe a picture of my new home!
Happy sewing everyone.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving in process.....

Sorry, no pictures. We are 2 days into a 3 day car trip to the new house. Hope to be there tomorrow. I will respond to comments this week from my new house... as I am unpacking boxes and keeping track of the kids. So far, the 2 toddlers and 2 cats are doing great.
Happy sewing!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crumblies.... part 1

Jo over at Jo's country junction is having a crumb along. This is week 2 but the first real week of instructions.
I made 2 of the blocks she described and 4 flying geese that will become a star in the border section....... and then I was having so much fun putting the pieces together I also made 2 regular blocks. Oops.... I seem to have ventured ahead on my own and made some of my own blocks. I think I will be adding more of the white and the solid colors in the blocks as I go along. It is a learning process and I'm sure will be a cute quilt when it is done. It will be unique, that is for sure!

Go check out her website and see what everyone else has come up with.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Crumb along...

Yup, I need this like I need another hole in my head! Oh well, I've been cutting up my 30's prints for my tulip log cabin quilt and have lots of little bits left over. What's a girl to do? Join Jo over at Jo's country junction and do the crumb along. Head on over and check it out..... maybe you'll want to join in too!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I was able to visit Lisa over at Mad River Quilting in Waitsfield. It was a deja vu drive as my hubby and I lived there for a bit about 5 years ago and driving through Waterbury and up over the mountain was very pretty if a little bit sad. Downtown Waterbury and parts of Waitsfield were hit by flooding last week with Irene and they are still digging out. There were big dumpsters about every other house full of people's possessions and wood and insulation that has been pulled out of basements and the first floor of the houses. Some houses and businesses were not effected and it was nice to see that Arvads in Waterbury was open for business. That was where G and I had our first date almost 6 years ago.

Back to shopping.... Lisa had a cute little shop (a little sad to see the covered bridge the road over was closed due to damage from the storm last week... we used to go that way to pick up our chinese take out) and I had fun browsing around trying to figure out how to spend my $100 gift certificate. I did manage to spend it and a little bit more and got this bag of goodies to play with in the future. Thanks again to Jeb and the VTMUG group for gifting me that as a going away present.

As I had no projects in mind, I decided to get some bundles of FQ and a couple of buns. I just loved this peach bun and right before checking out I saw the bun of creams... you can never have enough neutrals, right? I also picked up a cream aurofil thread to use for quilting Crystals quilt later today. The others were the FQs - a 17 pack of Stonehenge - cool stone, a 6 pack of Mother Earth and a lovely Hoffman Bali Handpaints called Ceylon. Some beautiful greens and blues that fits the pools store we are opening next year. I am thinking something with circles - maybe a drunkards path wall hanging? We'll have to wait and see what I come up with. The Mother Earth FQ's has a nice pretty brown that I can see as a tree in the winter, maybe with a sap bucket on it.... another wall hanging idea I have to remind me of 'home'.

I have been making progress on the knitting and will show that in another post. I was a little off and don't seem to knit on the weekends..... but I did extra rows during the week so I am still on track.
Have a great holiday.