Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I was able to visit Lisa over at Mad River Quilting in Waitsfield. It was a deja vu drive as my hubby and I lived there for a bit about 5 years ago and driving through Waterbury and up over the mountain was very pretty if a little bit sad. Downtown Waterbury and parts of Waitsfield were hit by flooding last week with Irene and they are still digging out. There were big dumpsters about every other house full of people's possessions and wood and insulation that has been pulled out of basements and the first floor of the houses. Some houses and businesses were not effected and it was nice to see that Arvads in Waterbury was open for business. That was where G and I had our first date almost 6 years ago.

Back to shopping.... Lisa had a cute little shop (a little sad to see the covered bridge the road over was closed due to damage from the storm last week... we used to go that way to pick up our chinese take out) and I had fun browsing around trying to figure out how to spend my $100 gift certificate. I did manage to spend it and a little bit more and got this bag of goodies to play with in the future. Thanks again to Jeb and the VTMUG group for gifting me that as a going away present.

As I had no projects in mind, I decided to get some bundles of FQ and a couple of buns. I just loved this peach bun and right before checking out I saw the bun of creams... you can never have enough neutrals, right? I also picked up a cream aurofil thread to use for quilting Crystals quilt later today. The others were the FQs - a 17 pack of Stonehenge - cool stone, a 6 pack of Mother Earth and a lovely Hoffman Bali Handpaints called Ceylon. Some beautiful greens and blues that fits the pools store we are opening next year. I am thinking something with circles - maybe a drunkards path wall hanging? We'll have to wait and see what I come up with. The Mother Earth FQ's has a nice pretty brown that I can see as a tree in the winter, maybe with a sap bucket on it.... another wall hanging idea I have to remind me of 'home'.

I have been making progress on the knitting and will show that in another post. I was a little off and don't seem to knit on the weekends..... but I did extra rows during the week so I am still on track.
Have a great holiday.

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