Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Another quick post... no pics yet, sorry.
We made it here Monday afternoon. Cats traveled great - no kitty meds were given and only a handful of small meow's were had for the entire ride of 3 days. They just slept and looked around. The kids.... did really good. A few meltdowns but after 7-8 hours driving in the car I would too! They have adjusted well to the new house and were so happy to see all their things - their own beds, toys and everything they had not seen for the past 6 weeks. Lots of unpacking to do still..... but my MIL put all my fabrics into the 4th bedroom closet, I have my sewing machine and can see and get to a small banquet table that I can sew on. Not sure where the small cutting mat is (the big one is in DH's car in Vermont) so looks like crumbs will be on the top of the project list for a while... assuming I can steal away for some sewing time =).

I hope to answer all the nice comments in the next day or two so thanks for being patient. I will so miss my guild and their meeting next Wednesday night in Vermont. Another answer - Nope, I have never done a crumb quilt before but I was having so much fun sewing on it last week... I had to stop when I did only because nap time was over and I had to pack up everything and put it away so I could get dinner started.

Hope to show some cute crumbs in the next post.... and maybe a picture of my new home!
Happy sewing everyone.


Ellen said...

Glad you all arrived safe and sound after such a long trip. I love making crumb blocks too - they are so much fun and there are no rules!!

Moneik said...

So excited for your next adventure. Hope you have a great day!

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on managing the move. It is amazing how much effort is needed to pack an entire family up and transport them to a new state. Have fun finding everything and settling it all into place. I'm sure it will feel like home before you know it.