Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crumblies part 2...

After a very busy week I was able to take some time and sew this afternoon (thanks G!). He said there was only room enough for one person to go through the boxes in the finished garage and I should sew while the kids napped. Isn't that sweet?

Sew I did.... and got these little guys ready for a good press and then a cut down to size. I really need to unpack the boxes from my sewing room once I get them into my room and find that iron soon. I only did the one heart... but have a feeling I'll go back and make some more as time allows and lots more of the stars.

Go on over to visit Jo and see what everyone else has been up to! here! I took this back in June when we put an offer down to purchase this house.

Last week at this time we were getting settled into a hotel somewhere in South Carolina. Hard to believe it hasn't even been a week we have been here yet but it does feel like home. I am figuring out where things are and can find my way around. Tuesday we had promised the kids they would get bikes when we got down here after the long trip in the car.... Em got the little purple Rapunzel bike with training wheels and AT got a red hot wheels 16 inch bike with training wheels. They both are doing great on them and enjoy riding out on the nice flat driveway. Wednesday was our 5th anniversary and we took the kids to my MIL's while we went out to eat. We also did some shopping (I know, pretty boring) and purchased a new dining room table and chairs. We got our hutch for our first anniversary so this seems to be a trend! We were also looking for a bedroom set for Em and a living room sectional but didn't see anything that we both liked. Thursday more unpacking and the installation of some ceiling fans and then after naps we took FIL out to dinner for his birthday and then some birthday cake after at his house. Friday was unpacking again and my new washer and dryer finally arrived. Lots of laundry got done on Friday night and Saturday. We also went out on Friday night and picked up an entertainment center for the living room so we could get the flat screen tv up off the floor. Saturday we took a break in the morning and found the park and playground about 4 minutes from our house. The kids loved it and it was really nice with shade trees around the edges. G and AT put the entertainment center together in the afternoon while Em and I went and got groceries. Heck.. I didn't even need the Garmin to get there and get me home again!
This week I need to unpack more boxes and set up my sewing room/guest room. The majority of the living space is set - kids rooms, our room, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen are all functional. The finished garage will be an office and the kids play area.... but right now it is full of boxes that need to find a home - either in the house or out in the shed. Oh, the joys of moving.


Coloradolady said...

Hope you are enjoying your new home more each day!!

I simply love your fabric and blocks. I think I told you that before, but I think I will make another one of these after I finish this one and use reproduction 30's fabrics. I love, LOVE how it looks!

Ellen said...

Sounds like you are settling into your new home quite nicely! It takes so much energy to move but it seems you've it all under control. Your blocks are very cute!!

Jo said...

How did you ever get crumb blocks done and settle in!?!?! You go girl!

Angie in SoCal said...

Very cute crumb blocks - is that 30's fabric - sure love the colors.
Beautiful house too!

Michele, a distracted quilter said...

I'm in awe - that you can do all you needed to do and still find time to sew. Big huge gold star for hubby sending you off to sew for a while. I'm loving the look of your blocks. I don't have any 30s fabrics myself and am fascinated watching your project grow.