Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tiny Tuesday.....

A very unstable connection to work today led me to a little stitching time each time I tried to log back onto the VPN server.... now it is giving me errors so I'm giving up. Hopefully it is indeed on their end and it is resolved for working tomorrow! I am done for the day!

It did allow me to stitch up this little umbrella - I did parts each time I had to log back on which takes a few minutes each time..... it has been a long morning! Ollie has taken up the back part of my chair so I put the umbrella on him and took a photo. The other one was in with me this morning but I think he has gone under the bed for his afternoon nap.

Aidan called today and let us know he will be home tomorrow after lunch. He has guitar lessons tomorrow afternoon.  He has been at Grandma's since Sunday as Emily has horse day camp all this week... and Dad and I are working and he would be bored. I'll do something with him on Thursday since I have the day off... he is on his own on Friday though!
Hmmm about 45 minutes before I have to go pick up Emily... horse camp is about 35 minutes away. Her Dad has been dropping her off in the morning (I work 8:30-1:30) and I do the pickup for 3PM.  Think I'll go piece the backing for the bow tie quilt and cut the batting out.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


It is a busy weekend in my family. June 15th is always busy.... It is my parents 56th Anniversary, my nephews birthday (he was born on their 29th anniversary as the first grandchild) and yesterday my niece graduated from High School with honors and got her schools scholarship to UVM! Great job Sally!

Today - Happy Fathers Day! Hubby got breakfast in bed (coffee and everything bagel with cream cheese) and the kids homemade gifts at 7:10. They were so excited and were busy for a few hours making things yesterday. 
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad.... so many games played with his kids after a long day of work, trips to the dump on Saturday morning with 'going to the dump music' and special stops at the little store to chat with neighbors and I got Swedish fish =).  Great memories!

This is the 20th basket of 25 that was finished off last night. The heart is a little wonky and off center.... but I am ok with it. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Dark blue hexagons are all done!

I managed to get all the dark blue hexagons stitched onto their black background. I am getting a little anxious to get this one done... so will continue on with another color this month I think. I went ahead and did the pink ones already. I have light blue, brown and most of the purple left to do.

Linking up with the RSC on Saturday.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bow Ties...... take 2!

Stubborn quilt.... was insisting it was not 'done' yet. So... I added a little blue border and then used up pretty much all of the red star print with a 2.5 strip.  I was debating a darker yellow... but tried it out and it is big enough for a 'snuggle' quilt as is. I am estimating it is about 46x54 right now... and I'll pull some flannel for the backing and use the yellow as binding.  It is a drastic change between the 2 photo's!

These bow ties were started a year or two ago with that challenge - one color a month for 10 months. This batch has red, orange, yellow, pink, green, aqua, light blue, dark blue, purple and black. There is one of each of those color ways in each set of the 2 rows (10 blocks every 2 rows)... which is how I spread out my colors when I lay things out on the floor. Then it is moving things around within those 2 rows for lights, medium and darks to try and get it how I think it looks good.

I know Mom.... I do need to trim and finish up Sally's quilt.... which I will just bring with me next month! Maybe Sunday will be that task =) I am debating on big stitch hand quilting it or machine quilting it.......

Linking this one up to the RSC on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bow Ties are now a flimsy! 40x48.

I made a couple more blocks to get a total of 30. That is about 3 blocks in each of the 10 color families. I actually measured the block and turns out they are 8 inches finished not 6! That makes for a 40x48 size little quilt... right now. It might 'need' something for a border. We will see. It might just get finished off with a colorful binding. I'll link up Saturday with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

These bow ties were started a year or two ago with that challenge - one color a month for 10 months. This batch has red, orange, yellow, pink, green, aqua, light blue, dark blue, purple and black. There is one of each of those color ways in each set of the 2 rows (10 blocks every 2 rows)... which is how I spread out my colors when I lay things out on the floor. Then it is moving things around within those 2 rows for lights, medium and darks to try and get it how I think it looks good. This was the winning layout while I was waiting to get logged back onto work this morning. I got them sewn together after work and before it was time to go pick up the kids... speaking of which, I better head out to get them!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday Umbrella....

I know, it is orange but I needed one more to finish up last months color. I guess I'll get right to work on a blue one since I am on guinea pig supervision duty while Aidan is finally cleaning the cage.

Funny shaped umbrella.... lets pretend it is windy! Flower and Jimmy Jr in the guinea play area ... and yes, they are both boys!

Sophie is about 2 feet from the cage, watching.......
Edited..... got the first dark blue umbrella done - last weeks block.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Slow Sunday...

I plan to get a couple more of my blue hexagons stitched up today. Look at that! I got 2 done while waiting for the computer to charge to post this!

Then I'll settle in and get a basket or two quilted. I have 13 of 25 done so far.

Why does this always happen?

Linking up with the other Slow Sunday Stitchers.

I am so tempted to start the embroidery I purchased earlier this year with Blueprint.... but figured I should finish a hand project before starting a new one. (Crazy I know!) I'll start it in July.... probably in Vermont when all the hexagons are stitched onto their background. It will be my first try at embroidery.... and with my tutorial video....and Mom who did that back when she was younger I should be able to tackle it!

Yesterday the boy wanted Mom time and Mom wanted machine time! I got the last of the bow tie blocks sewn and he decided the layout.

He wanted 4 together in the same color way in a circle. There were 12 of each color so we have 3 blocks of each color. The blocks of 4 are now 6 inches.

Might need to make another 8 bow ties in the black color way to get 30 blocks instead of the 28 we have. I went ahead and made one more set in black yesterday but the numbers were not working out. It was taxing the boys brain and we gave up. I'm going to add 2 more black and grey blocks today to make an even 30 for a 5x6 set.

The girl was playing UNO with Dad in the afternoon and they also made the meatballs for dinner last night. The boy and I handled the making of the french bread. With some angel hair pasta and marinara sauce dinner was done! Mom - the zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting came out really yummy..... you know the one from the Taste of Home magazine =)
I had to play Bingo last night with Emily.... my kids love to play games!

I also gave her churn dash blocks to play with..... did I mention I tend to collect blocks? Hehehe....

Linking up with the RSC Challenge and Oh Scrap.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

A rainy blue Saturday in Florida....

I can't complain - we really do need the rain since it has not rained in weeks. We have a quite a few forest fires burning throughout the state so this will help in putting them out. Unfortunately... this morning was to be our girl scout horse riding. We ended up cancelling and I'll reschedule it. Hopefully as many can make it again... I had 9 of 11 girls able to attend, which is amazing!

Instead, it will be a day of indoor things. Emily is making a star crystal in a jar. I hear the oven will get a workout as well.... zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting will get made. They overrode my zucchini bread idea. They also turned up their nose at dinner using chicken tenders..... and wanted home made meatballs with spaghetti and bread for dinner with a salad. I hear we are making the bread too! Good thing I have my double oven!

I hope to steal away and sew the last 4 blue bow ties to make the 12 I need for that pile. I might also do the 2 light blue and 8 reds I need. Maybe that will keep the boy occupied laying those out for a quilt design as well? So nice of Peanut to hold those down for me.

Aidan was busy pulling fabrics for me yesterday for the 4 umbrella blocks on the right - I might need to make one as it is pretty rainy out today!

I also got all 12 of the hexagons basted and the first 3 done. When we went to horses Thursday morning I saw a scrap of black and pink in the bushes....I had been working on pink the last time I went and it was really windy. I guess one got away from me! I know, pink has not been called yet... but there were 21 of them and I seem to have gotten them all done over the last month or two!

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Head over and see all the blue people have been playing with this week.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Graduation quilt is a top!

After lots of bending and twisting..... I got the graduation quilt all sewn together. The photo is not great - way too hot out yesterday late afternoon and a wee bit windy.

I had to have an empty house to lay out all the blocks onto the living room floor. I had sewn the color sets into one's, two two's and the rest into threes. Laying them out was a lot of bending and twisting on my back but it got done. Boy was it big! (70+x95+) Then it was pulling and sewing into strips and then sewing them together. I really hate sewing long rows together..... especially on the diagonal!

It needs pressing, trimming and then I'll have to find a backing and get it quilted. It will not be done in time for graduation June 16... but it will be done to fly up to Vermont with me in July.

Sunday, June 2, 2019


It's all about slow stitching on Sunday. With it being a new month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge dark blue was the chosen color. I love blue.... and I have a couple of blue things that fit the RSC Challenge and Slow Sunday Stitching! Hand quilting and basting and applique!

I am hand appliqueing my hexagon flowers onto their black backgrounds this month and the dark blue were the only ones left that need basting so they can continue their journey onto the black. I started a few last night and will finish up the rest today then pin them to the backing so they are all set to sew whenever I get a few minutes.  I hand pieced these quite a few years ago and they are so close to being blocks to put together into a quilt! Sew exciting!

I also started quilting this little basket last night and it should get finished up this evening..... or afternoon if I need a break. So nice to have options when you have a few minutes here and there to stitch on something.

Linking up with the other Slow Stitchers over at Kathy's Quilts who has been hosting this wonderful link up for 7 years! I just want to thank Kathy and all who have posted and encouraged me in this hand stitching process. 

Yesterday..... someone decided it was time to get her ears pierced! It was to be her 10th birthday present back in April (my rule you have to be 10 and then if you want them pierced you can) but soccer season was in full swing and no jewelry. She had her heart set on Justice piercing them and had picked out a pretty aquamarine post. The nice lady mentioned her ears were thick so would need a long post which they did not have. We walked down the mall to Claires where they had a couple with long post. Chatted with the staff there and they mentioned you could bring the earring of your choice to a piercing place and they could do it. Then she mentioned it was a tattoo parlor and Emily got all nervous.... like ... no way, Mom!. We said thanks and took a walk. The boys headed into Yankee Candle and the girls sat and chatted. The chairs were next to a Padoga jewelry kiosk. I went up and saw they do piercing and had some long posts that were cubic zirconium. Very pretty in 14KG in gold or white. She looked at them. We sat again. Then I mentioned why don't we ask her what the process is... she liked that idea. The lady was super nice. She said she has been doing this for 21 years and a coworker there for over 10. They could even do both ears at the same time. Everything was explained and all questions answered. We sat again. She was thirsty....we walked to the food court and got her some water. A few sips later and then it was 'Are you doing this today or another time?' The boys had moved onto Bath and Body works at that point (Aidan loves his smelly stuff and was looking at candles. He will be making a batch of candles tomorrow with some melts he purchased on Saturday). She said today... we walked back and the boys met us there. It was go time. She waited for a few customers to finish up, we paid and then she got her ears pierced. Good thing it was at the same time... she was a bit terrified and one of them stung for a bit after for a few minutes. All better now and she will go back in 4 weeks and have them take a look. Just a solution and turn morning and night and she now has pierced ears! I keep telling her I am stealing them when her 6 weeks are up... they are really cute earrings!

Saturday, June 1, 2019


It has been an interesting week. I seem to have done something to my back on Tuesday night/Wednesday..... So no walking since Tuesday.... when I was so good to get up at 6:30 and out the door before the temps were extremely crazy in the mid 90s and feels like over 100. Yup - it's summer without any rain to cool things off in the afternoon. It is better today (I can walk upright!) and an advil soon and walking in the pool before the sun hits it by 11 is in store shortly. We had a sleepover of one of Emily's friends Thursday night. Everyone was cranky last night, so they got a full night of sleep (almost 12 hours for each of them!). Much better moods this morning.

I still have 2 orange umbrella's to make this weekend before I switch to the dark blue ones.... so I'm showing you Aidan's coral rose which has a couple of blooms right now! Seems one has gone past the pretty stage so you only get to see one of them!

I sent him out for a photo with my phone and he wanted to show his other flower in bloom as well.

Since we are in blue.... I'll show what I have been hand quilting! My blue baskets that I made with this challenge a couple of years ago in July the summer of 2017 while up in Vermont. I have 8 or 9 of the 25 blocks quilted at this point. Maybe it will be done by the end of June? I am hand quilting on the inside of the basket, on the basket along the edge and two echo's around each basket. Then I decided to stitch on the edge of each square block... just to stabilize it a bit more. I think each block is 6 inches finished. It fits great in my round hoop.

Our visitors Friday morning. Greg came into my office and said to look out the glass side door in the garage area (finished off into an office under the air conditioning in the house). 2 Wild turkeys and their 6 babies were walking along! 

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I do plan to work with some blue and yellow today.... I am sewing the blocks together for the graduation quilt this weekend. I have a feeling she will be receiving this quilt in July when I am up in Vermont rather than June when she graduates! I also hear someone wants to go to Justice today and finish getting her birthday present since soccer season is over. She is a little nervous to get her ears pierced but would like to have it done. We will see if it happens or not!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tiny Tuesday....

This orange umbrella got completed this weekend. I may have had a pj day with lots of hand work on Sunday!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slow Sunday.....

Well, not really but it should be a quiet day as the kids are now headed to Grandma's and silly woman offered to keep them overnight! We will get them tomorrow after we go over for a BBQ for the memorial day holiday in the US. Please remember all those who served in the military and made the greatest sacrifice. A big thank you to them and their families for their service.
Injured bald Eagle at the zoo yesterday
Since it is crazy busy the last couple weeks of school.... the house really needs a thorough pick up and cleaning..... the kids are out of clean clothes (yup - lots of laundry today and tomorrow) and heck, if I clean it today it will actually stay clean for a whole day until the kids get home tomorrow night! I might have gotten a wee bit teary eyed in the last car line pick up Friday - as I watched the 5th graders line up for the traditional last walk through the school. I saw Aidan go in... and yes the tears dropped. First time I have been teary eyed with a school drop off or finish or anything! He will be heading to middle school in August and Em has one last year at her elementary school.

My table next to my recliner - an orange umbrella is prepped, Tons of badges that need to be added to a girl scout vest and my quilting thread for the basket quilt. Now that things are finished up and evenings are FREE.... I should have energy to actually stitch to my hearts content and make some progress on projects. Yes Mom... I plan to sew on the graduation quilt today as well...... tick, tock on that deadline!

Linking up with the Slow Stitchers over at Kathy's Quilts. I do see breaks all day today after 20-30 minutes of 'working' to sit and stitch a bit. I require small rewards to do housework! =)

The temps are indicating summer in central Florida ... mid 90's yesterday not including the heat index. We did a trip to Gainesville in the morning with the girl scout troop to see the Planetarium - Florida Spring skies to finish off their badge and then walked over to the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo for a pet encounter experience and then a self guided tour of the zoo.

This guy was just hanging around on the wall and let a few of us take a photo. I do love butterfly's.

I was tired from being out in the heat for a few hours...... so rested a bit before dropping the boy to a friends pool party/graduation party. It was to get done at 6... but someone was still in the pool having fun so I headed back at 7:30. He was exhausted when he got home and after a shower went right to bed and slept for 12 hours! Emily took a nap after we got home at 2:30 from the zoo.....

In between all that (and a dip in the pool for an hour with Emily last night) I managed to finally get all my backings cut out from behind the hexagon flowers this month! Quite a stack of them and all those cut out parts to find something to do with!

I might have gone ahead of the RSC and stitched a bunch of pink already...... there are more to go though with some pink, purple, light and dark blue and brown!

For now.... black beans soaked over night and are now simmering on the stove. Guess that means the kitchen should be tackled first... since they kinda boiled over on me already! With no kids around to turn up their nose..... I'm planning fajita's and black beans and rice for a meal today! Yummy.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Yellow and blue - graduation quilt.

I got a little sewing in this morning after a nice long walk (no working today so I could do a good walk!). A lunch date with the hubby and then met up with someone who gifted me some batting she was getting rid of.

I did have some initial issues laying things out.... I had 3 rows of the dark blue and gold first and realized...ut oh.... this is not going to work! 30-40 minutes later with pencil and paper and photo's .... I decided as long as the blues look like a chevron with the same fabrics the yellows 'don't' have to be as they are similar. Yup, that is what I am going with! The graduate likes yellow...and asked for a yellow and blue chevron quilt. Simple and not busy. 

I might lay it out and see how 2 rows of each blue together look. I have enough done for 3 rows of each color blue. I will need 6  more rows to get it to be a little over 80 inches long for a twin size. I think the sides will be at least 60 inches.... if my math is correct. A little more cutting and sewing and pressing to do before I can make a final decision and start sewing these together this weekend. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tiny Tuesday Umbrella anyone?

I started this guy in the car line today. I used back basting and got a start on it. I finished it up while Emily read to me this afternoon. 

A shot of the umbrella's that I have made so far this year! 

It has been awards week. Aidan's was yesterday for his last time at Elementary School. He got the Presidents Award and a Leadership Award. His good friend won the $4,000 scholarship to UCF after he graduated HS! He was so excited for him! 
Emily's awards ceremony was this morning and she got the Math Award and the coveted Golden Bear Award from her teacher. One boy and girl from each class get selected by their teacher for that award. They look at how they exemplify the rules of the school - Be your best, Everyone Safe, Active Learner, Respectful and Responsible - in and outside of the classroom. Her teacher got a little teary eyed when she handed it out to her and mentioned she wanted to keep her! They both were very proud of their awards.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday baskets

It was a slow Saturday for me yesterday and I made a little progress on the hand quilting of the baskets. Linking up with the other slow stitchers at Kathy's Quilts today.

While watching my favorite fall back movie yesterday - Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone..... I had too many questions from Aidan and he finally listened to me and went and grabbed the book and started reading it! For years..... he was not interested at all. He read 3 chapters in between a headache at the back of his head when he moves. He was a lot better yesterday but no where near 100% yet. Another day of rest for him and hopefully he will be ok for Monday. Em has a afternoon birthday party for a friend today. Hopefully I can just drop her after meeting the parents so I can come home and sew!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Orange Umbrella's anyone?

I managed to finish stitching this orange umbrella this morning while at Emily's Nail Salon.. which was open at my recliner this morning!

Linking up with the RSC Challenge.

The boy has been sick and was better this morning for a while but is still not his normal self. He is at least sitting up on the couch (was laying for the little bits of time he came out of his room the last 2 days) and watched a soccer match and now the food network. He came home from school Thursday with a bad sore throat, fever and had not been hungry or eating that day. He missed his last soccer game that night... and was sleeping when I got home before 7PM with Emily. He missed Friday - school trip to Busch Gardens... he was not happy.....  Some of it passed to me as I crawled into bed around 7:30 last night and guess I fell asleep as I woke up this morning! I was going to take Em to an open house and bbq this morning ... but sweeping the floor did me in and decided I needed to take it easy today instead. That's how Emily's nail salon opened! She picked blue as you can see my foot in the photo.

One week of school left! 5th grade awards are Monday morning... hopefully Aidan is better by then. 4th grade awards are Tuesday morning. We already got invited as she is getting 2 awards... I could guess math or science for one of them. She worked so hard and got 3 A's - math, science and Social Studies..... Fingers crossed the teacher puts in the final grade for Language Arts and it does bump it up to a B.... 

Hopefully I'll get in and cut and stitch some more parts for the graduation quilt today as well..... 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Slowing down.....

I plan to spend a relaxing few minutes stitching on my basket quilt tonight. I took this one apart last Sunday and cut out the backing of each of the baskets as I wrote about here on Monday. I finally put the 3 parts together today and began the stitching. So much easier stitching those baskets now with 3 layers instead of 4, I am very glad I decided to start this one over again. Linking up with the Slow Sunday Stitchers.

It has been busy as usual. I took both kids to my cooking club on Friday night - Emily played with her friends (the hosts girls) and Aidan helped cook as there were only a few of us. He made Touchdown Taco Dip - and it was yummy!

This morning -well most of the day really - was spent making sure everything is all set for my last scout meeting until August. We have bridging tomorrow and lots of badges to hand out. Balloons and fixings to make ice cream in a bag after our ceremony were purchased. I'll pick up the pizza's on the way to the meeting tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


Friday, May 10, 2019

Log cabin Finished!

I had to wait for the kids to get home so they could hold the quilt for the photo shoot!This quilt reminds me of the mountains in Vermont in the spring with all the colors of greens opening up after a dark winter.

 I couldn't decide which photo showed the quilt better..... so you got both. I pulled the blocks with lots of brights out as it was not working and made more with the darker fabrics with just a touch of bright thrown in here and there. Surprisingly... I still have tons of green scraps! I do like how this one turned out. A power session of hand stitching binding one day through 2 movies got a little over half of it done for the finish.

This finished at 94x94 with minimal straight line quilting. I used a warm and natural batting and the backing is a nice soft cream with a pretty vine on it. Hopefully it will raise some money for the Lake Elmore Lake Association's funding to help with the milfoil in the lake.

It just needs a wash and dry, label writing and then mailing it off to them.