Sunday, December 1, 2019

Slow Sunday?

I think it will be prep Sunday at my house! I am making some peanut butter balls to bring to a cookie exchange this afternoon. Not that we need any sugar... but it is a fun get together with friends. I now remember why I don't tend to make these. Making them into balls is easy - it's the dipping into the chocolate that I fail at! Oh well, second batch of chips melted and a silicone basting brush and I'm calling them done. Not great looking but oh well!

For the prepping - I really need to prep the Ella Maria Deacon blocks. I cut the applique block out last night from paper. Just need to audition some fabrics and trace with a chalk to outline it then cut the fabric out for some needle turn applique. I'll be tracing the flying geese out for the first block as well and cutting the last one. I'll wait and figure out the broderie perse but I have one fabric pulled for it and another possible 'fun' one of cat faces! Amazingly... I got all of the above done this afternoon! Feels good to be all prepped to take with me for hand stitching this week.

I found the white background for the last Happy Little Things block. I'll draw that onto it today so it is by the recliner and ready to stitch tonight. Done.

Along the crochet and knitting front. I did start Aidan's knitted pillow.... but at the end of row 5 something was off and I pulled it out. I think I split a loop and got an extra in row 3 and it threw me off. Easier to start again at this point. I restarted it tonight and I have the first 10 rows done. The next part of the pattern.... I hope I am reading correctly. It says next row knit; next row purl. Continue in stocking stitch as above until 43 rows in total have been completed. I am reading that as I have done the first 10 rows and I am now doing the above knit row then purl row until I have reached row 43, not to do this stitch for 43 rows. Makes sense? Hope I am correct on that.

I did make progress on the crochet front. That one is easier to pick up and add a little here and there with the blanket stitch. I am almost done with the second skein of yarn. Good thing I purchased another 6 skeins on Tuesday when they were on sale.
Linking up with the other slow stitchers today.


Quilter Kathy said...

Lots of hand stitching goodness going on at your house as usual!
i think being prepared is the key to using time wisely!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

try dipping the peanut butter balls by sticking a toothpick in them - I heard that works but I haven't tried it myself

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Busy Busy lady - Hugs


I love peanut butter and with chocolate--oh my!!!
When I get off here today--I am going to look for some fabric and wool to join in a Christams stitch along to make a pillow (or maybe a small wall hanging) for Jan Daly's site--the blocks are only 4 1/2" square each day with simple designs on them--(she is on the right side of my posts page!!
have fun--
luv, di
Hey--it is snowing big time up north--so glad I am not there right now--!!!!

Denise :) said...

In baking, it's all in the taste, not in the looks. Right? With stitching, it's all in the finished look, and not in the crazy stitches it took to get there! LOL! The knitting always throws me for a loop ... your crocheted piece looks lovely (and is a lovely color)! :)