Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A baby girl quilt from scraps.....

Well, its the last day of September and I have not done anything with the UFO project I had hoped to finish off. Instead.... I had these nine patches in pink sitting in a pile with some 6.5 inch cream squares. The last two days I worked on getting them into rows and then sewed the rows together yesterday. I also pulled a butterfly pink print to add as a border. This little top is 36 or 37 inches square and should be pretty easy to finish off. I have a need for a pink baby quilt next month and I think this will be perfect. I think it will be easy walking foot quilting in the nine patches and might get some hand quilted hearts in the open squares and machine quilted hearts in the border. 

Off to work for me today and the kids have a half day of school so Grandma is picking up and entertaining them this afternoon. Maybe I can get a few stitches in today at work? Either way we are cooking lunch on the big green egg. I have some chicken that needs to get cooked and will bring salad things to go with it. Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tiny Tuesday....

Wow - three posts in three days!
On my lazy Sunday I was able to add the last few petals onto the daisy flower while the kids were in the pool before dinner. I just need to cut some more yellow sashing for the last few of these blocks and add them on. I think next week will be a recap post to see where I am on these. I've started the next block for next week - rainy car line pickup gives me a solid 30 minutes to stitch and it looks like a rainy pick up line today. =)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Catch up Monday.

I decided to sew a bit this morning before I did the necessary paperwork (girl scouts and the business). I finished cutting some orange squares and made the twinkle star block. I cut the flying geese and sewed them up to finish off the two sampler blocks and made the third sampler block as well. I also had dresden twosies on the ironing board (for about 3 weeks!) in blue and black so those got sewn together in between sewing other things this morning. Not too shabby for a couple of hours in the sewing room.

This morning I also cleaned out the fridge a bit and used up the last of the ham, some onion and pepper along with some eggs. I found some flour tortilla in the pantry that needed using and made my version of McDonalds breakfast burrito - 5 of them are in the freezer. They will just need a little microwave warm up and breakfast is ready in under 2 minutes!

Hmmmm 11AM. I suppose I should grab a shower and do some paperwork and then pop out and get some milk. Maybe if I hurry I can get a little more sewing time in today before a rainy day pickup of the kids. (Extra hand work time as I'll need to get there early for a one line pick up instead of two lines.)

This was my view yesterday afternoon while doing some slow stitching....I do love candles burning in the fall. I just have about 8 more white squares to add to the trip block so I guess I need to prep more orange squares for that as well. The daisy also got finished off yesterday all set for a post tomorrow. The house smelled heavenly with the pumpkin spice candles and the pumpkin pudding we decided to make yesterday afternoon after our movie. If only we had cooler temps and changing leaves down here in florida... it might feel like fall.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday....

Sometimes when life gets way too busy.. your body decides to take over and give you a day off! Today was to be a day off for both Greg and I so we could take his Dad out for his birthday (turned 80 last Tuesday)..... then last night my manager was diagnosed with pneumonia (I sent her from work to the quick care yesterday just after noon) so I was back working today. Woke up this morning feeling off..... some power zero helped but my wonderful hubby went in to work for me. I am having a semi lazy day (I do have the 6 and 7 year old home with me after all) and plan to do some slow stitching to relax and recoup after a very hectic last few weeks. The kids are currently busy coloring Halloween things to hang around the house.

I'll add some stitches to my orange trip around the world block.

Maybe a few more daisy petals will be added to my midget appliqué?

Who know, maybe even the hugs and kisses quilt will come out to play and get a few quilting stitches put into the border to get that started again.

I think it will be a movie afternoon with a few board games thrown in. This is the current smile for Ms. Emily - with 5 teeth lost in the last month.

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I did get a little fun in on Friday after school with the kids. We went to Sholom Park  for a play date and it was beautiful!
Feeding the coy fish.

The girls walking hand in hand. Michaela and Emily with Thomas on the side.

Michaela really likes Aidan =)

Emily with her Penny the Pig from Girl scouts.
Aidan is in the play room practicing his guitar with the music on, Emily is hanging up the bats she just colored and I think it is time to find a movie and add a round of orange to my trip block.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How about a midget Thursday?

I started the stem and leaves yesterday at work and got the stars done at bowling this morning. At least I got a little progress on these midget blocks.

Star Flower.
On another note - Miss Emily lost her 5th tooth in 5 weeks! Poor thing is a gummy fool =) Three lost on top and two on the bottom. She won't be biting into any corn or apples this fall!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday... already?

Where did  the weekend go? Oh yeah - working at the store for the fall sale. Hopefully Greg is feeling better today - he got the crud and was no energy all weekend.... which means I get to play with the zero turn lawn mower later today. First up is a quick shower and then a walk with my friend Deb. It has been since the first week of school since we were able to walk. Lots to catch up on.

I just have a little more prep work to do for my girl scout meeting tonight which should be done before I pick up the kids from school today. Neither slept well last night so hopefully they are not bears tonight - just me until after scouts as Greg has to close today.
I am just happy I had prepped so much hand work for my trip to VT - I have plenty to work on Tuesday and Wednesday as I am working at the store with Greg. After a sale it tends to be slow.... so I plan on relaxing with some hand work both days. Probably just jinxed it and we'll have lots of customers browsing as they come down for the winter.

I'll work on some of this... my orange trip around the world block. I hope to get to the white row this week.

and this - some of my midget appliqué blocks. I hope to get 2 done this week. Now which two? The daisy I think and then we'll see - maybe the star flower?

Fingers crossed I can also pin my 16 patch star quilt later this week and start the machine quilting this weekend.... and then there is the poor garden that has been neglected the last 3 weeks of hectic life. The good news.... corn is up and the zucchini actually has flowers starting and the cucumbers plants are looking good. Now to get them to continue growing and produce some fruits without the bunny eating them. Hopefully the beans will get planted this week too and I need to get a few tomato plants to pop into the ground as well. The fence will be put up Sunday... before those new things grow too much. Yes, strange growing seasons down here in Florida but we will be in the 80's through December and frosts don't tend to happen until January. This is before the weeding =).

Just wanted to wish my hubby Greg a very Happy Anniversary. Thanks for putting up with me for 9 years now =) I'm looking forward to a lot more years together.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday in orange!

I am so happy I can finally join in the RSC Challenge this month in orange. I was able to pull my hand dyed fabric in orange out on Friday and cut into them to start making some sampler blocks.
Twirler and Whirling blocks are made! I just need to make the star surround.... maybe later this evening.

I also drew some stitching lines on the back of a few orange 2.5 inch squares and added a couple of rows to the trip around the world block last night.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Where did the week go?

Ok, I know it is always hectic when you get back from vacation but this week was the kicker!
I got through my first girl scout meeting.....barely. Em was home sick Tuesday and then guess who got the stomach bug going around....yup - me on Tuesday afternoon on the way to pick up Aidan from school. Not fun but I felt better Thursday for bowling. I did manage to do the boy scout roundup on Wednesday night too.
Today I am popping into work to do the fun bill paying and catch up my check register before helping out with the sale for a few hours.... then go pick up kids from school. Play date this afternoon for the kids so I can meet with my co-leader and plan meetings for girl scouts. A busy weekend of working the sale at work. Is it terrible that I am actually looking forward to working with Greg at a slow (post sale) store on Tuesday and Wednesday next week? I hope to sit in one of the chairs up front when there are no customers and do some slow stitching =)

I finally got a few stitches in yesterday. This is Midget block 26 - Peach-Lemon-Grapes. I hope to get two blocks done next know with those slow days at work =)

Think I can squeeze in some orange fabric play this evening? I told the kids Mommy needs to play with the sewing machine while dinner is in the oven tonight (it was crying in there yesterday from no use in over 2 weeks, I swear!). I hope to make the two sampler blocks.... if there is no post tomorrow you know the machine is still crying =).

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday slow stitching..... on a plane?

Yes, on a plane! After a rocky start to the first flight (Emily's tummy hurt and she used that little baggie but felt much better after a little ginger ale and some pringles from the flight attendant - 6:10AM!). After that she was much better and the second flight worked itself out and we all got seated together. The kids behaved and I actually got some stitching in on the plane. Just 28 white squares to add to the green before I can add the four already assembled edges. =)

I'm joining in at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday. Head on over and take a look. I need to figure out what is in the fridge after being gone to Vermont for a week and restock. Laundry will wait for tomorrow and more slow stitching will take place this evening while I relax before an early bedtime for me and the kids. We were up at 4:15 this morning for our flight home and it was a late night for us from the wedding reception. My favorite shot of the kids yesterday at the wedding - after the ceremony I got them out in front of the church. They looks so darn cute... makes me almost forget the 1 hour of before wedding jitters the boy put me through.... but he did a great job carrying the rings up on the pillow.
Aidan and Emily 9/12/15

I also got a shot of all the cousins together - including the wedding couple Ben and Becca. They grabbed Emily and Aidan to be right in front of them =).
Back row - Mindy, Kristin, Becca, Ben, Jillian, Alex, Sarah, Becky
Front row - Emily, Aidan, Charlie and Sally
It was a great opportunity to get some family pictures - I just don't seem to have the one of just the siblings on my phone. We did get one of the whole crew... and that photographer seemed to be everywhere and managed to find us and take a few pictures as well.

As for me... I think I'll go out and see what is popping up in the garden besides weeds... looks like the zucchini and cucumbers have sprouted as did the corn. Now to prep the rest of the garden this week for our fall planting. You know...those bunnies must be hungry =)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday's adventures....

I finally got to go see Moss Glen Falls! The last time we were here in the summer Aidan hurt his knee so walking was out. It was just a little hike - not even a mile! The part to get up to this view however was extremely steep! I was very nervous of this shot as that was a long drop less than 2 feet in back of them down the falls!
Emily and Aidan at Moss Glen Falls 9/10/15

The view without them standing there!

At the bottom of the falls playing in the stream. Aunt Jo and Grammy are on each side.

A shot of the falls from the bottom - I didn't feel like climbing over the rocks to get a better picture from the bottom.

Elmore Mountain Road - taken from the back seat of the car while moving.

Despite Emily resting on my shoulder during that ride. The falls tuckered her out!
We were looking for the Geocache at the falls but were unable to find it. No GPS was working there and I didn't find the helpful hint until we got back to the camp. I did know the trick to finding the Geocache at The Beauty Spot of Vermont! My sister was intrigued and since I knew where this one was.... we had to stop on the way home and find it! Our first Geocache find.

Found our first Geocache!

The kids had so much fun with that.... they hit the recycle bin at camp and found two clear plastic boxes, added paper and a pencil and had Aunt Jo hide them for them to find with a hint! That kept them busy for over an hour hiding them and finding them. =)
Dinner was at The House of Pizza in Morrisville and then we had to pick up milk and dessert and head back to camp for jammie snacks and then bed for the kids. They are sleeping like rocks with all this fresh air they are getting. I was just excited to wear jeans and a sweat shirt yesterday.. something I can't do very often down in Florida! All that hand work I prepped..... it is just so relaxing sitting and enjoying the view I have not done more than add about 10 green squares to the green trip block. That's it! I should get some hand stitching in today at the wedding rehearsal this afternoon. Until then.... we'll enjoy lunch at Al's French Fry's with some friends of mine and then we have an afternoon to use up before the 5PM rehearsal. I think I'll take the kids to Echo for the afternoon and walk down by Lake Champlain.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just a taste of Vermont.....

And yes, that includes all the Ben and Jerry's that my niece Jillian keeps restocking at my parents camp. She is working there on weekends this summer and you get 3 pints each day you work. I got to try the Boom Chocolata and it was pretty good! Thanks Jilly.

The kids are having fun in the water - they got the paddle boat out and Aidan mastered that pretty well. They were playing rescue in the water yesterday with it. Lots of family was out to visit for the holiday and the kids had a great time with all the aunts, uncles and cousins. We'll see more on Friday and Saturday for the wedding. Until then we'll play with the kayaks, paddle boat, pontoon boat and the kids will be building forts up in the woods and playing with the scooters on the dirt road. I really need to bring them for a walk..... to work off that ice cream!

Aidan caught a sunfish with the net yesterday morning.

Aidan in the paddle boat

Ms. Emily posing.

Aidan and Emily in the paddle boat, my brother David in the kayak and his daughter Jillian swam across the lake

One of the mallard ducks that came to visit this morning. 

Signs of fall - a red maple leaf on the ground.
This morning after feeding the ducks it was time for a little school. They each chose math sheets to work on and I had Emily do her spelling words as well. Aidan and I read some more of his chapter book this morning on the swing. They each did their fluency reading and Aidan did his other vocabulary and math fluency and we are calling it a day. I might sneak in an english sheet later this afternoon and some reading after running errands. For now - time to put a hook in the tree to put the clothes line back up  - Aidan seems to love hanging clothes up on the line but jumped up to grab it and pulled it off last night. Just a little fix job and then we can do some laundry to hang out there. I really need to grab the sewing and put a few stitches in too - maybe after the line is up and the next batch of laundry is in the washer.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday in Vermont

Ahhhh. We were traveling yesterday and we were blessed with on time (or even arriving 30 minute early!) flights and two well behaved kids! The only snafu - the checked bag did not quite make it to Vermont until late last evening. We are waiting for it to arrive sometime this morning we hope.

Lake Elmore Vermont 9/6/15

Lake Elmore Vermont September 6, 2015
Until then, I am going to enjoy the view as I drink my coffee and have breakfast out on the porch on this lovely morning 60 degree weather. Much better than 90+ temps and feels like 100+!.

The kids gave Grammy and Grandpa a big hug and kiss and despite not having swim things (packed in the checked bags) they were out in the lake! Much chillier than our 90 degree pool but the kids had a great time with a net trying to catch fish and then swimming at the end of the dock. No gators to worry about up here.

I took a little time one evening last week to prep some appliqué blocks and cut some orange squares to start my orange trip around the world block. Those will be my slow stitching this week up here in Vermont.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

My goal.... A lovely year of finishes..

I am going to join in with A lovely year of finishes this month and maybe I can reach my goal of finishing off a UFO? Well, at least it is in writing so I am accountable and we'll see the results at the end of the month!

My project is to get my 16 patch stars quilted this month. I have the top, batting and backing all prepped. I just need to get it pinned and machine quilted, a binding made and attached to the quilt. Very doable despite a very busy month, I hope.

I'm linking up with A lovely Year of finishes, head on over and see what other projects are looking for a finish this month.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Wedding Quilt is finished!

Ok - it took me a while on the binding but it is done and labeled. Just need to go get some color catchers and wash it them mail it off to it's new owners.

As this is a birds in the air block, I had a thought on the way to work on Saturday and was smart enough to write it down at a red light. 'May you always fly together through the ups and downs in life'. I added it to the label of the quilt here.

It has been an extremely hectic week around here. Work issues - don't you love when employees just don't show for work or call in? Hopefully that situation has resolved itself with a blessing of a new hire walking in Monday, interview yesterday and was hired on the spot. Thank goodness life tends to work itself out when you really need it to. I had a girl scout meeting Monday night (ran late so I left early) and tonight. Open house at school for Emily last night and Aidan on Thursday night. School pictures on Thursday so we snuck in hair cuts yesterday afternoon before homework. Friday I am working and Grandma is picking up the kids from School. Saturday - wish us luck on the flights as it will be me and the two kiddo's heading north. That leaves today to finish dealing with the fruit fly infestation and a total clean up of the house. The garden prep is going to wait until I get back but I do hope to throw some weed block down over the part I have not got to yet. I am looking forward to some relaxing stitches at bowling on Thursday morning as that might be the only stitching I get this week. I need to prep some hand work for next week as well..... I'm off to make my list of things to get done today so I can get busy checking them off!