Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31.... already?

Wow, where did this month go? I had hoped to get my quilt square along quilt finished off this month as my UFO project...... but I am OK with the little progress I had on it. I made that initial start of QAYG and it was pretty easy. No fear in the way to finishing this one off now.  It should get finished in February since the other two big hand work projects are to a top stage now. I can concentrate on this UFO again. I plan to work on it today to finish stitching the back sashing on this set of 2 and four. Tomorrow lets me get the other 3 sets of 4 ready by machine for more hand stitching this week.
Back ready for hand stitching of the black.

Front photo of 4 and backing of 2 QAYG.
I got my midget appliqué blocks into a top last Sunday  night. This is a completely hand pieced top over the last year! I decided it needs a border with some appliqué vines in two corners with some flowers... but until I can figure out the color it will sit. Ideas on border color welcome. Binding will be yellow I believe.

I finally got my trip around the world blocks into a top last night. This baby is also all hand pieced last year and finally to a top stage. It is 90x90 and will got into the queue for hand quilting along with the above quilt.

Yesterday since Emily got her room cleaned up before the bday party her reward was sewing. She wanted to make a house block like me and picked out her colors. We really need to work on seam allowance but pretty darn good for a 6 year old on her own machine!

I think it will be playing in the soil for a bit today. I picked up some pansy to put in my front triangle bed and some geraniums to pop into pots on either side of the garage. I am also turning over the garden and replanting a bit so some tilling and prepping going on back there. I picked 2 broccoli this morning and have more ready for later in the week. Aidan has replanted some of that in his section of the garden. I added potato's in a little square of Emilys section. I think I finally have this gardening thing figured out down here in the south! Time for a quick lunch and then getting my hands dirty. Yes, I know most of you are in snowy regions.... but they are saying it might hit 80 this week! Winter in Florida - freezing last week and in the 80's this week. Crazy.

Aidan and I were playing Skip-Bo this morning and he grabbed some pretzels for a snack. I only eat them with boursin dip as pretzels are not my favorite thing. I found this recipe that is pretty close to the one I remember from up north at the craft fairs in the fall. I had all the herbs and just added a splash of worchesterire sauce at the end. I swapped fresh garlic for garlic powder. Yummy, yum yum. Good thing there are 2 bags of pretzels in the pantry (how that happened I'll never know!).

Linking up with the other slow stitchers at Kathy's Sunday Slow Stitching party. Won't you join us?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

RSC in blues....

I caved.... I decided to make a new block this week. I am ok with it as this is a block that I have wanted to make for years. It is the scrappy house block found as a free pattern over at Bonnie Hunters site It uses 2 inch strips.... one of the sizes I have hanging around. I just have to remember to put the window the correct way... the frog in the upper right corner would have been sideways if I had not fixed him. I just need to add the uphill and downhill frame to it. I think I'll go with bright colors.

I hope to play with some more blue today and tomorrow before starting with a new color for February. We have a bowling birthday party this afternoon for a friend that we spent yesterday afternoon playing with. She is very excited to be 5! Her brother is Aidan's age and the four kids play great together. I think she has a bit of a crush on Aidan.... =)

Check out the Saturday linkup for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and who knows, you might have to join in the fun.

Mom - I have the towels crocheted and need to add buttons. I found a pattern for the round scrubbie and picked up the correct crochet hook on Thursday. Just need to try it out! Waiting on sending the box to include an Avon order from Joanne which should arrive early in the week.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Progress.... Trip Around the World

Sunday was a great night of stitching. Along with yesterday's post of the midget appliqué top I fixed the corner of the yellow trip block. I plan to attach it back to it's row in the car pick up line today. Who knows, maybe the three rows will get sewn into a top tonight!

That would make 2 down and one UFO to quilt as you go left. I have a set of 2 together for hand sewing the back together and one set of 4 together. Progress is a good thing and I still have a few days left in the month to get that one completed! I'm going for the cross off the list with the trip quilt top first... it seems closer to a finish and I need the check marked done!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I did it! I got all the rows hand sewn into a top last night. I am very happy with how it came out.... but how in the world did those two similar green blocks on the bottom 2 rows end up right on top of each other? Oh well, it is staying put. I think it needs a border around it and then a little trailing vine with a few flowers appliquéd in two of the corners..... Still thinking on that but at this point I am calling it done for now. All hand pieced over the last year. That means I have way too much time waiting in the car line at school for the kids. At least I have something to show for it!

Linking up to Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times.

For those still reading, I decided to become an Avon Independent Sales Representative last week after looking at various home businesses the last few months.  I have a link to my on-line website store that is open for orders 24/7 and can ship directly to you from Avon. For the next couple of weeks (first 2 campaigns) there is a special deal where for $19.99 you get 6 full size Avon products from their daily care collection. The order code is 724-706 for the bundle. It includes:
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Skin So Soft line:
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I have been using the Moisture Therapy hand cream and it is working wonders in this cold snap. Feels great on the hands after hand quilting as well. If you are interested please click on the link or Avon in the side bar and you will be directed to my on-line store. Thanks so much for your business. I'll now return you to your normal quilting blog =).

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching....

Oh so close! This was me in the potential rainy day pick up (one line of cars instead of 2) on Friday. One hour in the car line working on my Midget Appliqué quilt.

The hand stitching of the rows is coming along swimmingly. I have 6 of 7 rows together.

Will today be the day to add the last two sashing rows and that last row of blocks? I think so.... as the girl would like a family movie time before her brother is returned from Grandma this afternoon.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

RSC Saturday in blue

I finally got to have some quality time with the sewing machine this week and played with some of my blue and purple fabrics!
Six Twinkle stars got made using Angela's pattern. This will be for the row along... but would make a super cute quilt on their own!

I made a couple of 8 inch blocks to add to the ones I found in the drawer earlier this month. I think that dark blue one might be too dark to go with the others.... Unless I make some in all colors like Sheila of Sew Cook and Travel does and use 48 colorful blocks to make a nice size throw..... ?

I am so glad we have one more week to play with I have not had too much time this month to play with my scraps. Too many hand work projects I am trying to get to a complete status this month for time with the sewing machine (midget appliqué into a top, UFO - quilt as you go, trip blocks into a top with a rework on yellow).

Head on over Saturday morning to the RSC Challenge to see what others have been doing with their scraps this week. This is the first year I have not picked 3-5 blocks to make and I am feeling a bit lost. I may have to rethink that and make a block or two...... Maybe houses? Those have been on my to do list for a while....

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Birds in the Air....

These birds in the air blocks flew into the sewing room. I did the dark blue ones Tuesday and finished up the medium blue ones on Saturday afternoon. I hope to make another set of the dark blues today. I spent lots of time on Sunday finding this floor. It doesn't look it... but that is big progress. I have my current UFO laid out on the floor to remind me to finish it.
Aidan is out scraping the car off (27 degrees this morning Mom!). Emily was off yesterday afternoon - crying at the drop of a hat, headache and said her tummy hurt - and has a little bit of a temp this morning so I'm going to keep her home today. I see lots of snuggling on the couch for her today.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Slow stitching Sunday....

Today I will be doing a little unstitching on this TATW project. It seems they all line up great....except the yellow. I have them in rows of three right now but that yellow needs to get ripped off the teal... and then checked and fixed so it will fit. I suspect it is the 5th round from the corners that is causing issues but a ruler check will confirm it. Of course... that row is the middle one so until that is fixed... it is at a  stand still. 

My other hand stitching project right now is the Midget Appliqué. I ran out of blue sashing strips... so need to cut and prep some more. I do have two attached and two more ready to attach onto the midget appliqué rows. At least all the blocks are into rows of seven at this point. Going into the home stretch on this one and I am so excited to get it to a top stage.

For now... breakfast is done and cleaned up (omelets, sausage and hash browns). Time for a quick shower for me while the kids are picking up the play room. We need to clear out that whole room (finished 2 car garage area which is the playroom, sewing area and storage) for the AC guy who is coming for the AC cleaning tomorrow afternoon. Hmmmm if I clean up my area maybe I can sew a bit =).
I'm linking up today with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching and Oh Scrap.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

RSC Saturday in medium blue...

I finally got to play with some fabrics and the sewing machine this morning! How I counted wrong and got 11 instead of 12 BITA blocks..... no clue. Oh well, I'll add it into the remaining 6 I need in medium blues that I'll do later this afternoon.
I think I'll work on the dark blues for next Saturday and lights on the last Saturday. Thank goodness we have that extra Saturday this month.

I have my 7 rows of the appliqué blocks put together and started the sashing rows..... I went with yellow since I did not have a blue in my stash that would work well as a cornerstone. I think I like it.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday... midget appliqué progress.

I have been busy with my needle and thread attaching these 2 inch blue strips to the midget applique blocks. I have 7 rows of 3 and the rest are twosies. I figured I'd better make seven sets of three so I don't have all sets of 2 and then need to remove some of the strips to make my rows work. Hopefully I am spreading out the colors....

These two were sitting on this at the same time and staring at me! Silly girls. Yes, I forgot to put away those two little Christmas trees. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hand stitching.....on Slow Stitching Sunday.

Quilt Square Along Blocks
I finally started on my UFO for the month and have sets of two blocks all sewn together. The hand stitching on the back was interesting yesterday but worked fine. I think on future quilts I will use more than a 1 inch strip to connect the back. It was a little tight. I used this tutorial for this QAYG. The last two blocks are in the sewing room for a fix.

backing hand stitching the connecting strip

I also trimmed up my midget appliqué blocks to 6.5 inches and cut out a 2 inch blue sashing to start creating my rows. I hope to add lots of stitches this week to this project.
In between prepping snacking foods for Greg's birthday gathering today I plan to put a few stitches into one or both of these projects. Maybe even a few stitches will get put into the Hugs and Kisses Quilt... I turned the second corner last night! All set to start on the pink tonight after I move the hoop.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

RSC Saturday in blue.....

Other than someone in my household turning 50 on Monday (hubby!), I am hoping for a much quieter week next week. You know... so I can actually get my holiday cards in the mail finally! And SEW!!!!! Monday is a very special day... my niece Kristin also has a birthday and will be 23! I remember that because she turned 14 when Greg turned 41.

I took a little time to take stock and look through the drawers I have in the sewing room that I store projects in. It was quite a list of projects in process or at a top stage. 22 was the count and I have a sneaky feeling I would find more if I looked. Other than the sentimental stitches appliqué project I don't think I will be starting anything new (other than the RSC row along of course!). Darn it, left off the 16 patches from last year to make into the Goodnight Irene quilt. See - I didn't go through all the other storage bins... just the drawers!

I pulled out these 6 blue blocks that measure 8 inches. I think I will make some more - one of the top row ones to have 4 the 'same' and new ones.... to make a little wall hanging. Who knows... it might get more blocks and be made into a little throw. That will be on tap this week - to find and make some fun blocks with the piles of blue scraps tumbling out of the scrap bins all over my floor.

I also plan to add some BITA (Birds in the Air) blocks today in blues. I just love the header quilt and plan to make another one since that one has been gifted to my nephew and his lovely bride. I was smart enough last summer to take stock, make a plan for the layout and how many blocks I needed, and what I had. I have a nice list of how many blocks to make in each color. Mental note to self..... do this with all my projects as it makes it so much easier to pick them up later.

I'm linking up with Angela over at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge today... and Oh Scrap tomorrow. I'll be visiting the other links this evening. Hopefully I will have lots more to show next week and that scrap bin will stop multiplying at night while I sleep.

Friday, January 8, 2016

C'est Fini......

Well, the appliqué blocks are completed! The last one ended up being a repeat of one in a different color flower. Now there will be a special trick to the quilt top - find the two that are the same pattern in the 49 blocks. I found my square up ruler and am all set to trim them to a unique size and then the blue sashing will commence.

A picture of the last two blocks I did this week with their yellow all set to get applied while waiting for my Mammogram this morning. Have you been squeezed this year? Always important to take care of you!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gosh darn it!

7 days... I was good for 7 days this year. Then... I checked e-mail this morning and saw one from sentimental stitches . She has an 1857 album quilt that she won that is gorgeous!

1857 Album quilt from sentimental

She is offering 3-4 free blocks a month over the next 20 months to recreate this beautiful quilt. I love her patterns.... I started with the midget blocks (Jill, Angela and Ellen drew me into that one!) and have a stack of them sitting in a drawer hoping to be put together some day. Those were free on her website at one time and there are still a bunch out there for free. Then.... I purchased the midget appliqué blocks as a digital download. That was my hand work (or one of them!) last year and I have one block to make and then I can set them and get it to a top stage. And now...... darn it all... I saw the quilt and she drew me in again!

Deep breath..... it just gives me motivation to really finish off the blue sashing on my blocks this month so I can get to work on the NEW project =) I am going to swap out the red and cheddar in the quilt to be purple and yellow I believe. I think I have nice stacks of those colors on the shelf to fill in for this quilt. How is your willpower? Will you be joining in too?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

RSC in blue...

I have not really started thinking about the RSC Challenge too much yet but I do know I will be playing with this blue fabric this month.  It will be added as sashing for my hand appliqué midget blocks I worked on all last year. Yes - I have one more block to go... which I will prep and take with me tomorrow to a conference in Orlando. I hope to cut out some sashing strips and with a ruler and herra marker I should be all set to start stitching them. Since this has all been done by hand so far, I will continue on with the sashing. I think I need to pull a darker blue for the cornerstones....good thing I have a very nice stash of fabric!

Head on over to SoScrappy and the 2016 RSC Challenge and see what the plans are for the year. My bread machine just beeped to tell me the cinnamon roll dough is ready to be formed for it's second rise before baking. That will be breakfast tomorrow morning =). 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Quilt Square Quilt Along - Lori Smith 2012 UFO
It has been a very lazy morning in my jammies doing... well, not much of anything. Grandma had the kids overnight and will be returning them soon. I really need to tackle cleaning more of the house and put the Christmas tree to bed until November. First on the list.... update the blog and decided on my UFO list for the year. I decided to pull out my Quilt Square Along blocks this month and see where I am and what needs to get done. I have 16 blocks completed =
12 inch blocks made and hand quilted. I am planning to do these as a quilt as you go top.... you know back in 2012 when I started them! I checked the three packets of patterns by Lori Smith and I have 2 appliqués and one pieced block to go. Now the decision. Do I say 16 is enough and start sewing these together into a nice 4x4 setting with sashing or continue on? Yup - I'm going to call the 16 blocks a 'quilt' and maybe make the other two or three blocks as individual 12 inch little blocks. I have a spot in the dining room above the bookcase of cookbooks that the little 12 inch blocks would look perfect in. Ok, decision made. Sorry for the bad photo - my camera is protesting it is full and won't let me take pictures.... so I had to go through the blog and find this one.
Now to find that tutorial on how to put these little buggers together in the quilt as you go method!

Edited. I am linking this post to the OMG - One Monthly Goal for the month of January. I guess I better go find that tutorial again and pull the fabric for the sashing and start getting this baby into rows! I really want a finish this month in my UFO tab.