Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hexagon Quilt as you go......

So I had mentioned earlier in the year about starting some hexagon - quilt as you go blocks (project?) starting in November. Well, November 1st happened and I came down with a cold or flu (still not sure what it was but it hung on!) and things got delayed. Sorry about that! I did make a little Christmas candle mat which has been out with my 3 wick on it since it got finished. I'll have to learn that ladder stitch that Diann is using to connect hers.

I never did hook up with previous years one a day... still love that circle one... so I am thinking I will make one hexagon a day following the RSC colors. Angela has mentioned that pink is the color for January. I might have grabbed a few pinks to cut yesterday before taking Aidan to guitar. I still need to cut my batting (now you know what to do with all those cast offs that are too small to stitch together to make more batting!) and backing fabrics. I am not sure what I will do for backing yet, so it will be a surprise to everyone! It might be scrappy, it might be from one color set with a few colors thrown in..... we will see what I find when I go play in the sewing room today!

Right now, I am thinking I will make them all and then put them together so all the colors are scattered around. But... who know's what I will be thinking towards the end of the year!

For today - now that the pantry is cleaned out and Emily organized, I can work on catching up with the Grassy Creek mystery and get clue #4 done and hopefully start on clue #5. Kids will be off to Grandma's at some point today and Greg has to work this evening so that should give me lots of sewing time.  I figured you all would require proof. There was no before photo. Lets just say after getting his coffee, hubby stood in front of the door looking at it. I asked what he was looking for,' nothing, it just really looks good. Emily did a great job organizing'. Can you tell which of us Emily takes after? It's not me in this department!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

20 Endless Diamond blocks....

 20 of these blocks hand pieced in 2020! I seem to have cut out parts for another one minus the white parts..... so I guess I will be making at least 25 of these? Excuse the mess, running out of places to lay them out and I really need to clean the office and sewing area this week of all the clutter as I put away the Christmas things.  I think these will get a good press and maybe start piecing them together while I work on the last 5 to add onto it.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Last finish of 2020? Book Club is completed!


I finished the binding last night and just popped it up for a photo. This finishes at 35x35 and was a fun quilt to make. Now to put some holders up on the wall in my office so I can hang it up. This was my OMG for December and I'm happy to report I met my goal. Linking up with the OMG Challenge. Thanks to Patty for hosting the challenge and for doing the Book Club sew along with Kristin this year and the Hand Pieced Quilt Along last year. Maybe I need to get that one quilted next?

I'm off work today. I woke with a headache and around 8:30 mentioned to hubby I have been off all weekend (lots of stitching time in my recliner) and had a splitting headache this morning. He said to call off and go back to bed, so I did. I woke up at 11AM. Thinking probably dehydrated.... so will be trying to drink my water and just finished a Propel for the electrolytes. Not even hungry for the yummy soup I made yesterday but I'll warm some up in a bit anyway. It seems the cat has been meowing all morning and irritating Aidan since Peanut thinks I need to be working so he can nap in his bed on my desk. Silly cat.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Last Slow Sunday of 2020

 I spent yesterday relaxing in my recliner with some hand quilting. I'm happy to say all the hand quilting on Book Club is done! 

Now to trim it up and I'm waiting on my helper to press my binding in half - last time I went ahead and did it I got a 'talking to' so she has instructions to get it done this morning so I can attach it and work on the binding by hand today.  I always am surprised when I flip it over to see the back, that the stitches actually look pretty good! Of course, the cats had to inspect it this morning as I was snapping some photo's. Ollie (or Lee Lee as he is called) is on the quilt and Peanut is on the side. 

I did cut out one flowering snowball block with my Accuquilt Go cutter on Christmas day. Isn't it pretty? I remember how long it took me to cut out the one in book club and love how quick the cutter makes this with the curves. This one is bigger, and will make a 12 inch block. If the binding gets done, then this block will get hand stitched as well.

Linking up with Kathy and the other slow Sunday stitchers. Thank you all for all the encouragement over the years and all the beautiful inspiration every week.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020 Wrap up!

Angela over at the RSC has asked us to share what we have accomplished this strange year of 2020.   Honestly, I work from home part time and have since March 2016. My weekends have been more free without all the external activities, but we did add in the build of 2 chicken coops and the addition of 9 chickens to the back yard this year. That has taken up a bit of time but they are pretty relaxing to watch peck around out back and we are enjoying the eggs they are providing to us now. 
Onto the quilt finishes this year!
A Jaquelynne Steves Art of Home Sew Along

Some extra green and cream log cabins turned into this small wall hanging.

Extra triangles turned into this little mini quilt.

My RSC Trip Around the Worlds quilt got finished this year. All hand pieced and hand quilted. I did use the machine to add the top of the binding but hand stitched it to the back. This is 90x90 and resides on my bed.

This was a RSC sew along that got finished off this year and lives on Emily's bed.

The front of a baby quilt for a great nephew.

The iSpy back of the baby quilt.

My 2019 RSC hand applique umbrella's got hand quilted and finished off this year.

The stars and nines is being enjoyed by my sister up in Vermont.

Mini bits leftover got sewn into this hot pad. Right now it is a resting place for the egg holder.

The Cobblestone quilt got finished off and lives with Mom up in Vermont. This was a fun one to make with 2 inch strips.

The mini magic stars got some quilting and finished off this year as well. Sophie approves.

Now the chicken portion of the post! Can you believe the chickens started off this little?

And now they are pretty much full grown!

This is the second set we got the beginning of September. 3 Barred Rock Plymouths and 2 Easter Egger 'mutts'. 

These are the ones from the baby photo's above we got around the end of June. We are getting 4 eggs a day from these ladies.

The quilt tops - not yet finished but hey, they got to a top stage this year!
Hoarfrost by Canuckquilter.

Stashbuster blocks from 2020. 

A booth hop from Vermont Quilt Festival in either 2009 or 2010.

Book Club  sew along - where I learned to use templates, and sew curves! Hope to get this finished in 2020. I have 6 outer sashings to hand quilt then I'll add the binding.

Hexagon quilt as you go - I made this little candle mat. I can see these in the 2021 RSC Challenge next year.

16 patches.

crumb blocks got a few added to the mix this year.

Sweet confetti blocks - 96 made and are waiting to be sewn together.

My first attempt at drafting a block, making templates and hand piecing it! 19 Endless Diamond blocks are done. This has been a fun one.

Head on over to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and see what others have accomplished with their scraps this year. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

 7AM.... I was the first one up. (Sophie is meowing at my door by this time telling me she wants food... every morning!) Well, Emily was awake but she did wake up Aidan from a deep sleep. They got their stockings and found their first clue. That sent them on a wild goose chase all over the house and into the nesting boxes outside. Fred the chicken caused a delay... she was in the nesting box working on laying an egg so Emily waited and gave her some space! After a bit, she got to continue on her mystery. The boy was not awake yet and needed to think of a few clues. Emily had to figure one out for him. He was stumped on the last one and despite a few hints from us it took him a bit to figure it out. He got wireless headphones... since his headphone plug got stuck in his iPad earlier this week. Em got a kindle fire since her iPad charger got stuck and disabled it over a month ago.

I got my requested items - a salad spinner, a new food processor since the blade on ours died last year and my Accuquilt die for the Flowering Snowball block. 

Time to make breakfast, then a shower and prep of the appetizers for the day. I made the cheese ball last night. The meatballs and little dogs are in the crock pot with the jar of chili sauce and 10 ounces of grape jelly warming. The cream cheese block is out softening for the taco salad and Emily has the salsa straining for that as well. Just the veggie platter to prep and the serving dishes to get out. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve

 Are you ready for Christmas? No? Good, me either! I think everything has arrived. Some late night wrapping and some clues need to be written for the kids to 'find' a present on Christmas morning.  I think we have everything we need for the appetizers for Christmas day. There will be a veggie platter (my healthy item!), cheese ball and crackers, chip and dip, meatballs and mini dogs in the chili/grape jelly sauce, shrimp ring, things for ham and cheese sliders, various cookies.. I know I am missing something but can't remember what.

After getting done work today, I'll finish up the 3 microwave cozies. I did pick up some more batting yesterday.... maybe I'll try one for the pasta bowl as requested? The house needs cleaning for the In-laws to come over tomorrow.

Covid is hitting closer to home for us here in Florida. On Monday - I found out one of my girl scout troop families is quarantining for being exposed to someone so they are home until January 4. Last night, I found out the grandmother of 2 of my girls (the one who bring them to meetings when we had them) has 2 in her household with positive tests and are under quarantine. If you could send some prayers or healing thoughts to both families, I would appreciate it.

I hope you all have a relaxing day before Christmas. I'm off to work!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Star on Winter Solstice....

 Sunset was around 5:33 PM yesterday where I live. This was the shot from the back yard after going out with Emily to lock up the chickens in the coop for the night (4 eggs a day from the ladies!). Cloudy.... I was thinking we might not be able to see the Christmas star - Saturn and Jupiter crossing each other last night.

I went out front to look about 6:15.... then ran inside and yelled to the kiddo's to come out of their rooms and see the star! Aidan came running and was so excited to see it. Someone else had their headphones on so got to see it a little after.

We had a Zoom girl scout meeting last night to do our Secret Santa exchange. When we were done, we had them log off then go outside to see the star! This was the photo around 7:15PM I think.  With all the things happening this year, it was nice to have the Universe gift us with this special Christmas Star this year.

Monday, December 21, 2020


 After way too much food yesterday and lots of fun games played, it is back to a 'normal' work week for me. Well, not quiet normal as I'll have Friday off for Christmas! 

I did get into the sewing room yesterday for a little bit and managed to cut out a little for Clue #4 and figured I'd start with one set to see how it looked.... after sewing  a bit I pulled up the photo on the compter for the clue and Oops! I sewed to the wrong sides! At least I noticed after only doing a few wrong and not all of them. I kinda like the placement of the colors on the oops... it could make a really fun building block in the future =)

Maybe I'll get a little sewing in later today.... after I go out and take a look at the Christmas start a bit after sundown tonight... and our Zoom gift exchange on girl scouts. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Sunday before Christmas.....

 I had in my head I would work on finishing up the kids crochet and knitting projects I started for them last year. Did you know, if you want to make progress on something you actually have to work on them? I seem to have forgotten that little part of it! Oh well..... they have waited this long.... what's a few more months?

Emily's is probably pretty close with her crochet afghan.

Aidan's knitted sheep pillow.... lets just say I am still not comfortable with the changing of yarn colors to make the sheep. I really just need to sit down and figure it out!

I have been concentrating on hand quilting book club - and just have all the sashing and cornerstones to finish off then add a binding. The 9 blocks are all quilted.

I watched 2 movies last night - you would think I would have been working on something... but no! I did not. I watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms with Emily, then we made cookies. I put on Godmothered after that and was half watching it. I need to really watch it again as it was a pretty good movie! I hear it just was released this month and was able to watch it on Disney Plus or whatever their viewing option is bundled with Hulu. I plan to watch the original Parent Trap this week - love Hailey Mills movies =). 

I decided to start something new in December.... A puzzle! I got it out after Thanksgiving and started with a 500 piece one. I mostly was the one doing it. I kept the dining room table extension in and put it out on that.... plenty of room to still use the table to eat, and I could sit and add some pieces in here and there. I was missing one piece and had an extra.... won't mention how long I was looking to figure out where that red piece went before I realized it was an exact duplicate of one already in place! I have 2 1000 piece puzzles and asked Aidan which one to do next. A ocean scene with animals. Both kids have put in a few pieces but he has helped the most. I think our minds are similar with 'seeing' the pieces and where they fit. 

I still have one Endless Diamond block prepped - it is number 20! Hmmm. Maybe 5 more (25) for a 5x5 setting and 60x60 throw? We will see. I hope to start on that block while at horses with Emily on Tuesday. I opted out of riding for her on Saturday... she was not happy with me at all! We took her to the Dr. on Tuesday this week after a fever Sunday/Monday and that was day 3 of a sore neck. Infected lymph node and some good antibiotics later and she is better but I didn't want to push it with the neck and horses until the antibiotics are through this Tuesday.  She is much better though, now. On the plus side... the kids and Greg finally finished putting up the outside lights out front yesterday.

Linking up with Kathy and the other slow stitchers this week. We are off to Grandma's for her 'Christmas' at her house. This is 'her' favorite holiday so she goes all out! May you all have a safe and happy Christmas Week.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Book Club....

 A little over halfway through the month so I figured I'd give an update on my OMG. I have all 9 blocks hand quilted and have started quilting the sashing and cornerstone blocks. 24 sashings total - and I have continued on with the outline stitching like in the blocks so it should go pretty smoothly. I hope to be attaching the binding on the last week of the year. Fingers crossed this will be all finished by December 31.

Off to try homemade mac n cheese. I think Emily will be good with it (lactose issues) since it uses cheddar and her lactaid milk! It's what's for lunch today!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Grassy Creek - clue #4 released today!

 I am ready! I managed to finish sewing clue #3 yesterday and ironing and trimming up clue #2 as well. That's 3 weeks in a row.... all caught up. Think I can make it 4? I might have had a repeat this Thursday of having a Peanut cat draped over the sewing machine sleeping for a time while I was sewing. He kept switching between the extra batting I had put on the cutting mat and draping himself on the sewing machine.  I wonder what colors we get to play with in clue #4?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas gifts....

It is the year of the bowl cozy! I found a youtube video using 10 inch squares.... which I had gotten a stack of 10 inch squares earlier this year from connecting threads. I have a red/tan and dark blue/light blue to gift with a positive saying mug and some ice cream topping things. We love to use these when warming up things in the microwave so the bowls don't burn the hands when taking them out. Also works for cold ice cream for a cozy for the bowl. I've even popped my silicone popcorn popper from the microwave to one of these cozies to eat out of so I don't burn my leg having the silicone on it. Very handy. I made sure to purchase the special batting for it and used cotton thread and fabrics. I hope my co-leader likes them! Now I just need to make some for my MIL's house, my FIL, both kids so they have their own (and with 4 in the house there should be one clean one.... right?). I have a request to make some to fit the pasta bowls as well from hubby.... I'll have to figure that one out I guess too.

This is what happened when I got up from sewing the X on the front and back and was marking the corners for the V shape. He looks so cozy, doesn't he? 

Spoiled cat had me go retrieve my work chair from my desk and roll him down a bit so I had a place to sit. I sewed the darts into them, then got up to trim and pin them right sides together for the sewing them together part....

and this had happened! It seemed to be musical chairs night for Peanut!

I had to stop at 2 since I had to take the boy to guitar - he had an hour lesson to make up for a missed week  so Em and I hit Walmart for more things for the Secret Santa exchange at girl scouts. After picking up Aidan from his lesson, we stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home to get a gift card. The kids wanted to look for books too.... which worked out for me! I had them each pick a book and then said they will get wrapped for under the tree =) I'll even let them wrap them! Em is trying a new series Wings of Fire. Aidan picked out Hitler vs. Stalin, The Eastern Front 1941-1945. Did I ever mention, my kids are complete opposites? He was looking at a book on JFK, but he had read a good autobiography of him this spring and already reread it once so went for someone different this time.