Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday evening...

 It has been a busy day and I am about ready to settle in with a little stitching tonight and relaxing. Hubby has gone to fetch the kiddo's from his Mom's so I have another 1-2 hours of peace and quiet.

Lots of running around today - dropping card making supplies to all the girls in my troop for our card making Zoom meeting tomorrow night. I also had to pick up the girl scout cookie packet for the troop today. Cookie sales will start for us January 2. We will see how it all goes this year.

I hit up the local grocery store where they have the standing rib roasts on sale this week and I just pulled it out of the oven. Yes, it appears no one but me likes it so I get it all to myself! I cut slices then seal a meal and pop them in the zero degree freezer to pull out when I want some for lunch options.

I did get a little cutting and sewing in on Clue #3 finally late afternoon. It is a start anyway. The silly cat pulled the draping himself over the sewing machine so I decided I'd better turn it off and pay some attention to him. I'll settle in with some hand quilting where he can settle in on my lap and purr and nap like a spoiled boy that he is! This is block 8, so I'll have one more to go after this and then all the sashing and cornerstones.

The chickens were all in their coop so they got their door closed for the night. It is dark now, so I'll pop out to watch for meteors tonight as well. I hear there will be a lot so if you have a chance, look outside.

Some photo's of the chickens, 4 are laying now and the others will start in a couple of months. This was my find earlier this week one morning. These are from the light brown chickens.

Emily with Emma the chicken. Poppy is an easter egger on the ground. 

3 Plymouth Rocks and the 2 easter eggers.

the 4 that are laying now - a cross between a rhode island red and white.

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those eggs are huge - wow! Your chickens must be very happy! I love your colors for the Grassy Creek clue 3 - looks like you are successfully keeping up with that. Dinner sounds yummy - too bad you're the only one who enjoyed it!

Chris said...

Years ago, I used to have chickens and sold eggs. Someone once asked me "What is the difference between the brown eggs and the white eggs?"
I said one is brown the other is white.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

those eggs do look big! I hear some people say brown eggs are better than white but then I read something once that said they are all the same :) glad you are Having fun with Grassy Creek - I look forward to seeing how that works out

Julierose said...

Yummy colors in your Grassy Creek;))) Do those eggs taste fresher--I've always wondered? I've always heard "Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh" I don't recall if that was just an ad slogan or true, in fact.
Hugs on a gray day --snow in the forecast for Wed-thurs.

scraphappy said...

Looks like the chickens have been busy. They sure do get a lot of love.

Andee Neff said...

Yay for keeping up on the mystery! Pretty fabrics!