Wednesday, December 2, 2020


 I am prepping for a girl scout meeting next week where we are discussing Christmas (holiday) traditions and I wanted to throw in how some things might be different this year with COVID-19. 

Would any of my readers care to share some of your family holiday traditions and how they might be different this year? Maybe starting new traditions? 

I know around the world things are different with various restrictions as they are between states here in the USA. I know in Florida, where we are we are still in Phase 3 which is no restrictions on gathering size and no mask mandate due to our governor. Our numbers are steadily rising as you can imagine. 

I know my family is up in Vermont - where my employer is and they are under a mandate of no gathering of more than one household, unless a single person then can do one other, no sports, no gatherings and limited on eating out with a mask mandate in place through December 15. It does clearly state in the ordinance if you are in an unsafe environment - you can leave to go to another household no questions asked and that household can take you in with no issues. They have a quarantine in place for travel as well. Two extremely different approaches to the pandemic (both are republican governors by the way!) and obviously it changes traditions. They also encouraged towns and communities to decorate for the holidays so everyone can enjoy the holiday safely through driving to see the decorations and have done virtual 'lighting up' ceremonies. 

Yesterday I had plans to sew in the evening. After dinner (popcorn shrimp and chicken with roasted potato and sweet potato and pickled beets)... the kids really wanted to head to Bells and do some Christmas shopping. I was told I needed to not see what they were doing so wandered around the store for over an hour while they shopped. As we were leaving... we were approached by a lady that I had seen in the store earlier. She asked if we had jumper cables. I had gotten a pair after having my battery die in the car line a couple of years ago, so I said yes, but I was not positive how to use them. She said she knew how so I handed her the bag and pulled my car up to give a jump. Another couple I had seen in the store was coming out and he offered to help and got mine attached while she did hers and we got juice into her vehicle! The kids felt pretty good about helping someone out...and were so excited to tell their Dad all about it when we got home.... before they shuttered themselves into the bedroom and wrapped up their gifts. 

No progress photo's so I'll share what the kids did with Chilly the elf this morning while I was in the shower. Since the note is legible... Emily must have written it!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have jumper cables and I do not really no how to use them! I use, but I forgot if it matters which you can you connect them to first - crazy I should know that - but I bet a quick search on a phone would tell me :)

All the rules are so weird and then of course some obey them and others ignore

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Love the note from Chilly! You'd better watch out, Mom! :) I was trying to think of a tradition that has changed for us due to Covid, but mostly it's that I think my boys won't be able to come hone this year. They worry about their dad's health. Normally, we have a long weekend Christmas where they come home, and we cook together,play Wii bowling, go to a movie, and play lots of games. I'm going to miss that terribly!

Ray and Jeanne said...

We have lots of restrictions in Illinois. I'm not sure how our traditions are going to work out - I'm thinking our Christmas cookie baking/decorating and gingerbread houses (us and a son and his family) may be done over zoom. I think you better watch that Chilly - he's kind of bossy! ;) ~Jeanne

Kathy S. said...

LOVE the name of your elf. Chilly looks like a very clever elf. I want to see more of him. :)