Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok, DH got home last week and looked at the blocks laid out... He said 'is it going to be square?' Duhhh moment.. I laid it out 6x6 instead of 5x7! I have all 35 blocks I need! Not too successful on my tasks but I did get some more of the flying geese sewn into strips, ironed a bunch of the 'extra' blocks created from this pattern, cut some scraps and did organize my printed out patterns. So, now I need to make those birthday cards and a ty card...since they have to go out in the mail by Wednesday.
Well, I guess I can't have caffine in the evenings, since the soda last night with dinner kept me up.. and it probably kept Aidan up - 11-2:30 last night - wide awake! A snack at 5 and then 6. Then he was awake his normal 7:30-11 this morning. I actually went back to bed at 11 and he woke me up at 1:45PM. Well, gotta go change a messy diaper and change him since he just spit up all over himself... maybe I should just go hose him off, might be easier!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oops! I miscounted the blocks!

Well, I just put all the blocks out for DH's quilt and I miscounted them! I am one short... so I just pulled some nickles to make the last block. Now I need to put them onto the possible sashing, for the quilt as you go method. Not sure if I will go that route or not..... I'll post pics of the sashing later..

I should have gone back to bed when Aidan went down for his nap around 9.... since we were up at 4:30... but I wasn't tired. I am sure I will pay for it later. Instead, I put the maternity clothes away and got out my 'real' clothes and cleared out my closet a bit and added to the goodwill pile. Dh will be surprised when he gets home since my side of the closet is finally organized! Threw in a batch of baby stuff into the washer, put dishes away, and picked up the house a bit. Then got into the sewing room and did some cutting up of scraps into squares, pressed seams for the flying geese border and put some fabrics away. I still need to clean and organize that room... but that is for another day!
Gotta go change laundry while he is content in the swing for another couple of minutes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Name of block pictured in previous post...

Our guild is doing a BOM using the book 'Thimbleberries Big Book of Quilt Blocks'. The block I pictured before is called Star Gazer from 'A Quilter's Garden' in the book. I just realized that that is block 2... so I must have missed the first block. Guess I will have to see if I can find the book at a library or get a 'certified' copy of the block pattern from the person in charge of this years BOM. The guild did get permission from the author to do the series as a BOM and to print out and distribute to our guild members. Just wanted to qualify so that no one thinks we are doing this incorrectly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday ramblings

Well, we had a nice lazy Easter at home. Aidan slept for 7 hours on Saturday night... and yet I was so tired all day Sunday! He was up most of the night Sunday and I felt great on Monday... go figure!

We did an outing yesterday to infant storytime at the library. We were the youngest baby there but Aidan did great. He woke up, no screaming and took the bottle of breastmilk during the first book, looked around and at the other two boys during the second one. That will be our Monday morning outing for a while. I am so glad we went and that the library offers programs like that for all the different age levels. Hopefully I'll be raising a boy who likes to read as much as Mommy and Daddy do!

I had listed a 'to do' list on my other blog... so I got most everything on it done. I got the birth announcements in the mail today, my 2 mystery blocks done and off to the point person, and started taking camcorder of Aidan. The cables should arrive tomorrow, so I can hook to the laptop and burn it to a cd with pictures for his grandparents.

Goals for this week:

1. sew more of the flying geese into rows

2. play with settings for dh's quilt - either like the book and send out for quilting or try the quilt as you go method...

3. make some birthday cards - niece and sil.

4. edge the recieving blankets

5. organize all my printed out block instructions.. including the BOM from the guild and look up the one I had posted to get the name to Kristie.

Now some eye candy.... This is a cathederal window quilt that my dh's grandmother or ggma made for my MIL. It was done by hand when she was in her 50's or 60's, the first quilt she made!

Happy quilting all.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Switched to blogger ...

Well, I am very glad I set up this account back in October as I am having issues with my serialquilters website. Now I just need to get my ring switched over to this site rather than my old one.
It has been a successful week so far for getting some things done. I finally got into my sewing room and got a couple of blocks done and need to deliver them tomorrow. I also started sewing the flying geese together for hubby's quilt.
Today I made 3 thank you cards and got a great start on Aidan's birth announcements...I know a bit late but I hope to mail them out on Saturday. I have all the info written inside and attached the picture to the front. All the envelopes are addressed. Just need to find the baby feet stamp for decorating the front and add the rattle stamp to the inside....I have a feeling the feet stamp became a cat batting toy, so who knows where it is.. I may just buy one when I am out tomorrow.
That leaves doing the recieving blankets and printing some pictures out to send to the grandparents... which I will do this weekend. I should actually accomplish all my tasks for this week!