Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oops! I miscounted the blocks!

Well, I just put all the blocks out for DH's quilt and I miscounted them! I am one short... so I just pulled some nickles to make the last block. Now I need to put them onto the possible sashing, for the quilt as you go method. Not sure if I will go that route or not..... I'll post pics of the sashing later..

I should have gone back to bed when Aidan went down for his nap around 9.... since we were up at 4:30... but I wasn't tired. I am sure I will pay for it later. Instead, I put the maternity clothes away and got out my 'real' clothes and cleared out my closet a bit and added to the goodwill pile. Dh will be surprised when he gets home since my side of the closet is finally organized! Threw in a batch of baby stuff into the washer, put dishes away, and picked up the house a bit. Then got into the sewing room and did some cutting up of scraps into squares, pressed seams for the flying geese border and put some fabrics away. I still need to clean and organize that room... but that is for another day!
Gotta go change laundry while he is content in the swing for another couple of minutes!


Amelia said...

He is so cute...just makes me want to snuggle him.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Moneik said...

You're a busy woman today! So glad to hear you got some sewing room time in.