Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Monday...

Well, my MIL is on her way home. It was great to have her up here and she just loved Aidan! We even left him with her and Mommy and Daddy had a date!... Well, we went out for a late lunch on Friday and then hit some stores. I got a new mirror for our bathroom and he put it up yesterday. I love it, it is a daisy etched glass on the outside. We also got a tall post and 3 hangers and he installed my new bird feeder on Saturday which the birdies are just loving.

We were all sitting out on the back deck watching the birds most of the afternoon yesterday while he was napping. Aidan of course was his usually happy self most of the weekend so Grammy got lots of smiles from him. My parents came up yesterday for a little bit to visit and now it is back to the usual routine for us. Aidan did lots of sleeping last Tuesday and Wednesday...and now he is in new clothes sizes! I packed all his newborn and 0-3 months clothes away this weekend and will probably be packing the 3 months away this week too. He really got taller very quickly and pushed his feet through one outfit already. That just means I get to dress him in this cute outfit from Gina. It says, Hello, I am piglet with a picture of piglet. Very fitting since he is such a little piggy!

I did very little sewing this weekend. I did finish sewing the 'extra' blocks so now have 35 pinwheel blocks that will eventually become a quilt top. Since our weather is taking a turn for the cold and rainy today, I hope to sew a bit this afternoon and finally get the rows of blocks sewn into a top. We'll see how that goes...
Have a good Monday everyone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, it has been way too nice to be inside so I haven't been in the sewing room. Just got done a bunch of cleaning while Aidan is napping this morning. More to do but will do that at the next nap time. We had a good day yesterday visiting a friend of mine from college. He did another car ride and was pretty good in the car and while we were there. Planning to just stay home today and get the house all set for company tomorrow....and if that gets done, maybe some more raking outside.
Here are some of the blocks that I made from the leftover units from my hubby's quilt.

I have his in rows and need to sew them together. I did pick up a backing fabric for that quilt so now I just need to finish the top and then learn how to machine quilt it!
Have a good day everyone.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Beautiful weather!!!

It has been gorgeous weather the last few days! We drove down to my parents house for the day yesterday and Aidan was a very good rider for me! Slept the hour+ there and almost all the way home too! We got to take a nice long walk on their bike path... at least up to the woods area where the snow was still piled on the ground. They still have a couple of snowbanks on their lawn but with weather in the mid 70's, it won't last long. I just got inside after raking the leaves off my flower beds and I found a couple of flowers in bloom!

There is still lots of raking that needs to get done, but I remembered I needed to call on auto insurance to see if we can get a better rate. I am waiting for a call back on that, figured I needed to do it while he is still sleeping.
This weekend will be outside yardwork, burning some branches (just called and got that burn permit) and cleaning the house inside! My MIL is flying up on Wednesday to see us and I am so excited! I can't wait for her to see her grandson and it is her first trip to Vermont! Lets hope the weather cooperates for us so we can sit outside and enjoy the weather. That means I may not post too much next week since she will be here Wednesday until Monday...probably no sewing during that time either.
Ok, off to do dishes while I wait for my call....
Happy quilting everyone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sewing progress!

Well, I got to sew today while Aidan was napping! I have my 7 rows of 5 blocks together for DH's 'nap on the couch' quilt and will iron them later tonight. I decided to put it all together and might try a handquilted allover fan pattern.... I also started sewing the 'extra' units together into pinwheel blocks. About half of them are done. I hope to get them completed this week....but the weather is getting nicer...and it will become rake the yard and plant flower time... possibly ...tomorrow, for the raking anyway! We'll see if I can get the boy to cooperate otherwise it will wait for the weekend or evenings after dinner when DH is home to watch the boy.
The cards I posted yesterday are not my design so I can't take credit for being creative, I just follow the instructions my friend Jo prints out for us all! She also has everything cut out and has a bag filled with everything you need to complete each card...much easier than coming up with ideas myself!
No pictures today, but I hope to have some for tomorrow.
Happy quilting everyone.

Monday, April 14, 2008


So far it has been a good day! Aidan slept for 8 hours last night and Mommy does not know how to deal with that much sleep anymore....
I had a good weekend - lots of time for just me! I did a card making workshop on Saturday and made these cards. I even won a door prize - the artichoke stamp pad.

Sunday I got my hair cut and also hit a few stores while I was out alone - Joanns, ToysRUs and groceries. Got home and there was a blue car in the driveway... my brother and his girlfriend stopped by! They got their baby holding time in and then headed out to finish their errands and get home. It was a nice visit.
Today - we ran out this morning and went to the local infant storytime and got a 'Welcome Baby' bag of goodies. Here is a picture of what was in the bag...

lots of pamphlets, a baby faces hard book, a duckey blanket, two burp cloths, 4 bibs, a knitted hat, a lullaby tape, bumper stickers and some baby lotion....Wow!
Then it was a trip to the post office to mail out the tax stuff to state and federal. It must have been baby and toddler day since there were 4 little ones in the lobby at once! Just got Aidan down for a nap so now it is cleaning the house time and if I still have time - sewing room playtime for me!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Finish!

I had made this and quilted it in December...but got the binding on yesterday! I also put some more flying geese into rows and started trimming a bunch of units that were left over from creating the Labor Day quilt from the Nickle quilt book. Those units will become a pinwheel quilt. My sewing room is the room next to the nursery, and now I know the sewing machine does not bother him during naps! Yeah!!!! Unfortunately I will be taking a nap with him today since we have been awake since 5AM.
Tomorrow is a day workshop of making stampin Up! cards...a friend of mine is a rep and she does a couple of workshops a year where you make a bunch of cards. This time it is all occasion cards....It will be a nice Mommy only day I think....that way I can get things done!
The beautiful weather of the last few days is long gone....rain for the next few days... Aidan has been a bit fussy the last few days and was running a slight fever yesterday morning. He seems better today, and is now all clean after his bath, now to get him down for his nap....
Happy quilting everyone!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

quilt show... purchases!

The quilt show was a great success! I was surprised at how many adult males I had to tell nicely 'please don't touch the quilts, if you'd like to see the back or a closer look I'd be happy to show you'... There were signs posted everywhere saying that! Oh well, they were appreciating the quilts at least. It is a free event and everyone is given a slip of paper to vote on their favorite quilt in each category... bed, minature, wall hanging, childrens, breast cancer charity quilts and a special VT quilt from last years mystery BOM. The coveted mayors award was given....I was wondering who he was since he and his wife and 2 boys kept walking around and around.....then when he went to get the president of the guild for the presentation it all became clear...! I forgot to bring my camera so don't have pictures...
I did purchase some fabrics.. I just love this pattern of leaves on the fabric and have some blue and purple already.... and added these neutral/browns to my stash! These are 10 fat quarters of the new line out this spring. I also got these 3 half yard cuts.. the blue I just had to have, and the green and berry I thought would go well with my UFO of maple leafs.. that I need to get to sometime this year!

Here is a close up of the leaves on the fabric, it is really the same color type as the fabric and blends in....This is from the Robert Kaufman line of Fusions. Sccreen Print D#5573... for Hazel!

Aidan has been a bit fussy and was running a low fever last night and this morning. He is sounding stuffed up now, so I guess I need to use the blue thing to clear out his nose, poor guy.
Yesterday afternoon, he started smiling more and I was able to get a shot... a little blurry, I know!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday...shot day!

Well, it was Aidan's 2 month doctor appointment today and he got 3 shots! Ouch.... but he was a trooper and stopped screaming as soon as he went back to Mommy! He even fell asleep in his car seat on the 4 minute ride home and has been sleeping ever since! Hope he is not too fussy when he wakes up, but we are prepared for it. Oh, he is 11 pounds and 5 ounces and 22 1/5 inches tall! He is in the normal percentile range (just above 50% in both!).
Checked on both Mom's on the phone today.. since both have things going on. My mom put her back out a few days ago so I had a nice long chat with her. My MIL is also going through a tough time right now, so I had a nice chat with her and she seems to be doing well. We can't wait for her to come up in a few weeks and see our little guy!
For crafty things, I did get a bunch of cards made the other day - thank you's and birthday cards and they are off in the mail. Sorry, completely forgot to take pictures of them before sending them out. I really liked the birthday one for my niece - it was beach/ocean with a sand dollar and little shells dotting the sand. I may have to do another like that again sometime. The thank you's were baby themed in blue and yellow with baby footprints on the cover.
My 8 year old niece S, had been talking about a 'P is precious' book that she was working on for Aidan....well, I thought it was a scrap book she had and was making a page of pictures for her newest cousin.... Nope! It is a cute little book for pictures she bought for us with her own money. She filled it with pictures of Aidan with each of his cousins holding him and then some pictures of him I had given her with fun stamps spelling out his name. Can you tell she loves her new little cousin! She got a special thank you card for doing that!
This weekend is our guild's quilt show. I am working for a little bit tomorrow and can't wait to see everyone's quilts... and of course visit the vendor booths. Will probably hit Joanns Fabrics while I am out since guiterman's thread is on sale this weekend.... I need to stock up a bit for all the sewing projects I have lined up to do.
Well, he is still sleeping 2+ hours after his shots, so I should try to get a few things done before he wakes up!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Aidan is 8 weeks old today! Here is a shot of him on his changing table before I got him dressed today.
Well, dinner is in the crockpot, e-mail has been answered and baby is napping. Guess I really need to pick up a bit and repack his diaper bag so I can pop him in the car later and go deliver my sold raffle tickets....which have to be in by tomorrow. Our guild, Franklin County Quilters Guild is having a quilt show this weekend and we were all to sell raffle tickets to win this quilt.

It should be a good show, I can't wait to see all the quilts! I will be working for a bit on Saturday afternoon to help out by doing the 'white glove' thing. Please check out our website above to find out a bit about us and some of our guild members favorite links. I am just starting to go through them, but am having fun looking at the discount fabric links so far.
Here is a picture of my 'girls' - They love laying in the sunshine! Sophie is the all white one and Maxie is the black and white 'holstein'.

Ok, off to pick up a bit before he wakes up.
Happy quilting all.