Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sewing progress!

Well, I got to sew today while Aidan was napping! I have my 7 rows of 5 blocks together for DH's 'nap on the couch' quilt and will iron them later tonight. I decided to put it all together and might try a handquilted allover fan pattern.... I also started sewing the 'extra' units together into pinwheel blocks. About half of them are done. I hope to get them completed this week....but the weather is getting nicer...and it will become rake the yard and plant flower time... possibly ...tomorrow, for the raking anyway! We'll see if I can get the boy to cooperate otherwise it will wait for the weekend or evenings after dinner when DH is home to watch the boy.
The cards I posted yesterday are not my design so I can't take credit for being creative, I just follow the instructions my friend Jo prints out for us all! She also has everything cut out and has a bag filled with everything you need to complete each card...much easier than coming up with ideas myself!
No pictures today, but I hope to have some for tomorrow.
Happy quilting everyone.

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Moneik said...

Glad to hear you got some quilting time in!