Friday, April 18, 2008

Beautiful weather!!!

It has been gorgeous weather the last few days! We drove down to my parents house for the day yesterday and Aidan was a very good rider for me! Slept the hour+ there and almost all the way home too! We got to take a nice long walk on their bike path... at least up to the woods area where the snow was still piled on the ground. They still have a couple of snowbanks on their lawn but with weather in the mid 70's, it won't last long. I just got inside after raking the leaves off my flower beds and I found a couple of flowers in bloom!

There is still lots of raking that needs to get done, but I remembered I needed to call on auto insurance to see if we can get a better rate. I am waiting for a call back on that, figured I needed to do it while he is still sleeping.
This weekend will be outside yardwork, burning some branches (just called and got that burn permit) and cleaning the house inside! My MIL is flying up on Wednesday to see us and I am so excited! I can't wait for her to see her grandson and it is her first trip to Vermont! Lets hope the weather cooperates for us so we can sit outside and enjoy the weather. That means I may not post too much next week since she will be here Wednesday until Monday...probably no sewing during that time either.
Ok, off to do dishes while I wait for my call....
Happy quilting everyone.

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Connie said...

Hope you have great spring weather for the week!!!