Tuesday, October 31, 2023

One side to go...

 I have one side of binding to hand stitch for a finish. Single kids pick up today. I think I might have a finish tonight.

Lambie got emergency surgery this morning while bear waited patiently. He is pointing to the last edge that needs stitching.

I finished watching season 3 of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu last night. Tonight will be a hocus-pocus marathon.

Monday, October 30, 2023


I ordered a countdown to Christmas box from Missouri Star company earlier this month and it arrived on Saturday while I was gone. It was placed into my office for me. Sorry about the flipped photo. I love the outside of the box! I can't wait for December 1st!

Last week at a girl scout event planning meeting, the leader brought a box of Persimmons from her tree. I grabbed a handful and then checked for recipes. 
These are Saijo Persimmons and I found this link about them. All but one were very ripe. I had just under a cup of the flesh so tried this muffin recipe.

Next time I'll puree the flesh so it will mix in a little better. With all the cinnamon and ginger, they tasted like a spice muffin with hints of honey and brown sugar in the background from the fruit. Pretty good!

A little less busy this week, thank goodness. Maybe I'll get some sewing time in.


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Slow Sunday stitching

 It has been a very busy week in my house with this girl! This is Friday night after a 3 hour after school marching band practice then a quick run through of their routine for the parents last night. The dog has missed her, so was happy to get some belly rubs while we watched tv late Friday night. 

This morning, I got a few stitches in while Bear was holding down the rest of the quilt. I have 3 sides of binding to finish off this Civil War Love Letters quilt. Linking up with Kathy and the Slow Sunday Stitchers.

I was up for a bit over an hour before the rest of the household got up. Ollie was missing human interaction and was brave and followed me to the living room and was hanging out with me before Emily got up and let the dog out of her room. The cats and dog do not get along.

Ollie even got comfy leaning against me for a while this morning. That never happens as he is not a 'lap cat'. 

This is where I was all day Saturday. This is Santa Fe high school up in Gainesville Florida. It was hot (mid 80's) and full sun. Did I put on sunscreen? Nope. Hat? Got one out of the car mid way through the day. Yup, I was a red lobster last night! Lots of aloe after a shower when I got home, and we will see how the sunburn on the face fares! The kids did great and there were lots of bands performing all day for their MPA judging. The kids got straight Superiors for music and performance yesterday. Lots of hard work paid off. Hard to believe this is all an extracurricular activity at school rather than a class. The class, symphony will have their MPA in February. At least that one is inside! Would you believe this is the only photo I took all day? I was down on the sidelines while they performed so no good photo's. I was helping to bring in the big xylophone and those things are not easy to steer! They had 15 minutes on the field, including set up, their performance and take down. They are a well-oiled machine on the field and loading and unloading their trailer of all their equipment. 

Homecoming is next weekend and Emily has decided to go with some friends. So, today will be attempting to find a dress. Wish us luck.

(JulieRose - F1 Ricciardo in 4th to start the race today!) =)

Friday, October 27, 2023


 I did manage to get a little sewing time in yesterday and the purple hearts is now a top. Well, I think it is a top. I might add a border to it. I need to put it up where it will hang and see if it needs to be a little bigger. It is a 'different' size as it is a side rectangle rather than an up and down one. Right now, it measures at about 39x32 inches. It will probably stay this size and just have a nice purple binding to set it off. 

Last night I got almost one side of the civil war binding hand stitched. We will see if I can do another side tonight. I have a boy normal pick up from school and then the marching band is rehearsing after school and putting on a run through of their program at 6:30 for friends and family. It is their last run through before the MPA competition tomorrow. 

I have been working on offloading photos from my phone since I am out of space! I never really delete things, so I imported them to the computer. Now to get them off my phone and cleared out so I have space again! 

Thursday, October 26, 2023


 I have yet to add a stitch to the binding on the Civil War quilt. Maybe tonight? Let's see what has been going on....

Monday, was a work day and a late pick up for Emily with marching band. I had ordered some beef empanadas from a friend and they were for dinner with some rice and black beans. Aidan fried them up for me while I worked on the sides. I did get the hearts sewn into rows tonight and the binding pressed and attached to the front of the quilt.

Tuesday was another late day for Emily. She had a pre MPA tonight at a local high school that I went to to watch. All the high schools in Marion County attended and presented their show. It ran a little late, so we didn't get home until after 10:30. I don't think Emily went to bed until an hour after that. She said she was finally awake around noon on Wednesday..... yea, she gets to school before 8! Dinner was greek style - greek rub on chicken tenders grilled in the grill pan with salad and pita and tzatziki. 

Wednesday was a half day at school, so they got out 2 hours early. The high school just shortens the 6 periods of classes and throws lunch at the end of the day. The kids opt out of lunch and head to the car line and come home instead. 1600 students would not fit into the small cafeteria. I don't think either goes in there as they each bring their lunch normally and sit at the outside tables. I finished off my work day mid afternoon and then made tater tot casserole for dinner. I ate early, since we had a girl scout area planning meeting last night for the upcoming Harry Potter Event in November. Emily went and attended the GEM's meeting and got 2 hours of volunteering! A stop at Target since we were down that way to refill the soda stream canisters and someone wanted twistee treat on the way home.

Today will be a riding a horse day for me but first I need to walk the dog who keeps bugging me since I am 20 minutes late in bringing him.  *** just got back and I guess he was barking at the real Bear outside last night. He got 3 trashes along our walk route this morning and 2 had bear proof cans!

The hearts should become a top today and maybe I'll start on the binding of the other quilt tonight?

 Emily is a late pickup tonight and tomorrow and then they have the MPA (judged competition) up in Gainesville on Saturday. I plan to go to that to see them so it will be a long day Saturday. At least this one is about an hour away, the last one was 2.5 hours away. I'd better get off the computer and moving or nothing will get done!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Slow Sunday.....

 A bunch of things got crossed off the list today! 

My Sunday actually started off really early! The girl had a midnight pick up from school from the band competition. They pulled in right at midnight. It took them a bit to unload the bus, then unload the trailer of all their things - the percussion, big stand xylophones, the riser for the drum major to stand on to lead and all their 'stuff'. I think we pulled out of the school lot around 12:40 and we got home at 1AM. They finished 6th... of 6 in their division, but did improve on their marks from the previous competition. They have PreMPA Tuesday night local and then MPA on Saturday up in Gainesville. That would have been local, but that one is when our school has homecoming. 

I had a lazy morning of enjoying my coffee while visiting the RSC blogs from Saturday. I liberarted the dog from Emily's room around 8:20 so she could sleep in. Others emerged from their rooms at 9AM, 10AM and close to noon! I do enjoy the quiet of morning all by myself =)

A trip to the grocery store.... and then another trip, since it seems we were out of cream cheese and the girl needed a block to make Taco Salad for munching on during the race. While out the second time, I gassed up the car and washed it and got it vacuumed. It really needed it. Between those two things, I got a quilt machine quilted! Just easy wiggle lines every 4 inches or so but it is done and trimmed. I pieced the binding but I'm waiting on the helper to press it in half for me. She has about 45 minutes, and then I'll just do it and machine stitch it to the top of the quilt. Some hand stitching might happen on the binding of it tonight. I made these blocks from the Civil War Diary books from photo's back in 2014 I believe. It was my first attempt at drafting from a photo to make a block. I really did not like the blocks at all (why they sat for years untouched!)... until I put them in this setting. Now I love it!  A photo

 of the top before I rolled it onto the boards and got it pinned.

While watching the F1 race this afternoon, I did some surgery on the pig quit for a friend. Her favorite aunt made it for her (she loves anything pig related!) and has since passed. The black fabric as a surround of one block had frayed. I made that piece and hand appliqued it down. Not perfect, but should make the quilt usable again. I'll give it a gentle wash before I hand it back at a meeting on Wednesday night. 

The Bear Paw quilt (made around 2000, if you can believe it!) is finally onto the quilting of the side triangles. I think I'll get them all done then bind it. Then finish quilting that outer border of HST's. It worked the last quilt so I'm going to try it again! 

I love to try new foods and had mentioned empanadas to the kids. Well, a Mom from the girls scout troop sent a message last week saying her Mom was making Empanada's to sell and they would be ready for Sunday. I ordered a set of the beef ones. They got delivered this afternoon and I can't wait to try them tomorrow for dinner! 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Friday and RSC

 It seems like the quilting on this little quilt has taken forever! I think I started quilting on it about a year ago and it keeps getting bumped. I finished the last bear paw block and now need to mark the setting triangles and start quilting on those. I believe it is a F1 race weekend and there is a sprint race on Saturday and a regular race on Sunday. They are in the USA and in Austin Texas.  Lots of potential stitching time while I watch the races with Aidan.

My goal Thursday was to roll this quilt on the boards and get it pinned for quilting. Let's just say the dog was worse than the cats in helping! I do have the top rolled onto a board and the batting is cut. I need to press the backing again (someone was a ghost in the backing for a bit yesterday) and get it rolled later today. The girl has an away game tonight so very late pickup. I hope to get this pinned tonight. I'm thinking if I buy some pre made pizza dough at Publix, the boy can make stromboli for dinner tonight! The kids are much better at forming them then I am, so they get the job!

For the RSC - I now have 15 sets of these split nines. I am not sure how these will be set, but I either need 1 more or 5 more. Do I want a rectangle or a square? 48x48 or 48x60? I know I want to add a brown set. I do have those strips of green left over from the christmas cactus.... they would help round out the colors better. Right now my blocks have 4 blues to 2 of everything else and this one black set..... I guess I am leaning towards adding 5 more? Maybe a red, green, black/grey and 2 browns to even out things a bit? 

The latest squirrel running around in my head..... a wall hanging with a dresden turkey. I found this video from Missouri Quilts and think he would look great in the middle of some fun blocks from the Autumn Jubilee.

It got replaced with the previous one that will probably become a 2024 project. Hand piecing 60 degree triangles.... since Bonnie at Quiltville is using 60 degree triangles in her new sew along. It reminded me of the thousand pyramid quilt that I would love to make from scraps someday. Some inspiration photo's.

from jasmine.noraisin.net on pinterest.

I need more hours in the day!

Linking up with the RSC on Saturday.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Not a single stitch.

 I decided on what to put in the setting triangles, half a feather from the middle blocks. I have one paw left to stitch before I start on those. I went to move the hoop, and someone jumped up on the chair. Onto the quilt....

and his inner cat came out and tried to curl up on the hoop! 72 pound dog against a 14 inch hoop. Silly boy. 

The tiny hummingbirds were going crazy over the night blooming jasmine last night. I got this short video.

Today I'm getting back in the saddle again! It has cooled down a bit, so I am going to ride again. We will see if I can move tomorrow!
The dog has been walked. Time for a quick shower and then I hope to get the civil war quilt and backing rolled onto boards so I can pin it later. I'd love to get that quilt finished off this month. We will see how it goes.

I also have 14 sets of the split nines. I think I need a set of browns and one of blacks to round it out. That will give me a 48x48 little quilt to donate.

Oh, a big thank you to Sharon! I went to ebay and bought those 2 spools of YLI blue 013 hand quilting thread! They should arrive next week. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Only tuesday?

 It seems like it should be Thursday already!

After working yesterday, I ran the rest of the day. Kids to annual physicals. Check. Groceries for kids lunches and stocking up on b1g1. Dinner, then I took Aidan to guitar as hubby had tummy issues. Again. I hit sams and stocked the freezer with meats.  Emily was making a red velvet cake last night and got fancy with the decorations.

I added some quilting last night. I added more at lunch so almost done this block. I wonder when my yli blue thread will be gone. They don't make blue 013 any longer. I need to order some, but not sure of the lighter or grey blue. I'm leaning on the grey blue.  Will decide and order tonight. I'll try my local quilt shop first, but I don't think they carry hand quilting thread. Looks like they are also closing mid December after 25 years due to health reasons. 

The cats thought it was Chilly this morning at 50 degrees. Peanut stayed covered on the bed. Spoiled cats.

Monday, October 16, 2023


 The kids are still sleeping! I guess Grandma really put them to work yesterday around her house!

They have doctor appointments this afternoon, just standard annual physicals. 

Sunday - Emily walked the dog and I just got to go along... and do the poop pick up and take the sand spurs out of his paws when he picked them up. Note, he does not like people touching his paws when there are spurs in them! He is getting better though. 

Grandma came to retrieve the kids and then I got in a little more sewing time. I got 4 gold split nines sewn and then worked through the pile of extra HST's from the Christmas Cactus sewing and the pile is now twosies. Not sure what they will become, but they are a good leader and ender!

We headed over to visit Tom in rehab after the chruch traffic was through. He had just eaten lunch and was back from a rehab session where he walked there, did the 'pedal machine' and then walked back. So lots of progress there. We chatted with him for a bit and then let him have an afternoon nap. Back home, I cooked up the rest of the bacon from the package and with a yummy tasting tomato I had a BLT for lunch! Instead of doing things I should...... I decided to put an audiobook on and did some hand quilting for the rest of the afternoon. I stopped when I had to leave to go pick up the kids from Grandma's house.  Maybe I'll pick up and clean a little tonight? (hehehe.... I crack myself up!)

Sunday, October 15, 2023


It only took until mid October before the house got some fall feel! Aidan got out my box of fall things and put things out for me. He had a lot of fun rubbing it in that he could just reach the top of the tv hutch to dust! I need a step stool to reach! Emily got the assist on where things go. She remembered the spider went above the pantry with the webbing and the glow in the dark spider on the web. We added the hat this year for balance.

I finished the quilting on this block on Friday night before the football game. It is time to move the hoop. There are 2 more of these blocks and then the setting triangles and the HST edge to go.

Saturday Emily got to ride. She had a marching band competition last week and will for the next 2 Saturdays. She was happy to get on a horse. Her normal Lance was out on a lesson so she decided to ride Bunny for the first time. She is a lot smaller than Lance (The bottom photo is tall Lance). Bunny has a lot of pep and her trot was very fast. Lori the trainer let her canter on her. She said she does not let anyone else canter her since she is so fast, but she knew Emily could handle her! I guess my girl is a pretty good rider as I think each of her trainers has said something similar. She had a private lesson since her normal lesson buddy was not there yesterday.


Emily on Lance in the yellow shirt. Kyra is on Reba.

The kids are off school tomorrow for a teacher workday for the end of quarter 1. I scheduled their annual physicals for the afternoon, so they didn't miss school. Today, the kids are headed to Grandma's house for the day. Greg and I will pop over to see his Dad in Rehab and see how he is doing. He is gaining strength and doing what the PT people say, which is good. My Dad was doing well when I chatted with them on Thursday. I hope to get a little time in the sewing room today but will be adding some hand quilting stitches into the Bear Paw this evening while watching either a hockey game (go lightning!) or Hocus Pocus or Hocus Pocus 2. I love Bette Midler in this movie on Disney Plus.


Saturday, October 14, 2023

Marching Band

 I hope to have an RSC post later today. Last night I finally went to see the marching band play at a football game.  The temp was in the 80's as the sun was setting and was a comfortable 74 at the end of the game. They did an amazing job all game. They started with the national anthem after marching onto the field.

Led by their director Ms. Reardon.

The halftime show was led by the drum major Landon - who is a Junior. This group did such a great job and has spent over 9 hours a week since before school to perfect their routine. They had a competition last weekend and have 2 more coming up the next two weekends. Of course, there is away football games each Friday and then competition far away all day Saturday. These are dedicated individuals!

Next time, I'll try and remember to video it! 
The dog has been walked and played with and lots of attention. Grumpy people are just waking up. Time to head to horses, hopefully the grumpy tired girl is in a better mood once she gets on a horse! I have a feeling she will sleep in until noon tomorrow! She deserves it after a grueling week. First quarter of school is in the books. Oh, not sure I mentioned it last week, but Aidan got the invite to the HS Robotics team that will have a tournament in Jacksonville (or Tallahassee I forget which) for 4 days in April. It will be on 3 D printing so he will be learning design and all about that for the next few months. Happy to see both involved in things they enjoy.

Friday, October 13, 2023

A little progress.

 Not on what I planned though! Such is life. I did put away things from the weekend and found the top of my sewing area. Still looks like a tornado went through but I have room to cut things again! 

Surgery on dog toys happened. 3 got fixed and back into his toy box. They have been waiting 3 weeks for fixes!

Then... we went to visit my FIL in rehabs about 40 minutes away. We did a little shopping and got him new pants that fit (he has lost 50 pounds!). A few shirts and a warmer sweater. Laundry got brought home, but that will cover him for a few days. 

We stopped at cracker barrel for lunch on the way home. Then I called my parents to check in on them. I had 30 minutes until kid pickup so not much got done.

Both kids came home since they cancelled all after school programs due to the weather.... but it had cleared out by 3. Oh well, I'll take the one pickup!

I did check my RSC bin and knew I needed split nines. I cut the parts for the 4 yellow ones.  Not sewn yet, but that is the easy part.

I'm going to the football game tonight to see the band preform their halftime show. 

Maybe I'll get sewing time Saturday after horses?

I did make progress on the bear paw. Just one paw on this block to stitch.

Thursday, October 12, 2023


 Well, the phone call at 2:44 indicating a tornado warning and seek shelter immediately, really wakes you up! I grabbed my phone and checked the radar. Nothing right near us so I just kept my eye on it and let everyone sleep. We have a watch until 9 and it sounds like that might come back later today as well.  It is hot and humid here (I much preferred the cooler temps earlier this week), and I hear the occasional thunder and some heavy rain right now. The kids are being taken to school. We will see if the boy is late for the zero-period class or not. He is a little excited, he gets to use his umbrella today! I know, I have weird kids. Looks like he gets to use it at pick up today as well. 

I tried a new recipe last night that was in my Pampered Chef Quick Cooker (pressure cooker). We have never had polenta and I wanted to give it a try. I could not find the instant that the recipe called for, so picked up the small bag of coarse cornmeal at Publix and hoped for the best. It turned out pretty good. 3 of 3 people that tried it said I could make it again... but I need to add salt and pepper and maybe use the beef bouillon in the fridge to add some extra flavor to the broth. The polenta really didn't have much flavor, despite adding butter and parmesan cheese at the end. I think that needed a little salt before putting it into the pressure cooker as well.  I was pretty excited to finally use the ceramic insert for the polenta! Maybe I'll try the cheesecake recipe this weekend?

The dog is just staring at me... wanting to know why I am not taking him for his walk this morning. Silly boy, he doesn't like to go outside in the rain. Now, if that water comes from a hose or sprinkler - he is attacking the water. 

I have today off! Yea! I know Greg and I will pop over and see his Dad in rehab. It sounds like his attitude was better on Tuesday when Greg went from Sunday. If I get moving this morning.... I hope to get a bunch of things done today but we will see what happens. I'd like to do a little cleaning of the house... ok, not like, but need as I have been neglecting the vacuum and dusting lately. I also need to put out my fall things! In the sewing room - I have a few split nines that need making - I know a set of 4 yellows and 2 sets of the aqua. I'm not sure what I will be doing for the RSC for the light neutrals. Maybe I'll just toss some browns in this month and do black/grey next month? We will see. I'd also like to get a quilt pinned for machine quilting. 
I guess I better grab a shower and get dressed while there is a lull in the rain storms. Looks like we have another one coming in the next 30 minutes. Quick shower time! 

Edited... I did just fix the lamb. He had an opening on his neck that needed surgery to fix. He was happy, but is still pouting about no walk.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Mid week already?

 I finally got a few stitches put into the bear paw last night while watching the Lightning play their first game of the season on tv. 

Monday, I had the Aidan to guitar lesson so that meant I did errands in the 30 minute lesson. I managed to hit both PetCo and Sams. I was only 5 minutes late in picking him up. Note to self, when you just need butter at Sams, don't ask the hubby if they have a wish list! I picked 2 new toys for Bear at Petco and filled up the cat litter bucket. I got a squeaky ball and a big teddy bear. The ball was a hit and has not left his sight since I brought it home. He even takes it out back with him! Silly boy.

I had grabbed brussel sprouts and a butternut squash at Aldi's on Sunday. I had bacon in the fridge. Aidan and I love this dish so I made it for us. Greg was feeling puny Monday and Emily had late band practice so they stopped at Publix on the way home for their dinner. The recipe for this dish is here. Very quick and yummy. I just cut the squash into strips and bake it at 400 for 15 minutes or so with a little oil, salt and pepper.

I didn't take out the stew beef from the freezer Tuesday, so it was brats and bush's baked beans with a veggie salad for dinner. Tonight I'm going to play with my insta pot and try their recipe for beef stew with polenta. We have never had polenta, so we will see how it turns out!

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Sisters retreat weekend.

I spent Friday evening through Sunday morning at Girl Scout Camp Wildwood in Florida with some amazing girl scout adults! All of them give so much of themselves to empower our daughters to be themselves, try new adventures and become some amazing women. 

I did not take many photo's. This is where I stayed on the property in Gater house. This is the common area with an under cover area and the attached screened in room with tables. There is a room in back with a couple of fridges.

The inside of the cabin. Sleeps 8 - 4 on this side of the room and the same set up on the other side. 


We had a Mom just fly in from Palestine last week and she brought this to share. It was amazing!

Opening ceremony and special shout out to Gold Award Kam, who is graduating this year. She has been the camp photographer for the last few years.

I rescued this little guy, I had him climb onto a branch and relocated him out of a high traffic area leading into Costello lodge where we eat.

This Stick bug was in the screened in area this morning when I was doing my capers of sweeping the floors. If this was on a branch, I doubt I would see it. Would you?


It was so nice to finally get home (I was packed up and done my capers by 7:30.... we did not get cleared to leave the area until close to 10! But, I got coffee on the way home and a shower and I am feeling human again! Today, I am meeting up with someone and offloading 2 twin beds out of the house. I'm attempting to downsize a bit of all the extra stuff hanging out in the house. Aidan has a F1 race this afternoon and I know I need to get a few groceries for kids lunches this week. Emily is still sleeping - the girl has been busy and has had pick up at school close to midnight the last 2 nights. An away football game and then a marching band competition yesterday. She catches up on sleep on Sundays. 
I'll be adding some stitches into the bear paw at some point today.... or maybe I'll just sit and relax! 

Good news - both Dads are out of the hospital. Mine is home, and hubby's finally got released to a rehab facility late yesterday. It is not the one close to us, but at this point we are happy he is out of the hospital.