Monday, July 4, 2022

RSC Squares is officially finished.

 I finished hand stitching the binding last night. I was enjoying stitching on the screened in porch listening to the loons call each other until the light went away. 

All of my siblings will be coming over today (4 of them) for burgers and dogs on the grill and to visit. It looks like it will be in the low 70's so I don't think anyone will be going into the chilly lake today. 

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday in Vermont.

I am really enjoying the 70's with no humidity in Vermont. Much better than feels like 100+. We are spending lots of time outside and in the fresh air. We do love the screened in porch overlooking the lake. My parents have owned this property since 1964 and I always spent my summers here growing up. We got done school and moved out here (45 minutes from our home) and then moved back right before school started in the fall. Lots of great memories have been made here and I'm so glad my kids can enjoy it as well.

I think I started this blue knitted dish cloth at an Encampment with girl scouts in October. Emily has added some stitches to it in various places. It was stuck in my backpack for a long time and then was in the back of the car. It finally got finished Friday. I also added a granny square that I was crocheting on the new swing with canopy out by the driveway looking down at the water. Very peaceful.

Aidan has a F1 race this morning and maybe I'll get some stitches in on the binding of this quilt. It seems people take it to cover their legs and snuggle up in whenever I want to work on it! Linking up with Kathy and the other slow stitchers.

I have our meals planned for the day and the kids and I might try to scale the mountain this afternoon.  I think Mom likes the break and having meals just planned and made and presented! Steak on the grill with baked potato and green beans. It was to get cooler tonight, so I planned potato leek soup. Tomorrow is lots of siblings and family coming over for dogs and burgers on the grill with lots of salads. Maybe 17? It will be good to see all my siblings and some of the nieces and nephews. 


Saturday, July 2, 2022

RSC in purple.

 I guessed and made a garden path block in purple at the end of last month. Here it is with the last dark blue one.

Emily got her maple creemee last night and is a happy camper. Creemee is soft serve in Vermont.
The kids did a little fishing and after dinner we did a kayak paddle. Enjoying our time up in Vermont.

Linking up with the RSC

Friday, July 1, 2022

Summer 2022 UFO Challenge.

It's that time of the quarter - to post the UFO list for the Challenge. I only got one finish from the list last quarter. I hope to be more productive this quarter.

 Block Collections.

1.) I know I have at least one more cut and in a baggie somewhere to fill that open spot for a 7x6 setting. These are hand pieced.... and might need a little fixing along the way.

 2.) Hexagon flowers on a black background. These are a stack of blocks I hand pieced a few years ago then hand appliqued to the black background a couple years after that!  Not sure if they will become one or two quilts....

3.) Crumb blocks.... might these end up in a quilt? Or the start of some baskets?

4.) Sweet Confetti blocks - I have 96 of these made.... need to be put together and quilted.

5.) Midget Applique quilt from Sentimental Stitches. I need to add more flowers and leaves and the vines... and the bottom yellow border. This one is completely hand pieced.

6.) Ella Maria Deacon blocks - make a few more and finish them off into a top. I believe I was making these by hand. Patterns from Sentimental Stitches.

7.) Purple applique hearts... need to figure out how they want to be set.

8.)  this quilt that has been an on and off, leader and ender for years. My scrappy irish chain. I believe I had a bucket of 2 inch squares next to my sewing machine for a while and would make sets, and rows and blocks in between sewing other things. I think it wants to get competed.

9.) Midget block collection - I started these in Vermont in 2010! I have a light blue for sashing.

10.) Civil War Blocks

****11.) Endless Diamond Blocks - Currently in the hoop being hand quilted! 4 blocks to go!

12.) Birds in the Air block collection

13.) Harmony - hand pieced project started March 2021- one 28 inch block completed - 3 to go.

14.) Cat and mouse is on the frame in process of hand quilting but has been sadly neglected.

15.) Erin's Butterfly ( I just didn't want to renumber things so throwing this one on here!) I made the wings in 2021. This year hope to applique to the background and add the body and antennea. Also need to add one  more set of wings... thinking 9 is a nice number?

16) This one stayed on the list - needs quilting. Vermont Quilt Festival Booth Hop from either 2008 or 2009. I have backing for this and it is 71x71.

17.) Green Tumblers - a hand pieced top. 

18.) Hoarfrost - top is done will it get quilted this year? **Snowflake gray backing

19.) Baby Bear Paw quilt top ** Made back from a class in 1999 I think from Yankee Pride. ** Polka dot backing

20.) Trip around the World - 2 inches hand pieced.

21.) Y2K Joann's BOM - quilt top

22.) Tumbler flag - this did not come out how I imagined.... It might get reinvented after taking parts out. We will see. **Suggestion to make it wider. 

23.) 1857 Quilt Along Top

24.) Spring Hexagons - not sure if this wants to be bigger or not.... 

25.) FCQG baby quilt challenge. 40x48 have a backing for this. ***Polka dot backing

26.) Triple Irish Chain - green. 80x80 I think. I did find both fabrics extra with it... Might need a green or cream border first or both... Made in the early 2000's.

27.) Garden Path blocks - a few more got added last quarter. missing purple, orange and light green.

28.) RSC 2021 quilt squares Just needs 3 sides of the binding hand stitched.

29.) Full Stop Sew along.... 2021 . Re thinking this one - might eliminate some of the white space.

30) extra strips from a quilt that might become a mini 'coin' type quilt? Or placemats?

We arrived Wednesday night.

 I did a bit of recovering yesterday and relaxed after 3 days of driving. 

Aidan and I tried Philly Cheesesteaks while in Philly. Some snaps from Philly - Independence Hall area, Liberty Bell and we did see the first supreme court (6 justices) and the original House and Senate areas before they moved to Washington DC after 10 years in Philly. 

It was too close to closing time when we were getting to Albany (Aidan wanted to see the state house and a museum there but 30 minutes was not enough time)... and they didn't want to wait the night and morning so we headed directly to camp and bypassed the Fort and Horse Museum. Might hit the horse museum next Thursday.
The kids got put to work right off Thursday morning - there was a tree down in the woods and Grandpa had been working at cutting it into big movable chunks. The kids loaded them into the wheelbarrow and lugged them down to the woodpile, then split them and stacked them. 

We did a 4PM boat ride around the lake after Mom and I got back from grocery shopping. After dinner - the kids wanted to drive and try docking the boat. It was really calm and both did a great job. We got to see the Loon as well, here she is right in front of the camp.

Seems if she is driving a boat, she will give a big smile with dimples! 

Aidan smiles bit as well!

I guess I'll have to grab a photo with the kids and Grammy and Grandpa sometime today too. I like these temps a whole lot better than Florida temps!

Might the hand work bag get opened today? I still have binding to stitch down, but that quilt has been on Mom's lap the last 2 nights! Already in use =). My sister Terri is coming out today so I'd better think about getting dressed.