Thursday, December 1, 2022


 I am really not sure where the week has gone. No stitching so far. Hubby must have had a flu bug since Friday as he has been zero energy and sleeping a lot. He is finally feeling a little better the last 2 days. That has left me to do all the running, and there has been a lot of running. 

Before I get into that, lets take a little look at what I will work on shortly. 

The top and the pink fabric needs pressing and cutting for a border on the 16 patch stars. Look who is ignoring his name and won't turn around for a photo! Peanut.

Fine Mom, I'll turn around for a photo if you'll stop telling me to turn around! Oh, the green monster needs a sewing fix so it can go back to the dog.

 First I need to relocate Peanut and get both the top and the fabric pressed. This one will go to a girl scout I know, asked for by her Mom. It will be appreciated by both of them so, this one needs to get finished off ASAP. It did not get finished in November, but I am hopeful for December!

Feel free to stop reading here... just my crazy week to tire you out!

Monday was crazy - 2 pick up times for the kids and both had something in the evening at different locations. I decided Em could use the home time for a night and took Aidan to guitar... and scouts ended up being cancelled at the last minute when I told them I was not able to go. So, I was pretty much in the car from 3PM when I got off work until 8PM that night. Tuesday was lots of meetings at work, normal pickup with tacos for dinner and then Emily wanted to bake off the sugar cookie dough I made Sunday. A quick run out to get gas in the car ($2.87 a gallon!) and some produce from Aldi's. Wow... the price of things keeps rising like crazy!

Wednesday was a late pickup for both, and I decided to work the extra hour since this pay period has very little hours worked with the holiday last week. The disadvantage of being an hourly worker... you don't get holidays or vacation. Picked up the kids and hubby was kind enough to pop dinner in the oven for me so it was ready 3 minutes after we got home. 

Thursday - technically my day off. It was a 2 kid drop off this morning and thank goodness hubby is better since he takes the early one - leaving the house at 7:05. I got the later leave at 8:15. Then a quick walk for the dog who has not had a good walk in a week, and a quick shower. Then off to horses to ride Prism for my 30 minute workout. I am going to feel my inner thighs' tomorrow from all the trotting and posting. A stop to grab a prescription and then home. We had to return something to Lowes and hubby needed lifting help. We ordered a new toilet that came in 2 sections. There are cracks in the porcelain one the boys installed about 5 years ago. No leaking though, thank goodness. The top part arrived fine early last week. The second part, arrived in pieces! We called and they sent another one.... to our old address in Vermont from 12 years ago! I'll bet they were surprised with that box! Another call and we had them ship it to the store for pickup and it was retrieved today and no jingling when we moved the box so it should be in one piece. We picked up subs from Publix on the way home for our late lunch, and some chicken for dinner since the kids are a late pickup with Emily's band practice for the concert next Tuesday and Aidan is working some volunteer hours at the middle school. Tomorrow, she has marching band practice for a couple of hours after school, so it will be a 2 kid pickup. 

This weekend might do me in, but we will hope for the best. I had agreed to be the second adult for the troop at the Drive in Campout Saturday night to Sunday morning. It is a fun event and we have been to every one so far. There are close to 600 girl scouts attending the event for movie watching on the big screen, smores at the bonfire, camping out in tents and generally having a good time. Sunday at noon, Emily has a parade for the band that is part of her grade. I might have said I could chaperone it and walk the route with them since she was having issues getting volunteers. I know, I'm nuts. So... if you don't hear from me until next weekend.... I'm still recovering from this coming weekend! When I agreed to the drive in, I was thinking the parade was Saturday from 12-4, not Sunday 12-4. Must check dates closer next time!


Chris said...

That is too funny about the toilet showing up at your old Vermont address. I am planning to go to the Vermont Quilt Festival in June, I need a new toilet too.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how funny about the toilet!! that is crazy. I love your quilt on the wall it turned out perfect

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have definitely had a crazy week! This time of year there's always something. I love that star quilt - it will be a beautiful gift!