Endless Diamond

Since people have been asking whenever I post progress on this I figured I'd post the information on it here.

This photo popped up in my facebook memories today September 9, 2020 from 2015! This was the original quilt that I saw and fell in love with the pattern. 

This was my original attempt at drawing the block. I still have this piece of paper!

 I did a little searching to try and find it and found something similar called the Endless Chain from Barbara Brackman's research.

It has that part but on the one I saw it also had some 'kite' or diamond parts in the middle and sides. 'Endless Diamonds' maybe? My lazy draft. I used M8 from Judy Martin's book for my kite parts (C) in the photo.

The parts all cut out and marked on the back for hand stitching. Now to see if they go together!

 Mine is drafted based on a photo I saw online but there is a pattern called Grandmothers Prize in a book called Great Scrap Bag Quilts 1980 by Jan Halgrimson. I got my book second hand from an on-line book store. My blocks are 12 inches. 

Jen Kingwell has templates for the block she called "Drops of Jupiter" 2017 as well.  I noticed my join star pieces are thinner than the other 2.

Here are some links on tips for hand piecing.



Jeri said...

Thank you so much.....this will be one of my scrap buster quilts.

M L said...

I just found the book via Amazon, for more quilt dreaming

M L said...

I was able to find a used copy of this book. This is a great pattern and there are many amazing block pattern choices to tempt me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.