Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn is here!

And the very cold to freezing temps prove it! I've actually been able to get some sewing time in this month around the kids naps and occasionally in the late evenings after they are both in bed.
I did pretty well with my challenge to work on my UFO of leaf blocks I started quite a few years ago. I got the final 2 blocks made and all 7 connector blocks... which are made up of lots of 2.5 inch squares - each a different fabric. I just finished putting the rows together this evening so the 'middle' is completed. Now I need to figure out what I want to do for borders... but that will be sometime next year. I'm thinking something like a split triangle for one border but need to think about it. I think I will use this as a practice hand quilting next fall but we'll see.

I also started a scrap quilt for my Mom and Dad. I will mostly be using my existing blue stash of fabrics to create a 'Lady of the Lake' quilt. This will be for their bed at their camp on the lake in the summers. I have 3 more blocks ready to assemble and about 3 more cut out and ready to sew into triangles. I would like to have this finished for next June... but reality will probably be the following year.

Quilt Guild started this month and there is a block a month themed in the 400th Anniversary of Samuel D Champlain discovering Lake Champlain. This is our local monster 'Champ'. It was designed by a member of the guild. I didn't have fusible web when I was making it, so I just need to hand stitch down the green 'island' and remove the white basting thread. There are 2 blocks for October - a dragonfly and a loon... I hope to get those done in the next week!

I have also signed up for a fall mystery quilt - a queen size starting Oct 3... I am debating about getting out of this ($28 in so far - but no fabric purchased yet) but am still wavering on it. We'll see how the week goes first. I just worry I won't be able to get the sewing done in the 2 weeks between the classes.....
At the end of the month, I will be doing an all day class with Sharon Schamber on how to do free motion fans without marking. That is my early bday present to me - a full day 9-4 of sewing and no kids in sight!
Ok, its getting late so need to get some sleep in case someone wakes up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle since she went to bed early - 7:30 tonight. Oh - I felt a top tooth poke through today for Emily and Aidan is still working on getting that first molar through.
Happy quilting all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I got all 7 'connector' blocks done already! They are 5x5 of 2.5 inch squares and they are all done! Now I just need to connect them with the leaf blocks and see how it looks. Then it will be border decision time. I just love making progress on a project.
I've decided to work at a blue scrap quilt in the 'lady of the lake' pattern. I figure if I can do 1-2 blocks a week I should have a bunch ready to make a quilt for my parents for their bed at camp for next summer. I am thinking it might be an Anniversary present if I can get it done by June 15 next summer. I measured their bed yesterday and a 80x80 should do the trick. It is a pattern I've always loved and Mom mentioned something in blues... which I have a ton of as they are my favorite color. I got the cream this weekend, just need to wash and iron it.

Emily has been sleeping better... from 8:30-9PM until 5:45-6, so not too bad. Aidan had a touch of something again on Friday.. just as we got to the fair he fell ill. So, we were there a little over an hour and then headed home to get him to bed. They both turned this weekend - Emily was 5 months yesterday and Aidan was 19 months on Sunday. He had his 18 month doctor appt. today and he is doing great. just under 30 pounds and 34.5 inches tall!
Pictures next time I promise!
Happy quilting

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall weather finally!

Well, I started writing this last week but never got it posted so I'll start again.
Summer has flown by...especially since we only had about 3 weeks of it! I did manage to get a few things done despite having two little ones who keep me busy.

I completed the top for my 'charity' quilt which started as a UFO block from my stash. I'm not crazy about how it came out... a little busy for me but it is for my guild's charity quilts so hopefully someone will appreciate it.

I also made a few pillow covers for my Mom - no pictures as I did them at 8AM and then packed the car to head to their house shortly after that. Mom had requested something 17 1/2x17 1/2 to cover some 'yucky' pillows that are on the couch at camp. Dad must have liked them because they were in the camp less than 3 minutes and he had them on the pillows already.

All my leaf blocks from an old BOM quilt were completed in August. I have also cut and laid out the 2.5 inch squares that will make the rest of the blocks for the quilt. I am hoping to get those sewn together in September.

Well, I was just reading Andrea's blog and she had a wonderful idea - each month take out a UFO and work on it... not necessarily complete it but make some progress on it. I LOVE this idea as I don't get as much sewing time as I'd like and this will allow me to make some progress without the 'finish' stress! So, September will be my fall leaves UFO from above. We'll see how I do.

News... I signed up for a fall mystery quilt at my local quilt shop. It starts in October and I decided to make a queen size this time and hopefully it will eventually find a home on our bed. Just waiting for her to select the fabrics she'll use in each colorway to determine which one I go with.

The kids are growing and doing all kinds of new things. Emily rolled over from back to front last Monday. She has also slept a solid 11 hours at night the last 3-4 days (I really hope I did not jinx that!.. Alas I did jinx myself and had very little sleep last night!) Aidan is still inquisitive and into everything like a little boy should be... just need him to stop taking things off the kitchen counter! He's all recovered from a stomach bug last week (milk + an 18 month old with a tummy ache = lots of steam cleaning of rugs and the couch!)
Summer is winding down and we'll take a couple of days at the local fair this week - once with my parents and once with Daddy. I have a feeling Aidan will just love the animals!
Until next time.... happy quilting all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August already!

Some progress has been made! All the leaf blocks are completed. Just need to work on the other blocks for the top.
I have made a total of 12 monkey wrench blocks, have the sashes and cornerstones cut and mostly put together. Just need to sew the rows together then figure out borders! This will be a charity quilt for my guild... thinking a lap size.
I decided to buy a kit called 'Twilight storm at sea' from connecting threads. It is a pattern that I've wanted to do and should be small enough that I can finish it this year... I hope!
Kids are growing... will be 18 months and 4 months later this week! Time does fly when you are having fun! Since I don't have quilty pictures..... here are the kids last week at Grammy and Grandpa's camp.
Aidan in the turtle sandbox...

Emily in her rocking chair on the porch.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 blocks done!

I was able to get some sewing done yesterday. I have officially 'moved' my sewing stuff into the basement. Just need to get my comfy chair and stereo down there now. Since both kids were down for the night a little after 7 (well, Emily got up a bit after 8 but Daddy was handling her) I got some sewing time in!
I made a blue monkey wrench block.... since I had found one as a UFO in my 'unfinished' box. I think I'll make a total of 12 and make a little quilt out of them. This will probably be donated to my guild charity quilts.

this is the one I did yesterday... a little busy on the fabric..

I also found a maple leaf quilt that I had started quite a few years ago as a $5 block quilt at my local LQS. It will finish as a lap quilt I believe. It came as 6 - 12 inch blocks in various colors. I did get the finishing kit which contains 2 more leaf block fabrics and fabrics for the offset blocks. I did a red leaf last night... sorry it is upside down!

then started a yellow one. Unfortunately I missed the cutting down of the fabrics on the second one (missed that step.. guess I was paying more attention to a crying baby upstairs!) and once I realized that I stopped. So, I think I can 'salvage' my boo boo. We'll see how that goes - hopefully this evening if both kids are behaving.

We woke up this morning to a crying and screaming boy.... this has never happened before. He just wanted to be cuddled so something is hurting but we don't know what. I assume it is teeth.. since at almost 17 months old (next week!) he only has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. I have a feeling he has a slew of them coming in since he should have 20 teeth by the time he turns 2.
At least Miss Emily is a much happier baby now... hasn't really been colic/fussy the last few weeks. Just fusses right before she falls asleep for a few minutes at night. Much better than it was. Here she was a couple of days ago.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A finish!

Well, I finally got the fabric nursery rhyme book finished.... almost, just need to sew one seam to attach them all but will do that tonight. It came out pretty cute. Will try to get a picture of it later. I was hand sewing the openings closed last night around 9:30 while Emily was laying on the floor under her gym... wide awake.
I'll probably cut up some kids fabric for a quick charity quilt next.. something easy so I can just do 10-15 minutes of non-thinking sewing occasionally.

I also got all my bulbs and annual flowers into the ground finally, DH planted the two trees for the kids (black cherry ornamental for Aidan and Hazlenut for Emily) and I got the garden finished last Tuesday. Things are popping up... will need to go investigate with Aidan later today. I also got the 6 blueberry bushes planted, the asparagus and 2 rhubarb plants. In a few years the yards should look great!
This is one of the front beds, before it was expanded two rotatiller widths all around. I've added some annuals and bulbs - hosta, lilies, wave petunia's, etc in the new areas.

I also got a cute knitting pattern for a blanket that I'll attempt to make this summer... if Emily ever decides to go to bed at a normal hour so I can have some time in the evenings to relax with it. We'll see. A friend made a cute baby blanket for Emily with the pattern in a pretty varigated yarn... I'm planning to make it with a deep pink soft yarn.
Here is Aidan....

And Miss Emily waving!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ahhhh... finally 2 kids sleeping!
I took Andrea's advise and 'petted' some fabric! I do have some in the nursery so every time I change someone's diaper I get to see it! I have a guild meeting on Wednesday but doubt I'll be going this month. Emily is fussy in the evenings so don't want to leave Daddy with 2 kids at night after working all day. Next month maybe.
My parents were able to come up Friday afternoon for a visit...and I was able to get outside and plant some of the many bulbs/flowers I had ordered. They had been sitting in the garage for 3 weeks...and really needed to get into the ground. Aidan was napping all afternoon so they were just watching Emily for me. Mom came down with shingles around the time Emily was born (wasn't that a bit of a scare since they stayed with Aidan while I was in the hospital with Emily.... thank goodness she didn't get the scabs until after she had gone home!) So... neither kid got chicken pox from it -Aidan has had one of his shots for it already- but Mom has been in lots of pain so has not been able to come visit the kids. She has it on her face/mouth... the nerve that runs from the neck to the top of the head. Very painful and the meds she is taking are not touching the pain at all. Hopefully it will go away soon, as it's been about 6 weeks already.
Since I have no sewing pictures to show... here's the kids! Miss Emily a few days ago in her bunny outfit.

Sleeping on Grammy Friday afternoon. (Aren't they cute when they are sleeping!)

Aidan laying on the floor while Daddy was tickling him yesterday.

Ok, gotta go try to get a patch of land ready for the rhubarb and asparagus that really need to get planted ASAP. Someday soon I hope to visit people's blogs and actually leave comments! Until then, happy sewing/quilting everyone!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Here is Emily last night. She is doing well and growing like a weed. This is my second day alone with both kids... I'm surviving! The house is a mess and I didn't get my lunch until 1 (breakfast was around 7).... but that's better than nothing! Both kids are napping right now so figured I'd check my e-mail while I could. To add to the 'stress', on Friday my first day alone with both of them we got put on a boil water notice for a pipe line break. Real fun with a toddler who drinks water up the wazoo and a 3 week old that I had just switched to formula full time the night before. Ahhh.... the joys of life!
I have been thinking of my fabric for a couple of weeks but haven't managed to do anything yet...soon I hope! Will do the fabric book first, get my mystery quilt ready for quilting (did pick up the backing batik fabric last week) and then....hmmm I bought a teeter totter kit of blue and green batiks at our March guild meeting. Will get those fat quarters washed and ready for cutting sometime soon. I'll also cut some fabrics for charity quilts so they are ready to sew.. for those 10-15 minutes that I should be able to find in my day soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pictures of Emily

Here she is about 1 day old. We are back in the hospital for jaundice.. just like her big brother! She's currently sunning herself in the bili bed while Mommy gets some computer time (probably the last free time for a while!). Daddy is home with Aidan. We are both doing great and look forward to the nice weather outside so we can go for some short walks outside.... quite different from having a February baby in Vermont!
Have a great Easter/Passover weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emily Ann arrived 4-7-09!

My baby girl is here! She arrived yesterday afternoon at 5:54PM after about 3 hours of labor. We got to the hospital about 30 minutes before she was born so it was a very quick trip up to L&D. She's perfect! 7 pounds 14 ounces, 20 inches long and a full head of hair just like her big brother. She's pretty much been sleeping since she arrived so I'm sure today she'll be awake all day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April and still no baby! But..... I got a quilt top completed!

I got a bit of sewing time in yesterday while Aidan was taking a nice long afternoon nap. I got my Maya Wrap sewn.

I also finished my mystery quilt top last night! This was a 2008 Fall Mystery I took at Yankee Pride. I believe it is an original patten/instructions by the owner Judy. I chose to do the batiks in blues and greens.

Other than that... just waiting for a baby to decide she is ready to arrive. I'm ready to be done being pregnant... it feels like I have been pregnant for the last years... which I pretty much have been!

Monday, March 30, 2009

No baby yet... but some pics of blocks!

Well, it has been awhile since I posted. The month has gotten away from me but I have done a little sewing. I was able to get my blocks together on my mystery quilt, just need to sew the rows together then work on the pieced borders.

Here are 3 of the 5 rows for the lap quilt. I am not too happy with the green I chose but you never know with a mystery quilt. It will look very different once it is finished and I'm sure it will grow on me. Here is a picture of the finished quilt pattern:

I do like the pattern and may do another with different colors once I can get back to sewing again after the baby arrives and things settle down.

I have been doing other sewing things... I've made some more bibs for Aidan - Thomas the train and some Winnie the Pooh. I also made valances for his room in Thomas the train and some green ones for the guest room.I've also got some binding to hand sew down on another train panel to hang in Aidan's room... just need the swelling in my hands to go down so I can comfortably do that at night again! Little bits here and there!
Aidan has grown so much it's hard to believe he is almost 14 months old! He got his hair cut a few weeks ago and is now such a little boy! This was a pic of him a couple of hours ago right before he went down for a nap.

I'd better get to sewing those rows together before he wakes up.. it may be the last chance I have for a little while.
Baby is officially due tomorrow.... so we'll see when she actually decides to arrive.
Happy Quilting everyone.

Monday, March 2, 2009

quilting progress!

I got some sewing time in this weekend! I made a 2 sided little 16x16 quilt for my MIL. She wanted terra cotta color. I did the Ohio Star (she's from there originally) pattern and just a simple border. Just need to hand sew the binding down. The one with the green middle will be the 'top' but it can be used on either side.

I also made progress on my Mom's quilt. I just need to finish hand sewing one block down onto the quilt and then some hand quilting over my 'patches'
Yesterday I made 2 valances for our guest room. I've had the fabric for months and it was nice to get that done and have them put up.
The hanging sleeve is on the black and white quilt,so I just need to wash it then drop that off to someone from my guild and that is set for the April show.
That leaves me a couple of things to plug away on.... making a fabric book of nursery rhymes from a pre-printed panel and working on my 'mystery' quilt top.
Happy quilting everyone.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday!

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted. I have not been doing any sewing really, as I no longer have a sewing room. Aidan got moved into it last Sunday and the nursery is all set up for the baby girl. I've got lots of pink stuff hanging off the edge of her crib that still needs to get washed and put away though. So, I've pretty much been doing lots of cleaning and organizing to get that room ready for him.
The only thing I have done, is make one new block for my grandmothers quilt that I am fixing and finishing up the hand work on it. I did notice that I put one unit on backwards.... so I need to rip that seam out and redo it. Then I can just sew that block in and put the binding on, then maybe do a little hand quilting over the 'repairs'. My other 'goals' to get done in the next couple of weeks.... I need to create a hanging sleeve for my black and white quilt and get that info filled out so it can be hung in our guild's show in April. One of the ladies has kindly agreed to take it early and pick it up as the show is April 4+5.. and I have a feeling I might be a little busy with a newborn baby. Other than those two.. I'd love to plug away at finishing my mystery quilt from last fall and I bought a panel that will be made into a fabric book of nursery rhymes. If I don't get to the last 2, it's not a big deal. I'll get to them later this year I hope. I'm just at the point where I have absolutely no energy to do things...but that is to be expected. I was terribly tired the last month with Aidan... and I just sat at a desk all day. Now, I'm chasing after a very active 1 year old who is walking everywhere!
Ok, need to pop downstairs and swap the laundry while he is still napping.
Have a great day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Aidan is a big boy now. 1 years old!
With a gift he got this morning from his Grandma (his other Grammy (my Mom) is a huge Red Sox Fan!).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, it's been a week and not much accomplished. Came down with a cold that sapped my energy level (the little that I had being this pregnant!). Oh well, things will get done, when they get done! I did get a few hours of organizing in the 'sewing room' this weekend so that stuff is put away into my closet that I am keeping in there for my crafts. I kept out some projects to work on over the next 2 months. I put all my quilting books and magazines into the top of the other closet that will become Aidans... I figure it is unused space and that way I can get to it if I need a 'quick quilt looking fix' after the baby arrives. So, just need to pack up the rest of my books into boxes to get lugged into the basement along with the big computer that I never use anymore since I have my laptop now. Then DH can dismantle the two long tables in there and store them so I can steam vacuum the rugs.
Also getting ready for Aidan's first birthday party...he turns one on Friday! So hard to believe he is that old already...seems like just yesterday he was born. We'll have my family over on Sunday (21 of us total!) to do Feb niece turned 9 on Sunday the 1st and Aidan's is the 6th.... and my Mom's 70th is March 5th! My parents will be heading to Florida in a couple of weeks for a month so we'll surprise her by adding her's into Sundays gathering.
I've been putting off 'fixing' the quilt she gave me to repair last November.... and now want to get it done for Sunday. Lots of hand work to do... I am cheating a bit and will just cover the damaged material with new that goes with the quilt scrap colors. Hopefully it will turn out ok. I'll also add a new binding. Just need to remember to grab it once Aidan goes to bed at night so I can get it done this week. That and the ability to stay awake longer than 8:30-9 at night and I should be all set!
I did get another recieving blanket made yesterday and some squares cut and 'turned' so they are ready to be applied to the quilt. One more blanket to go and I'll be set with that project. Also got a cloth paneled book of nursery rhymes that I'd like to try and get together in the next 2 months. Then... there's my mystery quilt from last fall that I need to start piecing into blocks. No hurry on that, but maybe I'll get to it before baby arrives.
Ok, boy is napping and quiet so will go get a few cleaning things done and then try to get some sewing time in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend update

Well.... Saturday didn't go as planned but I got to sew pretty much all day Sunday until about 3:30..... and I got the black and white quilt pinned, quilted and the binding created and sewn on. I just need to hand sew that to the back but that can be done anytime. I also got one recieving blanket finished...two others are cut just need to sew around the edges.

and my picture 'helper' Miss Max...

Sunday night I went out to dinner with some friends for one of their birthdays. It was great to see them and catch up on everything that's happening with their families.
I think my sewing room will be converted this weekend to Aidans probably not much sewing this week as I pack up the room. We'll put the baby in the nursery room Aidan is currently is a smaller room 12x13. Aidan will get the 15x16 room and that will give us room to put more of his toys up there so that will also be a play area. I am thinking I may pop a little table into the nursery and plop the sewing machine onto it until the baby arrives...but we'll see how that goes. Between Aidans toys (how did we accumulate so much stuff.. I know I haven't bought much at all!) and the baby stuff we'll need to bring back out- swing, bouncy seat, mega saucer, etc.. I think he'll be playing in his room a little bit more this coming year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm here!

Just haven't had much time on the computer to check out quilting things lately. The time has just flown by.... and still so many things to do before the baby comes.
Last weekend was shot... we all got a stomach bug last Thursday night/Friday so that took care of the weekend! I had a little relapse yesterday but am much better today.
I did get a few things done. The charity quilt is completed. I missed the guild meeting last night though to turn it in. Will plan to go next month.

I got a cheater panel of trains for Aidan and put the binding on it this week. Just need to hand sew down the back.

I got the pink and green little quilt quilted and bound too. I did a loop de loop on this one and the charity quilt.

here is a close up of the quilting.

I hope to get the green pinwheel quilt pinned tomorrow so I can quilt it this weekend.
I also have a black/white and red quilt that the rows just need sewing together and that top will be completed. I hope to get that done this evening.
Hopefully I'll get another post in at the end of the weekend with the black and white and pinwheel quilts all done! We'll see how I do.
Have a great day everyone.