Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, it's been a week and not much accomplished. Came down with a cold that sapped my energy level (the little that I had being this pregnant!). Oh well, things will get done, when they get done! I did get a few hours of organizing in the 'sewing room' this weekend so that stuff is put away into my closet that I am keeping in there for my crafts. I kept out some projects to work on over the next 2 months. I put all my quilting books and magazines into the top of the other closet that will become Aidans... I figure it is unused space and that way I can get to it if I need a 'quick quilt looking fix' after the baby arrives. So, just need to pack up the rest of my books into boxes to get lugged into the basement along with the big computer that I never use anymore since I have my laptop now. Then DH can dismantle the two long tables in there and store them so I can steam vacuum the rugs.
Also getting ready for Aidan's first birthday party...he turns one on Friday! So hard to believe he is that old already...seems like just yesterday he was born. We'll have my family over on Sunday (21 of us total!) to do Feb birthdays....my niece turned 9 on Sunday the 1st and Aidan's is the 6th.... and my Mom's 70th is March 5th! My parents will be heading to Florida in a couple of weeks for a month so we'll surprise her by adding her's into Sundays gathering.
I've been putting off 'fixing' the quilt she gave me to repair last November.... and now want to get it done for Sunday. Lots of hand work to do... I am cheating a bit and will just cover the damaged material with new that goes with the quilt scrap colors. Hopefully it will turn out ok. I'll also add a new binding. Just need to remember to grab it once Aidan goes to bed at night so I can get it done this week. That and the ability to stay awake longer than 8:30-9 at night and I should be all set!
I did get another recieving blanket made yesterday and some squares cut and 'turned' so they are ready to be applied to the quilt. One more blanket to go and I'll be set with that project. Also got a cloth paneled book of nursery rhymes that I'd like to try and get together in the next 2 months. Then... there's my mystery quilt from last fall that I need to start piecing into blocks. No hurry on that, but maybe I'll get to it before baby arrives.
Ok, boy is napping and quiet so will go get a few cleaning things done and then try to get some sewing time in.

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