Friday, August 31, 2012

Quilt Square Along Reveal

This month was a catch up month for me. I am planning to do all of the blocks and put them into a quilt using the quilt as you go method and hand quilting each block. I'm using a big package of FQ's from the Kansas Troubles line that I got quite a few years ago. I am having so much fun using Lori Smith's patterns to make all these 12 inch blocks.

This month I made the second star block from the second pattern set.

I also made what I call the triangle block from the second pattern set.

Then I went back and did the applique block from the first pattern set.

Here is a picture of all my squares laid out on my dining room table- minus the applique block. Six have the hand quilting completed. One is in process and I have to prep the bottom three for their quilting still.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Applique progress.

I seem to be doing a lot of hand work this week. I have been working away on this applique block and working on the binding of the baby quilt. My goal is to have the block completed for the reveal on the 1st. I'd love to have the binding done and label on to gift this baby quilt this week as well. We'll see how I do. I do need to take out that red part of the flower and move it down a bit so it covers the stem. I also need to make the stem for the right side of the basket.... somehow that one did not get traced out.

Time to tidy up the house a bit before we head out to pick up the boy from school. He finally wanted to go today and was good getting in the car to go. His sister..... had a wee bit of a tantrum but we got him there on time. The teacher did say he was really smart and very well behaved in class. She did mention that he got all the sight words they learned right off after seeing them once. He was pretty proud last night spelling Mom, Dad, Yes, No and he already knew Aidan. I'm just waiting for him to come home and tell me these things in Spanish! He also mentioned they are teaching them some sign language as well. Quite a bit in the three hours he is there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

Today is #56 - Tulips. I got the embroidery thread on Wednesday night after work and was able to finish this one off on Thursday afternoon last week. It has been so long since I have done embroidery.... I really need to practice if there is another block that calls for it.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slow stitching Sunday

Sorry the picture came up on it's side. This is the applique block from the first pattern of the Quilt Square Along blocks by Lori Smith. So far, the leaves are sewn down. I need to prep the stems and then work through the rest of the parts. I forgot how much I enjoy doing applique.... once the prep part is done!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Bunting is quilted....

Remind me to NEVER use the varigated  pink and green thread when quilting ever again! Oh my goodness, whenever I moved to the left it broke. I am finally done and have it squared up and the binding sewn down to the top. I have lots of thread to work in and hide and then I can finish the binding. I figured I should prep some hand work.... just in case Issac decides to cause some problems around here. I just hope we don't lose power.... I have a fully stocked upright freezer.

I just did a loop and line all around the quilt. With all the breaks I just wanted it done. I use warm and natural batting so it doesn't need a lot of quilting. Hope you were able to get some quilting time in today.

Last Aqua Saturday

I was able to do another pinwheel this week so have two done for this month. I didn't have enough of this type of scrap to make the birds in the air this month. Hopefully we have a color next month that I have more of in the scrap bin. I'm a little worried orange might come up... which I don't have a lot of.

At the beginning of this month I had posted some goals..... I think I did pretty good. The quilting is holding me up. I had a perfect window to work on it yesterday while both were napping (first time that happened all week!) and just did not feel like it. So.... I worked on some applique while watching a couple of episodes of The Mentalist. I tend to tape shows and then watch them later.....I still have 3 of them to get through before the next season starts next month.

My goals for this month (so I can check in and see how I do!). * priority
1. Finish Aidan's quilt top * DONE!
2. Prep and quilt the log cabin and send to Colorado. ** pinned and binding made.
3. Make aqua pinwheel blocks * 2 Done
4. Make aqua birds in the air blocks * Not enough scraps to do this one.
5. Make 4 or 5 midget blocks * 
4 done
6. Make 1-3 Quilt Square Along Blocks (Applique from 1st batch, star, triangle) * 2 done. 1 in process.
7. Make some Sow along blocks... I am way behind!
8. Piece the pineapple blossom into a top.
9. Prep and quilt some of the tops - pineapple blossom, Aidan's, Pink X
10. Hand quilt the QSAB blocks - a little progress made here.
11. Start hand quilting the fireworks quilt from last Julys RSC.
12. Finish the baby quilt top and get it quilted.  * Top is DONE, quilting done - binding machine stitched on one side. Ready for hand finishing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slow stitching....

Tuesday was my first day of drop off for Aidan and having Emily to myself for the morning. Three hours goes by quickly but we did a bunch of things. I had her busy with paper, glue and yarn while I prepped some applique. A little stitching here and there and I have this much done on my midget block.

Since I can't seem to find my embroidery floss, I think I'll hit Joann's with the block and see if I can find something to match the green after work tonight. Then I can finish this one with the stems it calls for. It will look more like two tulips after that part is done.

I also traced out all the parts for the Quilt Square Along Block - the first pattern set with the applique. I had pieced all the other parts but had not done the applique yet. I cut most of them out yesterday during bath time with the kids. After waking up around 3AM... I decided to prep some of them so all the green leaves are set for stitching down.  Then I picked up the Kindle and was reading my current book - 'Wild Goose Chase'. I hope being up for the day so early does not make me too tired later when I get into work this afternoon. I see lots of coffee in my future - good thing Emmy has made me 2 cups already this morning.
Have a great sewing day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

Another tiny Tuesday. This one is #55 - The Airplane. It is paper pieced and went together very easily.
This will finish at 4.5 inches. I think I still need to do #52.... maybe next week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school...

On his way to his first day of pre-school. He was excited to go and did great.
Heading to his first day of school.
 I had to call him back to get a picture - he was running to go in! He had a great time today and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. He wants to make more friends, he got two new ones today.

Aidan and Emmy

Mom, Dad and Emmy went out to breakfast at IHop after dropping the boy off at 7:45. Then it was back home so I could head into work for the day. I get the drop off and pick up for the rest of this week and Daddy will have Mondays when I work. I hope it keeps going as smoothly as this morning.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I had cut out these fabrics a while ago and then was thinking they are not quite teal enough. Oh well, they remind me of the ocean in the Caribbean and were in part of the colorway of swatches Angela displayed a couple of weeks ago. I had used them to make some sailboats for Emily's quilt a few years ago. I'm calling it good enough! I might do another one to match it next week as these pinwheels will work into two quilts at the end of the year. Wow - In looking for that link I was back looking at pictures of my babies as babies. How did they grow up so fast?

I also was visiting blogs and saw a really neat quilt that Bonnie of found at an antique mall. I love this quilt and I think I can figure out how it is made based on the hand quilting. Her hint that it finishes 16 inches helped and I drew it up already on paper. I'll play around with some samples and I think this just might be a block a month for the rainbow scrap challenge next year! You will do this again next year won't you Angela? Please? Black as the cheddar and colors for the blue. What do you think? Anyone want to join me? Lots of time to think about it.

Go on over and see what others have done on this teal/aqua Saturday.

Now I think I may go try and work on that baby quilt again as I think I have the tension issues from last night all fixed.

Friday, August 17, 2012

FNSI results.

I was able to get some sewing in on Friday and finished the last 5 stars and put this 12 inch block together. This is from a sew along that Jo is hosting over at Jo's Country Junction. The reveals are on the first day of the month. This month it is our choice of the three remaining patterns from Lori Smith's pattern #4. I think I have now completed all of them except the one applique block. If I can get the last patterns applique block done in the next week I might be able to get that one done too! My fabrics are from the Kansas Trouble line. I really love the country look of them.

I also got a midget block done - #55 but that one is set to reveal on Tiny Tuesday. I found these over at Sentimental Stitches and 51-125 are still available for free here. I managed to copy down the first 50 before she took them off the website but they are still available in her store if you'd like to join in the midget fun.
I got a little quilting time in this evening but with some thread breaks I decided to call it a night. This is what I got done so far. Just some loops and lines on the baby quilt. I hope I can work on this a bit tomorrow and not have any thread breaking issues.

I am linking up for the first time to FNSI. I don't think it will be my last link up!
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Friday knitting and recap

After some grocery shopping with Miss Em and then bowling and lunch at the bowling alley (her choice!) we headed home and I finally got her down for a nap around 2PM. The boy arrived home around 4 so that gave me a little bit of time to get things done. Unfortunately, a bunch of that was picking up, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors. I did manage to get the log cabin top pinned and ready for quilting. I made binding for the log cabin and the baby quilt. Can you guess which is which in the picture? I also started on the QSBA stars since I didn't have a good span of time to start quilting. I have four of the nine done. The others are waiting in that little box. 
 A week ago I needed more dish cloths. I could not find a big ball of yarn for it but found lots of little ones....... so I got to use up some odds and ends of yarn and made this for my sink. I also made one in the green/cream variation and have another one started. I seem to be swapping my nights between knitting and hand quilting when I remember to take one of them out. I find it is helpful to have these in the living room and I can just pull them out when I have a few minutes here and there. The one below got started while supervising Em in her bath last night. I'll have to pull out the crochet hook soon too - Mom requested some more of the towels you hang over the bar on the stove and she is coming down next month. Plenty of time as those work up very quickly. Oh - showing my true Vermont colors with my favorite coffee mug this morning - Cabot cheese. My brother works there as a programmer and I've also done some consulting work for them back when I was working. I think I always have some cabot cheese in the fridge! If only I lived closer and my nieces could share all that Ben and Jerry's they get while working there this summer! Three of them work giving tours and they get 3 pints each day they work. Yup, my brothers freezer is fully stocked. 
Ok - time to get moving this morning. We have HIPPY lessons to do and then have a play date coming over around 10 for a couple of hours. Lets hope the storms hold off so they can run around outside for a bit.
Have a great Friday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not much progress....

I did have plans to prep a quilt for quilting and get it quilted. Well......... I got the baby quilt pinned for quilting but ran out of time to do any quilting.
On the boards

Pinned and ready for quilting.
I also have the backing and top ironed and on the boards with the batting cut and did start pinning the log cabin quilt as well yesterday. So just a little progress in the sewing room yesterday. I did manage to get my hair highlighted and get a pedicure before picking up the kids so something for me did get accomplished on my last kid free hours this summer. I think I can finish pinning the log cabin and get it off my table so I might be able to do some quilting this afternoon while the girl naps. I also need to make my binding for both of these quilts.

Today is girl day as the boy had an overnight with Grandma. So far she is waffling between going bowling and going in the pool. We do need to go get a few groceries so we'll see which she decides on in the next hour or two.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quilt Square Along Block done!

Saturday was a prep day for me. I was able to cut out the fabrics to make two of the QSAB blocks from Lori Smith's pattern #4. The star from last month is waiting patiently in it's container for me to get to it but this one was calling my name. I started it on Saturday and was able to finish it off yesterday during the afternoon. I really like the simpleness of this one. This block will finish at 12 inches and has 107 parts to it. Lots of seams in this little block. So far I am doing good on my goals. I think the next block will go together pretty easy with the stars and then I really need to prep for the applique from the first set of blocks. The outer parts are all pieced and waiting for me to do the applique center. Maybe I'll have time later today for that........ if I can get my quilts quilted on my last kid free day before school starts.
Come back tomorrow and see how much I got done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tiny Tuesday....

A bit late today but it is still Tuesday. I started this out on Saturday but then got sidetracked with some training for the store and making dinner. The last two days were working days for me. This morning we restarted the HIPPY lessons so it was a bit of catching up with M who brings the lessons to me each week and chatting about the summer off. Then it was bring the kids to their doctors across town to pick up the forms for Aidan to start school next week. His last physical and shot records were needed. Since we were there and I saw the sign about flu shots being in last week when I went to sign and request the forms (a real pain as they are 30 minutes away and would not fax them to me) ...... I had them get their flu shots today as well! They were both very brave and no crying. Em is acting a bit like it hurt but Aidan is a trooper with it not hurting at all. They got a special lunch treat of their choice - McD's for Em and Zaxby's for Aidan (they are across the street from each other) and back home to eat and settle down for naps. Well, one settled down for naps at least.
While Em napped.... I got to sew.
Here is my finished Midget for the week - #53 - Winged Square. This little block has 51 parts to it and will finish at 4.5 inches.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Canning day and Sea World

Tuesday we headed to the fruit stand after running some errands and I asked about canning tomatoes. For $10 I got a box and then had a long afternoon and evening of canning 21 jars of tomato! I got 14 pints and 7 of the 32 ounce jars. Perfect for the pantry. I just love the sound of the pop as the jars seal. The last 2 tomatoes were turned into a quick tomato soup for me that night.

Wednesday was a working day for me and then yesterday was Sea World with the kids and Grandma. It was HOT! I don't think I will ever take them again in the summer. The kids did great but Mommy got a bit too much sun and a possible heat stoke incident on the way home. Good thing Grandma was there and could take over driving to her house..... so I could lay down for an hour or so before continuing home. Lots of water and sleep and I am feeling much better. The kids did great and got to see and feel sting rays, dolphins, Shamu the shark, turtles and beautiful colored fish, macaws, a few rides and some time in the huge play area with nets and tunnels. This was nerve racking for me..... multiple entrances and very hard to keep track of your kids. All in all it was a great day and we hope to go back in October when it is cooler for their Spooktackular events and maybe around Christmastime for the holiday shows. We didn't get to see everything but there will be other trips.

Emmy with the turtle

Shamu - we were walking by right at 1PM when the show started!

Grandma and kids watching Shamu

And the band plays! End of the day and look at those red faces.
Can you tell I really liked the turtle?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

Saturday I was in the mood to piece and not foundation paper piece, so I skipped #53 and went on to #54 - Maple Leaf. This block is 5 inches and was pretty easy to work through. I have printed out the next set of blocks up to 60 and there is quite a variety in the next few weeks. I can tell I have to really do some prep work in the near future for some of the applique blocks.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hand work Sunday....

After finishing the baptist fans earlier this week while waiting for the car, I have now moved onto the anvil block and hope to get some stitching time in this evening.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another top completed!

Can you tell I am avoiding housework and paperwork?

I got the baby quilt top completed.

Then I noticed that Sophie got it with her nail while I was pressing it. 

She was under the ironing board 'playing' with it as it moved. I guess I need to unstitch that square and figure out how to put a new one in there.

I also got a midget block done for Tuesday since I work the next two days. So.... next on the list to do is make 2 backings so I can prep the log cabin and this baby quilt for quilting sometime in the next week.

A completed top!!!!!

 Woo Hoo! The kids were painting in the play room so I stole away to the sewing room and was able to get Aidan's top completed this morning. He already informed me he will use it to cover him when he is resting this afternoon! I think it is time to throw the kids in the pool and get them tired out before lunch and naps.

Still working blue.....

But I am making some progress on Aidan's quilt. The letters are all sized and I am just adding blue to make them to size of the borders. The middle part is all sewn together finally. I was originally thinking of putting white around to frame it but I have changed my mind. I don't think it will look how I want. I prefer the blue and will just add the letters to the borders and then measure to make sure it is to size. If not, it will get a little more blue on the outside but I think it should finish 82x60. Enough for a twin bed size! Getting the borders attached will be today's project during naps.... unless I can steal some sewing time while they play!

Yesterday the boy did not take a nap but was playing with my stampin up stamps and stamp pads next to me while I was sewing up his letters. He made a very colorful page which has been put in the mail to Vermont for Grammy R.

My goals for this month (so I can check in and see how I do!). * priority
1. Finish Aidan's quilt top * DONE!
2. Prep and quilt the log cabin and send to Colorado. **
3. Make aqua pinwheel blocks * Done
4. Make aqua birds in the air blocks *
5. Make 4 or 5 midget blocks * 3 done
6. Make 1-3 Quilt Square Along Blocks (Applique from 1st batch, star, triangle) * 2 done. 
7. Make some Sow along blocks... I am way behind!
8. Piece the pineapple blossom into a top.
9. Prep and quilt some of the tops - pineapple blossom, Aidan's, Pink X
10. Hand quilt the QSAB blocks
11. Start hand quilting the fireworks quilt from last Julys RSC.
12. Finish the baby quilt top and get it quilted.  * Top is DONE

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday recap...

A few days late but I got my quilt square along block completed this morning after a few frogging to fix a little boo boo.

I think it came out pretty good considering there are 206 pieces in this 12x12 block! Lots of seams so I'll have to really think how I'll hand quilt this one.

This is a shot of all the blocks I have made so far this year.....

 I went looking for the anvil one I knew was done but not quilted yet in this picture. And the backings. It will be all plaids and I'll try and keep them in the cream, brown, maroon, blue and green color way, pulling from my stash if possible. My top fabrics are from the Kansas Troubles line that I got at VQF about 4 or 5 years ago. The patterns are from Lori Smith and her Quilt Squares #4 pattern.

If you'd like to see more of the QSAB pictures head over to Jo's Country Junction and check out the linky party from Wednesday. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1 and no completed QSAB for me.

Bummer. I have it all laid out and ready to sew......

but I after dropping the kids off to Grandma I had to head to the store for an interview.... run some reports and then hit the bank. Then it was bring the car in for an oil change without an appointment. That took a couple of hours so I just headed to pick up one child from Grandma (the girls are having a sleep over) around the normal time of 4:30. Had to hit the grocery store on the way home for dinner and by the time dinner was done it was 7:30PM. So much for getting home around 1PM so I could sew up my block!

I did bring something with me and was able to get this QSAB finished with the hand quilting and then started knitting on a dish cloth... so something got done today while I sat waiting for the car for 2 hours.

Hopefully I can sneak in some sewing in the morning with the boy before doing some fun things  together before his sister arrives home at nap time.