Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Aqua Saturday

I was able to do another pinwheel this week so have two done for this month. I didn't have enough of this type of scrap to make the birds in the air this month. Hopefully we have a color next month that I have more of in the scrap bin. I'm a little worried orange might come up... which I don't have a lot of.

At the beginning of this month I had posted some goals..... I think I did pretty good. The quilting is holding me up. I had a perfect window to work on it yesterday while both were napping (first time that happened all week!) and just did not feel like it. So.... I worked on some applique while watching a couple of episodes of The Mentalist. I tend to tape shows and then watch them later.....I still have 3 of them to get through before the next season starts next month.

My goals for this month (so I can check in and see how I do!). * priority
1. Finish Aidan's quilt top * DONE!
2. Prep and quilt the log cabin and send to Colorado. ** pinned and binding made.
3. Make aqua pinwheel blocks * 2 Done
4. Make aqua birds in the air blocks * Not enough scraps to do this one.
5. Make 4 or 5 midget blocks * 
4 done
6. Make 1-3 Quilt Square Along Blocks (Applique from 1st batch, star, triangle) * 2 done. 1 in process.
7. Make some Sow along blocks... I am way behind!
8. Piece the pineapple blossom into a top.
9. Prep and quilt some of the tops - pineapple blossom, Aidan's, Pink X
10. Hand quilt the QSAB blocks - a little progress made here.
11. Start hand quilting the fireworks quilt from last Julys RSC.
12. Finish the baby quilt top and get it quilted.  * Top is DONE, quilting done - binding machine stitched on one side. Ready for hand finishing.


  1. Such pretty pinwheels!
    Do you need me to send you some orange!?!? I have TONS of it!

  2. Nice pinwheels! Its funny Im quite hoping orange does come up as for some unknown reason I do have some. Actually Im struggling to think of what outstanding colours we might get - so looking forward to September to find out!

  3. Great blocks. Such a pretty color.
    OMGosh, I am out of breath just thinking about your long ToDo list! Good luck with that.

  4. Great pin-wheels. To bad not enough left to do you birds. I love your bird blocks too. Good to have goals, I need to think about how much I should get done for Sept now that the holidays are over.

  5. Love your pin-wheels. Turquoise is such a pretty color. Calming.

  6. Great blocks. Too bad to hear you are low on orange. I am too, but it is sure to come up eventually:) Good luck with your "to do" list. I'm sure you will get most of it crossed off in no time.

  7. Lovely teal blocks.

    I have almost no orange at all but could make blue blocks for the rest of the year, I think!

  8. Whee - pinwheels! I was trying to puzzle out the block construction on those - it looks like there are two different pieced strips, plus the plain white. Is that correct? Ditto on the offer of orange fabric, I have LOTS!

  9. Very pretty blocks. Teal is such a rich color to work with. Looks like you've done pretty well on your goals for the month. Congrats on making some headway.