Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Applique progress.

I seem to be doing a lot of hand work this week. I have been working away on this applique block and working on the binding of the baby quilt. My goal is to have the block completed for the reveal on the 1st. I'd love to have the binding done and label on to gift this baby quilt this week as well. We'll see how I do. I do need to take out that red part of the flower and move it down a bit so it covers the stem. I also need to make the stem for the right side of the basket.... somehow that one did not get traced out.

Time to tidy up the house a bit before we head out to pick up the boy from school. He finally wanted to go today and was good getting in the car to go. His sister..... had a wee bit of a tantrum but we got him there on time. The teacher did say he was really smart and very well behaved in class. She did mention that he got all the sight words they learned right off after seeing them once. He was pretty proud last night spelling Mom, Dad, Yes, No and he already knew Aidan. I'm just waiting for him to come home and tell me these things in Spanish! He also mentioned they are teaching them some sign language as well. Quite a bit in the three hours he is there.


  1. Love those fabrics that you used in that applique block. I only recently started appliquing and find that I really enjoy it.

    Your little boy makes me smile. Sounds so much like the sameway my boys were when they started. Neither one of them like school but yet they make very good grades.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  2. Great applique block. Very nice colors.
    Instead of 'removing' the red flower, how about adding a "calais" below it to cover the stem instead? Could be either green to match stem, or red to match flower. Many Baltimore Album Blks are done this way. Just a thought...

  3. Your applique block is looking great! So glad Aidan in enjoying school. They really are sponges when they are young.