Saturday, August 18, 2012


I had cut out these fabrics a while ago and then was thinking they are not quite teal enough. Oh well, they remind me of the ocean in the Caribbean and were in part of the colorway of swatches Angela displayed a couple of weeks ago. I had used them to make some sailboats for Emily's quilt a few years ago. I'm calling it good enough! I might do another one to match it next week as these pinwheels will work into two quilts at the end of the year. Wow - In looking for that link I was back looking at pictures of my babies as babies. How did they grow up so fast?

I also was visiting blogs and saw a really neat quilt that Bonnie of found at an antique mall. I love this quilt and I think I can figure out how it is made based on the hand quilting. Her hint that it finishes 16 inches helped and I drew it up already on paper. I'll play around with some samples and I think this just might be a block a month for the rainbow scrap challenge next year! You will do this again next year won't you Angela? Please? Black as the cheddar and colors for the blue. What do you think? Anyone want to join me? Lots of time to think about it.

Go on over and see what others have done on this teal/aqua Saturday.

Now I think I may go try and work on that baby quilt again as I think I have the tension issues from last night all fixed.


  1. Most definitely teal. They do get big so fast! Enjoy every minute

  2. I like the colors in your block - I think they definitely fit this month's idea! And I like Bonnie's block, too, but not sure how I would want to incorporate it into a quilt. Sixteen inches is BIG!

  3. Great block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Your blog header is beautiful.

  4. Well Deb! you got a loud ooooooh! from me when I popped into your blog and saw your header! WOW!!
    Teal/Aqua OR Turquoise... yep your block definitely fits in with the colour theme for this month ;) and it looks so pretty!

    I often wonder where time has gone. My babies are now 25 and 22! LOL..

    That is a really neat quilt on Bonnie's blog. The block has a 4 by 4 grid so it should be more than possible to make it smaller. It could be 4", 6" 8" 10" 12".. LOL... and if you have EQ as I do then it would be easy to draw up.
    Plus I know a neat way to make those square in a geese patches ;) Next year did you say?

  5. Absolutely LOVE your block.
    Hope u r having a nice Sunday
    Cyn; -)
    who's still lol'ing at Elly's post. Too funny... but I'll probably join all of you!