Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slow stitching....

Tuesday was my first day of drop off for Aidan and having Emily to myself for the morning. Three hours goes by quickly but we did a bunch of things. I had her busy with paper, glue and yarn while I prepped some applique. A little stitching here and there and I have this much done on my midget block.

Since I can't seem to find my embroidery floss, I think I'll hit Joann's with the block and see if I can find something to match the green after work tonight. Then I can finish this one with the stems it calls for. It will look more like two tulips after that part is done.

I also traced out all the parts for the Quilt Square Along Block - the first pattern set with the applique. I had pieced all the other parts but had not done the applique yet. I cut most of them out yesterday during bath time with the kids. After waking up around 3AM... I decided to prep some of them so all the green leaves are set for stitching down.  Then I picked up the Kindle and was reading my current book - 'Wild Goose Chase'. I hope being up for the day so early does not make me too tired later when I get into work this afternoon. I see lots of coffee in my future - good thing Emmy has made me 2 cups already this morning.
Have a great sewing day.


  1. Great looking applique, the getting ready is always the hardest part.

  2. If you can't sleep, you might as well sew!

  3. Your block is coming along nicely. Hope you find the floss you are looking for.
    Have to tell ya: I absolutely LOVE the blocks in your blog-header. OMWord, very impressive!