Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall weather finally!

Well, I started writing this last week but never got it posted so I'll start again.
Summer has flown by...especially since we only had about 3 weeks of it! I did manage to get a few things done despite having two little ones who keep me busy.

I completed the top for my 'charity' quilt which started as a UFO block from my stash. I'm not crazy about how it came out... a little busy for me but it is for my guild's charity quilts so hopefully someone will appreciate it.

I also made a few pillow covers for my Mom - no pictures as I did them at 8AM and then packed the car to head to their house shortly after that. Mom had requested something 17 1/2x17 1/2 to cover some 'yucky' pillows that are on the couch at camp. Dad must have liked them because they were in the camp less than 3 minutes and he had them on the pillows already.

All my leaf blocks from an old BOM quilt were completed in August. I have also cut and laid out the 2.5 inch squares that will make the rest of the blocks for the quilt. I am hoping to get those sewn together in September.

Well, I was just reading Andrea's blog and she had a wonderful idea - each month take out a UFO and work on it... not necessarily complete it but make some progress on it. I LOVE this idea as I don't get as much sewing time as I'd like and this will allow me to make some progress without the 'finish' stress! So, September will be my fall leaves UFO from above. We'll see how I do.

News... I signed up for a fall mystery quilt at my local quilt shop. It starts in October and I decided to make a queen size this time and hopefully it will eventually find a home on our bed. Just waiting for her to select the fabrics she'll use in each colorway to determine which one I go with.

The kids are growing and doing all kinds of new things. Emily rolled over from back to front last Monday. She has also slept a solid 11 hours at night the last 3-4 days (I really hope I did not jinx that!.. Alas I did jinx myself and had very little sleep last night!) Aidan is still inquisitive and into everything like a little boy should be... just need him to stop taking things off the kitchen counter! He's all recovered from a stomach bug last week (milk + an 18 month old with a tummy ache = lots of steam cleaning of rugs and the couch!)
Summer is winding down and we'll take a couple of days at the local fair this week - once with my parents and once with Daddy. I have a feeling Aidan will just love the animals!
Until next time.... happy quilting all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August already!

Some progress has been made! All the leaf blocks are completed. Just need to work on the other blocks for the top.
I have made a total of 12 monkey wrench blocks, have the sashes and cornerstones cut and mostly put together. Just need to sew the rows together then figure out borders! This will be a charity quilt for my guild... thinking a lap size.
I decided to buy a kit called 'Twilight storm at sea' from connecting threads. It is a pattern that I've wanted to do and should be small enough that I can finish it this year... I hope!
Kids are growing... will be 18 months and 4 months later this week! Time does fly when you are having fun! Since I don't have quilty pictures..... here are the kids last week at Grammy and Grandpa's camp.
Aidan in the turtle sandbox...

Emily in her rocking chair on the porch.