Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Graduation quilt blocks....finished!

I decided I was in a mood to just sew the last week, so worked on assembling the YBR blocks in purple and yellow batiks for my neice K's quilt. I guess I should have read the directions through one more I cut the first 7 of 12 fat quarters wrong!!!! I got a bit creative yesteday and got enough finished for the quilt. There are a few block combinations not seen in normal YBR quilts but it will truly be unique! I think I got 37 blocks instead of the 40 it should make. I really only needed 35 for a setting of 5x7 with the 9.5 inch blocks. I just need to play with them a bit and see how they look before sewing them into a top.
Here is what they look like right now.

I hope to get back to midget block Thursdays tomorrow... assuming the girl sleeps ok for her nap... she's stuffed up and teething... not a good combo.
Happy quilting.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sailboat quilt.... nearly done!

This is the sailboat quilt that will belong to Miss Emily.

This is one of the sailboats, a small meander in the sky and some circle swirls in the water.

This is the border - circle loops

I just need to bury the threads and hand stitch the binding down... a good project for watching tv with tonight.

I had thought Thursdays would be my midget block day... but I'm not in the mood for paper piecing right now and that is the next block. I'll attempt it this weekend while the kids are napping.... hmmm... maybe I'll do two midget blocks this weekend.
I think I'm in the mood to just sew.... so will pull the cut fabric for YBR and start stitching that after I get a few things done around the house.

I've done quite a bit of sewing in the last 2 weeks... the cause is my son. He had a bit of an episode a week ago Monday - a possible slight seizure they think was related to a high fever. It was dinnertime and I almost had dinner ready and he was in the living room with Daddy when this happened. Our Pediatrician is less than 5 miles from us and he was still at his office so we were able to get him there within 15 minutes of it happening. We then went to the ER for some blood work which all came back fine and they sent us home after a couple of hours. He is fine now and was back to his normal self a few days later but I guess it is bothering me a bit and sewing is helping to keep me calm. He goes tomorrow for an EEG scan at the hospital to check his brain waves. I'm sure everything will turn out fine, but I know I'll feel a lot better tomorrow afternoon once the tests are completed. Please keep him in your prayers tomorrow.
Happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A project completed!!!!

I finished hand sewing down the binding on the charit quilt yesterday afternoon while the kids were napping. Feels good to have something completed.

Today I made my second midget block - Indian Star. I think it turned out good. I decided to go with the suggested colors this time and really like how the red and yellow play together. I may go back and redo the first block of Ohio Star... we'll see.

Next up - wash up the purple and yellow batiks for Kristin's graduation quilt and then pin the sailboat quilt so I can attempt to quilt that one this weekend during naps or after the kids are in bed. I also found 6 cat blocks from an internet swap back in the late 1990's... that might turn into a little wall hanging for my sewing room.... now where did I put them?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Midget Blocks have begun!

I managed to start my midget journey on Thursday and this is block number 1.

I also got some sewing time in on Saturday and Sunday and managed to get the charity quilt quilted and the binding sewn onto the top. I just need to hand stitch that down before the guild meeting next Wednesday. I did a star and loop all over the quilt.

Better go get a few things done while the kiddo's are sleeping.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long time with no post!

Time sure does fly when you have company! I spent one week (around kids sleeping time) painting my closet and then organizing the new shelves with my quilting things. The end was just a quick shove things in as I needed to clean up for my MIL's visit and she was staying in my sewing room. I still need to take time and finish pulling some things out and getting that settled to my likeing. Since that was going on..and MIL was in that room for a week not a lot of sewing time for me.

I did manage to put borders onto the sailboat quilt and need to get that pinned so it can be quilted. I also need to pin the charity quilt and get that done this month. I just had to do 'something' so grabbed 4 leaf blocks that I had done maybe 7 years ago... and turned them into this:

I just basted it on Sunday while everyone was napping and plan to start hand quilting this on the weekend.

I took out my guild BOM challenge from last year and needed to adjust about 4 blocks to make them 12x12 like the others... they turned into this:

The turtle just had the same fabric added to make it the right size so no picture of that one. I want to make a block with 2 kayaks on it and then another one to even out my numbers... I'm still playing with how I want to set this top.

I intend to start my midget blocks this week (hopefully tomorrow during naps) and plan to do at least 1 a week for a while. We'll see how that goes.

Better go pull up most of the garden while the sun it out today. I'm letting my zucchini go until it freezes this weekend... I've got 5 baby ones growing right now! Carrots will be pulled up this weekend too. Then everything will be tilled down for the winter.
Happy sewing.