Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long time with no post!

Time sure does fly when you have company! I spent one week (around kids sleeping time) painting my closet and then organizing the new shelves with my quilting things. The end was just a quick shove things in as I needed to clean up for my MIL's visit and she was staying in my sewing room. I still need to take time and finish pulling some things out and getting that settled to my likeing. Since that was going on..and MIL was in that room for a week not a lot of sewing time for me.

I did manage to put borders onto the sailboat quilt and need to get that pinned so it can be quilted. I also need to pin the charity quilt and get that done this month. I just had to do 'something' so grabbed 4 leaf blocks that I had done maybe 7 years ago... and turned them into this:

I just basted it on Sunday while everyone was napping and plan to start hand quilting this on the weekend.

I took out my guild BOM challenge from last year and needed to adjust about 4 blocks to make them 12x12 like the others... they turned into this:

The turtle just had the same fabric added to make it the right size so no picture of that one. I want to make a block with 2 kayaks on it and then another one to even out my numbers... I'm still playing with how I want to set this top.

I intend to start my midget blocks this week (hopefully tomorrow during naps) and plan to do at least 1 a week for a while. We'll see how that goes.

Better go pull up most of the garden while the sun it out today. I'm letting my zucchini go until it freezes this weekend... I've got 5 baby ones growing right now! Carrots will be pulled up this weekend too. Then everything will be tilled down for the winter.
Happy sewing.

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