Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing time this weekend!

I got time to sew this weekend. Everyone took naps Sat afternoon and instead of picking up and organizing my sewing room like I should have.... I decided I needed to sew. Ohhhh, I felt so much better after.

I had won the sailboat blocks at my guild meeting earlier this year and had 13 of them..... I made 2 more and will set them in a 3x5 pattern with the focus red star fabric as a little star for cornerstones. This will be a 'summer' quilt for AT, since he insists on being covered with his train and doggie quilts no matter how hot it is. I hope we can transition him to use this one in the summer instead.... but we'll see. Here are my 2 blocks.

Well shoot, they tipped sideways again. Arrrgghhh I hate when that happens.
Since everyone was still sleeping I decided to do the ferry boat block that I had not done from last November's BOM. I just need to do the lighthouse block from the June BOM and all my 'guild' blocks will be complete for my quilt. I do want to add some more blocks to make it mine... but need to figure out how I am going to do them. It involves drafting and I am not an artist. We'll see if I can guilt DH into drawing something up for me.... he seems to have a hidden talent based on his chalk drawings on the driveway with the kids!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What a whirlwind!

It has been a busy month. We have had an 18th birthday and 47th wedding anniversary, a HS graduation, 8th grade graduation in VT and DH's class reunion in Ohio. Yes, that involved a 15 hour car ride with a 2 year old and a 1 year old and a week in hotels. We survived (the adults!) and the kids did really well on the ride and adjusting to the suite. It was so nice to come home.... although I can't say I care for the heat wave we had last week.

No time in the sewing room, but I did make a couple of knitted dish cloths and went to knitting night with some of my old neighbors last Wednesday night. I think I'm going to attempt a little sweater for Emily. We'll see how it goes.

While in Ohio, I got away for a couple of hours (Thanks hubby for staying in the hotel with the kids while they napped!) and visited Stitches Quilt Shop. Jill had given me some shops in the area and a link to a shop hop. This is the one that seemed easiest for me to get to in the traffic and it was a wonderful little shop. I was able to pick some pretty batiks in purple and yellow for my next graduation quilt for my niece next year. I picked up the Yellow Brick Road pattern and think I will use this instead of the jewel box. Might do a scrappy jewel box sometime though....

I also visited a Hobby Lobby. Sort of like the Michaels/Joanns we have here. I just had to buy some things.... like this Thomas the Train flannel and the John Deere flannel for Aidan. I also got a pretty blue/purple swirl fabric that will be made into something for my Ohio visit memory. DH had a good idea on the way home (Why didn't he mention this before I went shopping?) to create a quilt block for each of the kids of places we go... and make it into a memory quilt when they are older. Guess I'll have to use my blue swirl fabric for that... or do photo transfer.