Monday, November 29, 2010

Midget block #3... and a few other things.

Well, I decided I can't wait so I made 3 more of the scrappy pinwheel blocks this weekend. I now have 20 and will put them together this week to form the top. I'll just need to add a border... but I'll pick that from the stash after I get the top together. I hope to get this one quilting in January. I'm going to have a hard time giving this one away I think.

I also made my kayak block as an extra block for my guild challenge quilt from last year. My kayak is red and G's is blue so that explains my color choices in this block. Now I just need to find a map of the state and get it into the size I need and then make my center block. I hope to get this quilt put together and quilted in December.

I finally finished my third midget block. I started this last Sunday and finished it yesterday afternoon while the kids napped. A 4.5 inch block with over 54 pieces.... what was I thinking? I have a feeling this project will take a back burner as I need to help kit up the awards blocks and do a few before the quilt show in April.

After holiday colds have hit. I seem to have a terrible head cold - day 2 and not much sleep last night from my cold. Emily threw up milk this morning all over the carpet (isn't that a lovely smell?) and I've been wiping three noses constantly today. Thank goodness they are both quiet and napping right now. Think I'll pull up the recliner, cover with a quilt and knit a bit while watching some of my NCIS LA shows that are lining up on the TiVo.

Friday, November 19, 2010


These are the 11 blocks that I won at my guild meeting last week.

These are the 7 that I made. I can't wait to see how this one will turn out. This is called Scrap Basket Surprise Pinwheel block by Kim Brackett.

I have a lot of the extra triangles from making this quilt that I think I'll square up and make into a little doll quilt for Em. Stay tuned to see how that venture turns out!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I had a feeling that since I really liked the BOM for my guild this month and had started to cut out scraps to make my own, that I would win the blocks this month. I had this feeling Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday while cutting out my scraps. Well, I went to the meeting last night and saw lots of beautiful quilts by Kim Diehl and guess who won the 11 blocks from our monthly challenge? Yup, it was meeeeeeee!

Thanks so much to the ladies who made the blocks this month. I'm looking forward to putting them together with a few of mine and making up a pretty scrap quilt. I will probably give this one away to either my friend Kelly as a raffle for next June's 'Lacing up for Cancer' walk or as a donation to the 'Friends of the library' in Milton next fall. They'll both get a quilt next year but I'll toss a coin to see who gets this one... assuming the kids will let it out of the house!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grad quilt top completed!

I was able to get the YBR top put together on Sunday afternoon while the kids were napping. It currently looks like this:

I saw a beautiful batik at the fabric store on Saturday that I am going to use for the backing of is a creamy background with pretty prints in it of purple, yellow and teals. I'll plan to quilt this one sometime next spring.

I also did a scrappy pinwheel block last week for my guild BOM and decided I really liked it so have been digging through my scrap box of fabrics and cutting out a bunch so that I can make a scrappy pinwheel quilt. The pattern is from a Kim Brackett book. I'll just work on that as I can. This is the one for my guild BOM.

I also did a scrappy 90x4 inch row for one of our guild charity quilts for next year. It is currently two 45x4 rows, I just need to combine them before friday.

The next goal is to finish that Cardinal quilt this month so it can be hanging up after Thanksgiving in the dining room. I need to machine stitch around the wings (never done this before so that is the hesitation I think) and then I am going to just machine quilt it instead of hand quilting it like I had planned.

I've also been gathering a bunch of 30's prints that I will use to make Emily her 'big girl' quilt for her twin bed that she'll get next spring. I plan to make a Judy Martin pattern - a log cabin with tulips in the light part. Her Daddy asked me to make her a quilt for her bed in 'girly' colors so that is what I came up with. I need to make a sample block sometime soon to make sure I can cut it with the rulers I have and have it come out correctly.....if not I'll be ordering her ruler to make the quilt.

Another possability is to do the new Bonnie Hunter 'Cotton' quilt mystery. I've saved off her last 2 but still haven't done one of hers... I am thinking this might be one that I do along with the clues but we'll see how the next few weeks go.

I also need to make my last 2 blocks for my guild BOM's from last year. I plan to make a block with 2 kayaks and then I think my 'center' block will be a state of vermont block. I'm thinking that in the middle with a plain blue border around that and then all the 12 inch blocks around that. That one needs to be done by March... so may bump up in the priority list.
Lots to do... so think I'll eat that last piece of birthday cake and then jump into the sewing room and get some things done.
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leaf wall hanging DONE!!!

I completed the leaf wall hanging on Friday night... good thing because it had a pumpkin jack o lantern backing! I decided to quickly machine quilt it and popped on a binding. I hand stitched it down Friday night while watching tv I think. Another UFO ticked off the list. It really feels good to get a few of these things completed!

I was playing with the purple YBR blocks Saturday afternoon and think I like the layout... just need to sew those together sometime. Now to get those kids napping at the same time again so Mommy can sew in the afternoon..............