Monday, November 29, 2010

Midget block #3... and a few other things.

Well, I decided I can't wait so I made 3 more of the scrappy pinwheel blocks this weekend. I now have 20 and will put them together this week to form the top. I'll just need to add a border... but I'll pick that from the stash after I get the top together. I hope to get this one quilting in January. I'm going to have a hard time giving this one away I think.

I also made my kayak block as an extra block for my guild challenge quilt from last year. My kayak is red and G's is blue so that explains my color choices in this block. Now I just need to find a map of the state and get it into the size I need and then make my center block. I hope to get this quilt put together and quilted in December.

I finally finished my third midget block. I started this last Sunday and finished it yesterday afternoon while the kids napped. A 4.5 inch block with over 54 pieces.... what was I thinking? I have a feeling this project will take a back burner as I need to help kit up the awards blocks and do a few before the quilt show in April.

After holiday colds have hit. I seem to have a terrible head cold - day 2 and not much sleep last night from my cold. Emily threw up milk this morning all over the carpet (isn't that a lovely smell?) and I've been wiping three noses constantly today. Thank goodness they are both quiet and napping right now. Think I'll pull up the recliner, cover with a quilt and knit a bit while watching some of my NCIS LA shows that are lining up on the TiVo.


scraphappy said...

Your midget block is highly adorable. They don't all take as long as this one to finish. Some of them go together super quick. I hope you keep going.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

All of your blocks look great!! I am going to need to get more ink for my printer before I can do anymore paper pieced Midget blocks. I am skipping 3 and moving on to 4! lol