Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guild BOM's and the flu bug.

Well, we got hit with the flu. Everyone is recovered, finally. Not fun with both adults sick, 1 kid sick and one raring to go!

I have 30 blocks done for my lady of the lake quilt! I have 2 more in process and 4 more to cut out and sew. I think I will just do 36 and then figure out borders to finish it to the size I want. We'll see what I can come up with.

I've been plugging away at my monthly guild BOM's despite not attending the last 2 meetings. (Thanks Elaine for letting me pick them up at your house!). I am planning to attend tomorrow night as I should be fully recovered. I really want to see the paper piecing demo, that way I can do the one month's block I haven't done yet.

After the 'champ monster' came the dragonfly and duck below.

Then the paper pieced boat which I haven't done yet. The castle was next:

and then this month was the froggie! I love this one and thanks to Maryellen Therrien for drafting and providing the pattern to us. I made 2 - one for the guild BOM (I really hope I win this stack of blocks!) and one for my quilt.

and mine:

Darn it, they came up sideways. Sorry about that - Em just woke up so need to grab her before she wakes up her brother who just went down for a nap. If I get back I'll try to get them to appear correctly.
Happy quilting everyone.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since my last post. Things get busy with the kids and I've been sewing/quilting when I get a few minutes rather than getting onto the computer.

The kids are getting bigger... they will be 23 months and 9 months by the end of this week. Emily has hit quite a few 'milestones' this last week. She now has 3 teeth popped through - 2 bottom and one on top. She started crawling on Tuesday
AND pulled up to standing on the same day. By Thursday... she was crawling all over the house way too quickly for Mommy. Needless to say... the tree came down Thursday morning before it got toppled over by Emily pulling on the branches.
Grandma (MIL) was up from Dec 22 until this morning from Florida. It was wonderful having her visit..I got to sleep in pretty much every morning until 7:30 or 8 as she got up with the kids. The kids have been battling colds the last month and Aidan was diagnosed with a sinus infection on Tuesday morning. One dose of antibiotic and he started eating like his old self and is much less cranky. I think he is feeling better and back to his old happy self. Now if I can just get him to say more words instead of Naaaw (his No) and Uuuhhh with a pointing finger at what he wants. He does tend to say a new word or two a day now.

I finally quilted my charity quilt over the last 2 days. Just need to hand finish the binding.

I did a quick panel for the kids for xmas. I love the fabric and the quilting went well on my new 24x24 quilting table for my machine. That was my birthday present in November and I love it.

I've also been plugging away at the Lady of the lake blocks for Mom's quilt and keeping up with the BOM that my quilt guild is doing this year.

This is just the 4 I did while my MIL was here over the holiday. I think that gives me either 20 or 22 completed 12 inch blocks. I have 4 in process and another 10 cut and ready to sew. I hope to have all the blocks done by the end of January, together in February and quilted in March. The 'goal' is to have it done for my guild quilt show in April... but we'll see what happens.
Hope everyone has a prosperous and healthy new year!