Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guild BOM's and the flu bug.

Well, we got hit with the flu. Everyone is recovered, finally. Not fun with both adults sick, 1 kid sick and one raring to go!

I have 30 blocks done for my lady of the lake quilt! I have 2 more in process and 4 more to cut out and sew. I think I will just do 36 and then figure out borders to finish it to the size I want. We'll see what I can come up with.

I've been plugging away at my monthly guild BOM's despite not attending the last 2 meetings. (Thanks Elaine for letting me pick them up at your house!). I am planning to attend tomorrow night as I should be fully recovered. I really want to see the paper piecing demo, that way I can do the one month's block I haven't done yet.

After the 'champ monster' came the dragonfly and duck below.

Then the paper pieced boat which I haven't done yet. The castle was next:

and then this month was the froggie! I love this one and thanks to Maryellen Therrien for drafting and providing the pattern to us. I made 2 - one for the guild BOM (I really hope I win this stack of blocks!) and one for my quilt.

and mine:

Darn it, they came up sideways. Sorry about that - Em just woke up so need to grab her before she wakes up her brother who just went down for a nap. If I get back I'll try to get them to appear correctly.
Happy quilting everyone.

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