Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Years Eve Slow Stitching....

I had pulled out the red Dresden Plate from a few years ago to start hand quilting this week.

This is a shot of all the blocks I made. The purple one is hand quilted and the others hope to get some attention in 2018. They will be sashed with white in between them all. This will be a take with me project in the car line so it is a quilt as you go effort.

I made a little progress on this Saturday and plan to make more stitches in this today while the kids are at Grandma's... who was nuts enough to take them again for a double kids sleepover with their new travel luggage!

As her son said as he walked by me tonight - 'I think we have enough evidence to have her committed!' A big thanks to my MIL for taking the kids again... she had them Wed/Thurs and had one of them last Friday overnight as well.

What will you be stitching on, to end the new year? Linking up with Kathy and the Slow Sunday Stitchers. A special big thank you to Kathy for hosting the link up each week and for all the encouragement over the years.

Hope everyone has a safe New Years and keeps warm. I'm going to enjoy staying in with hubby and no kids - which means peace and quiet! Cleaning the house is all done so I can enjoy Monday in my sewing room!

RSC Challenge and a wrap up of 2017 finishes

I know lots of people are planning all the new things they will be starting in 2018. I found so many parts and pieces of things  when I was moving stuff around earlier this week in the sewing area that I really, really should just concentrate on what I currently have and see about finishing up some things. I hope to go through the sewing area a bit more today and tomorrow so who know's what else I will find!

Some unearthed things - my dresden plates from the RSC Challenge a couple of years ago. They need hand quilting still all except for the purple one. Eventually these will be sashed with white to make a nice quilt. I started the red one and hope to put some more hand stitches in tonight.

I also found the houses - from a couple of years ago! I'm sure I need a few more of these and they also need their tipsy turvey surround added to almost all of them. I think this will be concentrated on for one week each month with the RSC Challenge next year.

Then there were a handful of crumb blocks that I sewed together into color sets of 4 to make a 12 inch block earlier this year. I think I should make some more of these next year with the RSC Challenge. That covers 2 weeks.

Then there were some bow tie blocks with muslin. I don't know where these fell off the wagon but they are cute and easy... so I'll make some more next year too. I seem to have 12 of the purple, orange and teal, 11 of the blue and yellow and four reds and two green! I wonder if others might turn up while I am cleaning/clearing?

I have purple and red friendship scrappy stars.. but no other colors. I am guessing those were the first 2 colors of the year =). I do love stars, so I'll add to these on months other than purple and red. Some scrappy nine patches in colors might get added to this project.....

Wow - that fills up 4 weeks in a month for the RSC Challenge. It seems when I break things down this way into 4 things with one each week I do a much better job of working on things through the year. I have not done this the last 2 years and I don't seen to be getting things done. I'll try and go back to my proven method!

Somehow I need to add in some more 16 patch blocks - cause they are always so versatile and I like making them. Easy to cut extra 2.5 inch blocks when prepping those bow ties. I think another colorful cube quilt with grey background might get made from them next year and then another star with blocks in the corners as a go to quilt to have on hand.

Linking up with the RSC Challenge to end up 2017.

Some of the finishes this year - keeping in mind some of these quilt the parts or tops were made much earlier! :
RSC 2016 row along

Quilters Scrapbook pattern by Canuckquilter

Thangles 12 month BOM

Granmothers Choice Quilt along with Barbara Brackman

Bricks and Stepping stones - Bonnie Hunter free pattern

RSC 2015 quilt along by Angela Feldbush

Crayon Box pattern by Bonnie Hunter
Log cabin - scrappy blues

There might be a post tomorrow or Monday of the progress made in 2017. Stay tuned.

Also linking up Sunday with Oh Scrap.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday - Crayola Experience

Today was one of the last day's to use our yearly pass. It expires on Dec 30th... so we headed to Orlando today to use them one last time. Next year we'll be heading to Tampa for MOSI. Museum of Science and Industry. (Thanks family for the $ to get the family year pass!).

The bonus - the Worlds biggest Crayola Crayon was there for us to see!

It was very crowded but the kids had a good time doing some favorites.

The science lab is always a hit - they added that in the last year. We did some painting and used the drying machine to make some Christmas tree ornaments. My favorite is sitting at the round table with buckets of crayons and pictures to color them in.

While there.... we walked to the food court for lunch and saw some luggage. The kids needed new carry on bags - they use them when we go up to Vermont and when they stay overnight at Grandma's. I was looking at some before Christmas but didn't get them... and the price went up the day after Christmas on line so we took a look. Turns out their prices were around the pre-Christmas price I was looking at so they each picked out a travel bag!

Dinner is in the oven and it will be a little bit of a late meal tonight - but that's what happens when you get home at 5:30. Thank goodness there are Chicken cordon blue in the freezer (now in the oven) and I had a few potato's that needed cooking so they and an onion and leftover peppers from the appetizers on Monday are in the oven too with some rosemary, salt and pepper. I think some broccoli will get steamed as well. A nice rounded meal... and the kids and I had a Jamba Juice mid day for our fruit!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Emily and I did the drive in on Tuesday night. We were by ourselves so got to stay in the car.

Ferdinand was a cute movie and we had a good time. The boys stayed home that night. Wednesday I drove the kids  to Grandma's in the morning so I worked in the afternoon. I had to go get one of them last night (another 2 hours in the car) so the deChristmastreeing of the house had to wait. He called as I was taking off the ornaments. I managed to finish it off this afternoon and the tree is outside. Ahhhh. So nice to have that out of the living room as it has been there since the day after Thanksgiving and it was a live tree!

I normally wait until new years day to take everything down... but it has been up for a long time this year and I am ready for the declutter and to put out my snowmen =). They are out for the month of January here in Florida at my house.

The bonus of a live tree - when you vacuum up all the needles after you take it out (I was smart and put out an old cheap long tablecloth for the tree to land on and be pulled out of the house with). There were some on the tree skirt that got picked up by accident by helpers so I get the nice pine smell for the next little while whenever I vacuum.

Hey Mom - I finally bowled good today - think you can beat a 547 series? There was a 202 in there and everything! Grandma had both kids so I didn't have to bring one with me - they went to Chuck E Cheese and got delivered after I got home.

It is cooler and overcast today with a few sprinkles. Flirting with 60 degrees - which I know is a lot warmer than most of the USA is experiencing right now. I'm thinking Chili tonight for dinner with some corn bread. First... the boy has a guitar lesson and I need to get some steps in while he is jamming.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


After a little working (cleaning day in the office) and then a walk at the trails with the family had me with a little time this afternoon. I snuck away and moved some things around in the sewing area and found some parts for step 2 of On Ringo Lake.

I think this makes about 100 of the 200 flying geese needed for step 2 of the coral and cream. Yes, they need pressing.... and I need to cut more parts to make the next 100. Step 5 has been released and I am way behind but... I am taking this one on my time frame and am saving off all the steps.

Ms. Emily really wants to go to the drive in tonight to see Ferdinand. They saw it last week with Grandma but she said she would go and see it with me too! Not sure if the boy will join us or not - if he does, Dad will have a nice quiet house tonight. Going to get chilly down to 51 tonight so we'll have to bring some quilts to snuggle in..... and if only 2 of us go we can stay in the car to watch!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

The kids were up at 5:55AM. They didn't wake us up until 7! They were so excited with their stockings and that Santa left a little pile of stuff across from them - we think it is for you and Dad! 

Once we were out by the tree (someone forgot to get a photo of before!) the kids were grabbing gifts to give to Mom and Dad to open! I know - they are just not normal! We had to open things one at a time (kids insisted, darn it) .... and Emily made sure everyone was watching when she opened her big gift - a Barbie Dream House! That should keep them busy this morning building it. They also each opened a record .... and got a Victrola record player! That is playing as they build. Aidan has a little drone to build too.... and I'm sure there will be a nerf gun attack in the back yard later.

Time to make the coffee =)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Oh - the binding got finished yesterday while watching The Night at the Museum - the Tomb and then The Pacifier. Now to wash it and wrap it.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

We did Christmas at Grandma's yesterday. They got this new fangled monopoly game  - no cash - it is all done by a charge card. Aidan loved it.... me, it made the tally at the end easier (maybe cause I won?) but I miss the old fashioned cash and figuring things out. 

In between cleaning and prepping for the in-laws to come over tomorrow for Christmas and finger foods, I will be putting some slow stitches into the binding of this log cabin quilt that got quilted up yesterday and the binding was made and attached to the front this morning. Just 258 inches of binding to stitch down and then I get to wrap it for Grandpa. We will see if it is done before he arrives tomorrow!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Next to Procrastination in the dictionary you will find a picture of me!

I had told Greg that I could quilt up the blue and cream log cabin quilt for my FIL for Christmas.

Well, it is December 23 and I just pinned it this morning! Yup, nothing like waiting until the last minute. I'll pop through the shower and then quickly (I hope) will just do some simple walking foot quilting on this baby. If time, I'll cut, sew and press the binding for it too - I know I have enough of that blue in the border for it. That might have to wait until later to get put onto the we are headed to Grandma and Papa Andy's today for their early Christmas and Birthday (Papa Andy's birthday is on Christmas day!). I hope to be hand stitching down some binding tonight and tomorrow night on this one so it can get wrapped for Christmas morning with Papa Aylward.

Linking up with the RSC Challenge.

This is where Chilly landed this morning.

Friday, December 22, 2017


At the end of a long and busy day yesterday, Emily and I stopped by the house near us that has their lights set to music. Aidan had treated us to Wendy's for dinner with a gift card and he opted to go home with Dad. We were just about to leave when someone knocked on my car window! It was a sheriff and another man. Turns out he was looking for kids to hand out gifts to! Emily got a little doggie stuffed animal =).
The other man was from the car next to us asking if the station was working for us. It was a little static on there last night and dropped when cars went by... but it is still an impressive sight. The Grinch song was playing when we got there - I wish I had got a video of that one with the grinch appearing in lights.

I did get a little of this song. This is only half of the house lights going to the music.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Officially Winter Break!

The kids were out of school at 2PM yesterday and are off for the next 2 weeks for Winter Break. I coordinated my Fitbit challenge that day (Solo challenge of 15K steps instead of my normal goal of 10K) with my plans to bring the kids to the trails after school. I figured if I could get them out for a 30 minute hike on the trails near our house I would be happy. They were having so much fun we were out there for an hour in the 82 degree weather and they decided they wanted to go hiking every day and explore new trails! The good news - I hit my 15K step goal yesterday. The foot is still feeling great Mom!

We opted to take the old trails that wind through the woods - Called Nailys Trail.

The kids were pointing out neat trees and Aidan thought this rock looked like a frog. Silly kids. They selected the photo ops.

They have been making some changes to the trails and have paved a former working road through the woods for walking/biking/roller blading from 6 miles up near our Walmart all the way to our trail head on 49th Ave and it looks like it heads over to the bridge over I75 as well to the other trail head on the other side of the highway. That will be a good one to bring the kids and their bikes for a bike ride sometime this weekend with Dad.

I do wonder which trails they will choose for today!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rainy Day Foods....

Years and years ago, hubby had purchased food from the Rainy Day Foods Company. I think he got a single serving portion for a year that lasts up to 30 years. It has moved from place to place (lots of boxes and buckets of things!) and we are finally starting to open and use them. There are so many different things in there  and some of the things we have pulled out to use are the baking supplies - salt, baking soda and powder, yeast, oats - hey, I ran out making cookies and remembered there were some!, 16 bean mix, popcorn, apple drink, etc. 

There are huge buckets of wheat and other grains.... and I finally just ordered a grain mill attachment for the kitchenmaid mixer for hubby for Christmas. Time to start using that up and I have a feeling we will be grinding some grains on the 25th or 26th and making some home made bread!

I think it will be time to open the cocoa and dry milk and make up some hot cocoa mix with Aidan as well. Emily will be unable to have that one (lactose intolerant) but... she'll enjoy the bread!

I think I still need a pressure cooker/canner - those beans are very hard (soaked the last batch for 24 hours and had to cook for 24 hours to get them soft) and we have multiple 10 pound buckets of black beans, the 16 bean soup (Aidan loves this stuff!), refried beans and a bunch of other kinds. I would love to start processing them so I can have them ready in the pantry when needed. I tend to throw black beans into various meals and salads... and the kids will eat them!

I just need to remember there is all that stuff around the house that needs to get pulled out and used when I am prepping my meals. Getting the grinder will help in starting to play with some of it. 

Come back next week and see what our first adventure will be with the new mill. I do love the smell of baking bread in the oven.

Monday, December 18, 2017


I'm starting to feel a little tickle on one side of my throat. Ut oh..... the boy has been congested for a few days and hubby has as well. I decided to take it easy on myself and threw some chicken legs into the crock pot with half a bottle of terriaki sauce from the fridge and a little onion and peppers. I'll throw some pea pods in later this afternoon and cook up some rice before dinner and that is one thing out of the way!

Tonight is scouts - we are having our party. Emily needs to wrap her present and I need to prep some badges to hand out to the girls. The cookies are baked off and I should be all set for that.

We do need to pop to the store - the kids parties are at school tomorrow. One is having a pancake feast in his so we are sending in whipped cream. The other will be snacking all day and we will send in some fruit (to offset all the candies!).

Have a wonderful Monday.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Kathy reminds us each Sunday to slow down, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I really do need this reminder each and every week! My kids have 2 days of school left before they are off for 2 whole weeks for winter break. Yikes! Where did the year go?

I ran out to do some errands and last minute shopping.... I'll take the kids later this week to get Daddy done but others needed to get finished off today. =)

Sugar cookies got baked off for girl scouts tomorrow night. The girls liked decorating cookies last year and decided to do it again for this last meeting before Christmas. One of my co-leaders is making some too. Seems we have around 15 girls this year. It is hard to tell as people have been busy so we will see how many show up. They will be getting their cookie selling things tomorrow for cookie season pre sales starting on the 22nd!

I added borders to my log cabin quilt to make it a little bigger and made a backing for it. I just need to  pin it for some quick quilting. This will be a gift for my FIL so I have until the 25th to get it done! Anyone else seem to need a deadline to actually get things done? I find I do! That pinning and walking foot quilting is next up on my list.

The kids should be retuned from Grandma's soon - she is leery driving at night now so after their movie she will return them so she can get home before it gets too dark. We always offer to go pick up but she declines. That just means we have to feed them dinner.... think I can convince hubby it is his turn? We won't be hungry as we did Bob Evans for lunch today - he had his breakfast and I had the meatloaf.... and maybe a few of the sugar cookies that broke as I took them off the tray!

Off to the sewing room to unroll this and get it pinned.

With the borders it is now 58x70 - a good throw size I hope. I'm thinking I should be able to add the binding around 6PM and will be settling into my chair later tonight to hand stitch it down. Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 16, 2017


What a week! I am so happy this week is finally over! It has been a whirl wind and I don't think I have been home after school pick up since Tuesday... and yesterday I was logged into work for the afternoon so I am not counting that one!

Tuesday was the holiday concert at school - having kids one year apart we were lucky and got to see all the classes preform as they broke them up into 2 concerts (grade K,2,4 and 1,3,5). They kids all did a great job. Wednesday - was a doctor appt for Emily after school and I had them both get flu shots. What an ordeal with the shots! Emily had a crying fit because she didn't want it that day with gymnastics that night. Yup, 20 minutes of crying and she scared off one nurse. She tensed up so of course her arm hurt. Thursday.... We had to pop to the dollar tree and get little gifts for filling all the stockings in his classroom. I also got a few things for the troop party on Monday. A friend was there too - so she took Emily with her and Aidan and I hit walmart and got gift cards for his teachers gifts then went to his guitar lesson. We picked up Emily from her play date after and it took a bit to get my kids out of there - they were all playing in the back yard. We will have to do some play dates over break... and I offered to take her 2 if she needs quiet time to write. She is starting to write a book (something new!) and is working with a publisher. Fingers crossed it works out for her!

Friday... was a busy day and I had to make up some hours at work in the afternoon so the kids were on their own. It was the first day in 2 weeks I did not hit my 10K step goal. Might have to take the kids to the new paved trails in the forest to make up some steps today!

The only bit of sewing I got this week was to make a couple of very simple pot holders for Mom! The package in a Zappos box should arrive to you by Wednesday the 20th Mom! You can open it - the things I wanted for a surprise are wrapped to go under the tree. Dad can open the plain colored one for his late birthday present.

I got to pull up a video on how to finish them by Nancy Zimmerman. She will be missed in the sewing and quilting world. I am hoping her family is able to share lots of good memories of her on this first Christmas season without her.

After bowling and Papa A's visit this afternoon.... I am hoping to add a border to this little log cabin throw and hope to get it pinned and quilted tomorrow while the kids are at Grandma's. Linking up to the RSC Challenge. Better go start my day!

Oh - Mom - Emily made the thumbprint peanut butter and jelly cookies from the cookbook you got her last night! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday... a busy day ahead.

As the wind is whipping outside I am sitting munching on an early lunch (I made more of the chicken napoleon filling and am eating it as a dip with some tortilla chips - the advantage of working from home you can clean out the fridge a bit when you need to for lunch!). The temps were to warm up to the low 70's today before plunging again into the high 50's tomorrow. I feel like I am back in Vermont with these changing temps. The kids decided to wear shorts to school - yup - it was 37 degrees when I dropped them off at 7:30 this morning but they figured by the time they went outside they would be fine for recess and PE.  Little Emily insisted she would wilt sitting outside in the car line in long pants with temps of 72! I don't know where I got her from but she is so not my kid with feelings like that! Yes Mom, they had coats on this morning.

Last night I tried a new recipe for us (I had it at one of my pampered chef parties) - Philly Cheesesteak sliders. I got to use my deep covered baker and it got a thumbs up from everyone.... and hubby said it reminded him of White Castle! He did grow up in Ohio after all! I used kings hawaiian rolls and they came out really good. Who knew you could cook hamburger in the microwave in just 7 minutes? And in that baker you can make a cake in 10 minutes in the microwave...and it comes out so yummy!

Then it was off to girl scouts where they went caroling at an assisted care facility near us. The girls (5 troops ranging from my daisy/brownies (k-3) up to senior ambassadors - high schoolers.) did a great job singing some Christmas carols, 3 of the older ones played their instruments - guitar, flute and sax and then the older ones read the night before Christmas. A great time was had by all. I am winding down the scouting this year - one last week before  I get a much needed 2 weeks off for the holidays! I will meet up with my 2 co-leaders and plan and update the schedule for the rest of the year through May over the break. There is always something going on! Watch out - cookie sales are starting! We get to start Dec 22 this year instead of January 6 where we are. Support a girl scout troop near you!

I did get a little quilting progress done and finished the hand quilting on the little doll quilt Sunday night and added a binding to it yesterday. I'll finish sewing it down in the car line today.

That will leave me with an issue - what to bring with me for the wait time tonight at the holiday concert at school? Hmmmm I guess you will have to wait and find out tomorrow!

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Frosty Monday morning!

We woke up to cold temps - 27 degrees and a hard frost in Ocala Florida this morning! The kids LOVE when they get to scrape the windshield. Aidan did it the last time this happened last month so Emily got to do the car today. Aidan helped Dad do the truck before he headed to work. Aidan was having fun walking on the frost tipped grass, hearing the crunch, crunch under his feet! It's the little things in life that make us happy!

Every year I make my kids a snake filled with little trinkets.  It is not really a snake - just a long tube of fabric that I fill with little things and tie a piece of yarn in between each one. They get to open one each day as they count down to Christmas. They picked out the fabric years ago - 

I started it this morning... cause I completely forgot to do it for Sunday the 10th! Oh well, they were surprised and happy this morning. They got a light up bouncy ball. This started years and years ago when my brother David got one for me when I was in high school I think. It was a white velvet 'snake' with chocolates in it for each day with red ribbons separating it. I believe he got it at a craft fair with his then girlfriend while he was in college. I carried on this tradition and made the snakes and filled them for a few years for each of my nieces and nephews. I had their parents take it over after that. I had so much fun collecting little  things for them in my travels through the year to fill up and distribute to them on Thanksgiving for their countdown to Christmas.  For my kids... not that much planning as they are always with me! I did get a few fun things and placed a few days of chocolates for them to count down the days until Christmas. I do wonder how many years I will need to continue this tradition on with them.......?

Sunday, December 10, 2017


It's a chilly morning here in Florida. As the sprinklers are going off it was leaving little bits of ice on the  ground before the sun came up. Not a usual sight in north central Florida! Extra quilts on the beds last night and it was a 2 kitty neck night..... she moved to the end of the bed when the boy came in this morning to let me know it was 7AM and time to get up!

We did a kid pancake breakfast again this morning (someone was acting up yesterday and didn't get to join us). There were cinnamon sugar, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, cherries and of course sprinkles and whipped cream! The kids and Daddy had tea with their breakfast. I stuck with my coffee. As much as I like the idea of tea... it just does not taste good to me. If I am drinking tea - you will know I have a sore throat and have lots of honey in it!

The kids will be heading off to Grandma's today. I need to pop over to Wildwood to the girl scout store and pick up some journey badges and fun patches for the girls. I need to hand them out next Monday at our Christmas party. This week we will be singing Christmas carols at a nursing home and handing out some little crafts to the residents. Shoot - I need to make sure the noses are still attached to the candy canes. We made reindeers out of candy canes with brown pipe cleaners, a pom pom nose and some googley eyes.

After I get back from the store - depending on how my foot feels (yes Mom, I overdid it with walking this week and felt something ping again on that same foot as earlier this year - I have stretched it out and it is feeling better but no walk today for me so I can rest that achilles.) I will be sitting and watching a movie with some hand quilting.

I have two options:

Finish up the little doll quilt- I have one more hoop move and that one will be done! Just will need a trim and binding to finish it off!

Or get back to the very neglected quilt frame and work on the trip quilt. I would love to actually get to the point of needing to roll this one sometime this week. This is my 90x90 trip around the world quilt with 9 30 inch blocks in different colors I made with the RSC Challenge a few years ago.

Linking up with Kathy and the other slow stitchers this morning.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


 Where did the day go?

The kids opted not to do the Santa Breakfast this year and instead we did creative pancakes with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar and cherries on top! Served with hot cocoa of course. Then it was off to bowling for Emily - someone else was acting up this morning and stayed home. (Dec 9..... at least it held off a bit this year!) We hit the store after and I was smart and picked up a jalepeno and some cilantro...... which came in handy later today.
We had lunch and visited with Grandpa A. Then it was time to head outside..... Emily and I power washed some more of the driveway and put some of the outside lights up. Aidan and Em also decorated the swing set out back! I got  a little walk in as well and hit my 10,000 steps before 5PM today!
The kids had a bonfire out back tonight and had some hot dogs over the fire. I decided to use up some leftover roaster chicken and some of the things I purchased earlier to make Mexican Chicken Napoleans (or a version of it) with some fresh salsa. Yummy!

Unfortunately, I did need some patching up as I pulled  out my chopper and it was put away with water in the bottom.... so when I was trying to clean it I sliced my pointer finger on my left hand. Hubby was there so he got to patch me up with a band aid. I'll survive... but we will see if I can hand quilt with it later tonight. I might need to just press a backing and pin a quilt instead! I got the top to my spring blossoms done a few weeks ago and have the backing pieced. It just needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

Maybe that will wait for another day. Emily wants to make a craft... so I'll see how quickly we can do this before her bedtime... then I can collapse for the night!

Friday, December 8, 2017


Busy day.... including starting work at 6:30 this morning! Good thing I work from home cause I was in my jammies! That allowed me to take off around 11 to go pick up Subway for my lunch date with Emily at school. I'll go in on Monday with Aidan. After picking up the kids from school we headed right to Sam's... to get a few things and some samples...and the kids got a snack ( churro and a chocolate frozen yogurt). The temp has gone up from the 63 degrees around lunchtime to 79 around 4! Very strange weather we are having - with snow in the south today. The front should go through in a couple of hours here with lots of rain and thunderstorms. Since it is just overcast and windy... I have the kids power washing the mold off the driveway. A necessary task down here in Florida. They will take turns and if they get 2 of the 12 cement squares done (1 each) I will be happy. The other is shooting hoops waiting for their turn.

Me... I got a little sewing time in and was able to finish the brown birds in the air blocks this week. Linking up to the RSC Challenge on Saturday. It is nice to know they are all done and just waiting for me to sew them into a top. Not sure that will happen this month but they are there when I am ready!

I think it will be family movie night since the weather will be yucky. Time to get the kids into John Candy and the movie 'The Great Outdoors'! I love this movie and hope the kids do too. Aidan was watching Canadian Bacon with Greg the other night - too funny watching them both giggle to that movie!