Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday Dec 5.

I was wondering all last evening what I would write about today. Then I saw my rosebush in bloom on my way to scouts and figured I'd post some photos of things blooming in my yard.  Hubby trimmed some overgrown bushes in anticipation of putting up the outside Christmas lights at some point this week. That let me 'find' my roses again and they are blooming!

When I first walk out the door I also have tea olives blooming right now too.

Then in the back of the house - I get the wonderful perfume of night blooming jasmine - there are two bushes - one right outside my bedroom window which I had open for a little bit last night, and one about 6 feet away by the screened in porch. Both are in full bloom and even producing some smell during the day!

I got my walk in this morning and finally prepped my 16 bean soup in the crock pot a little before lunch. They are from a Rainy Day food storage kit and tend to take a really long time to soften. I let them soak for 24 hours and we will see if that helps. If it is not done in time for dinner tonight..... it will work for dinner tomorrow night! I just threw in a smoked ham shank, what was left of some chicken broth in the fridge and some water, an onion, some carrots and celery, a few garlic cloves, some oregano and a few bay leaves. We will see how it turns out.

 Emily has an orthodontist appt after school so she will be having some soft Kraft mac n cheese for her dinner. My fall back is to take the meat off the few chicken legs left and roll them up in some corn tortillas with some re fried beans and cheese and make enchiladas from them! Always good to have a backup plan =).

Have a great afternoon!


Chris said...

The flowers look lovely. I had one of my red climbing roses bloom in December once but it is getting really cold here. Snow in the forecast for later this wek.

Julierose said...

Pretty rose--and flowering shrubs--funny I took pictures of my Autumn Garden lately too...hugs, Julierose P.S. 16 bean soup sounds so yummy for this rainy day...

Ellen said...

Very pretty flowers! We don't have anything growing now - it's all dead or dormant except for the grass. It is still mostly green. :)