Thursday, December 28, 2017


Emily and I did the drive in on Tuesday night. We were by ourselves so got to stay in the car.

Ferdinand was a cute movie and we had a good time. The boys stayed home that night. Wednesday I drove the kids  to Grandma's in the morning so I worked in the afternoon. I had to go get one of them last night (another 2 hours in the car) so the deChristmastreeing of the house had to wait. He called as I was taking off the ornaments. I managed to finish it off this afternoon and the tree is outside. Ahhhh. So nice to have that out of the living room as it has been there since the day after Thanksgiving and it was a live tree!

I normally wait until new years day to take everything down... but it has been up for a long time this year and I am ready for the declutter and to put out my snowmen =). They are out for the month of January here in Florida at my house.

The bonus of a live tree - when you vacuum up all the needles after you take it out (I was smart and put out an old cheap long tablecloth for the tree to land on and be pulled out of the house with). There were some on the tree skirt that got picked up by accident by helpers so I get the nice pine smell for the next little while whenever I vacuum.

Hey Mom - I finally bowled good today - think you can beat a 547 series? There was a 202 in there and everything! Grandma had both kids so I didn't have to bring one with me - they went to Chuck E Cheese and got delivered after I got home.

It is cooler and overcast today with a few sprinkles. Flirting with 60 degrees - which I know is a lot warmer than most of the USA is experiencing right now. I'm thinking Chili tonight for dinner with some corn bread. First... the boy has a guitar lesson and I need to get some steps in while he is jamming.



Here on the east coast of FL--my DD and I were shopping and when we came out of Publix--around 3:30--I noticed a chill in the air--so our temps here are dropping a bit too--like to 70, I think!!!
I also decorate with the snowmen in Jan here (as I did in NY--they have like '0' temps today--ouch)
enjoy the moments, di

a good yarn said...

Chuck E Cheese is real?

Ellen said...

When our boys were young we had a trailer parked in a campground up north on Georgian Bay and we stayed there during the summer on weekends and holidays. We used to go to the drive-in every weekend. Such fun and such good memories! :)))

Needled Mom said...

I love the smell of the pine needles in my vacuum after the tree is down. I thought I was the only crazy person to think that. lol