Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday, Monday......

The start of a new week! This one looks to be a little calmer - finally! After way too much takeout and fast food meals this past week (and darn that scale that I got on this morning!) it is time to prep and cook meals at home and incorporate more fruits and veggies into all our diets! Emily has requested Cowboy salad from the pioneer woman. Ok, not the healthiest but I think I will change out the dressing and make a broccoli/cauliflower salad as well. We have a few leftover chicken legs I roasted off last night to go with it. Must remember portion sizes!

I am starting off right so far - I got my walk in before work this morning and after dropping off the kids to school.  I work from home - 5 hours a day, 4 days a week as a computer programmer while the kids are in school. A nice egg scramble breakfast with scallion and red pepper and a little cheddar cheese in my ceramic microwave cooker this morning to start off the day. I seem to have used the last keurig coffee this morning.. I am debating making a little amount in the coffee maker... I think it needs to get done. Still recovering from lack of sleep on Saturday night!  Then I'll switch to some water flavored with a baby orange sliced into it. My goal is 20 ounces of water this morning, afternoon and we will see about evening! I also need to do a power zero to keep my salt up. I know, I'm strange and have low sodium levels and boy does that make your head spin when it gets too low!

Since this is a quilty blog..... I did get a little hand work in on Saturday while the kids were bowling. I had most of the star part prepped and just added the white surrounds to these. So glad I keep that baggie and sewing case in my purse, you never know when the opportunity to get a few stitches in will pop up! Time to make some more stars in the car line this afternoon. These are using Inklingo to print the sewing and cutting lines onto the back of the fabric. I love how quick it is to prep things.

So far - 3 posts in 3 days! I wonder what I will find to talk about tomorrow!


Chris said...

Low sodium levels? I was told to cut back on sodium and to sweat to manage PMS 30 years ago. But then you live in Florida and probably sweat way more than most people.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

no worry about babysitters that is neat that you can work from home and then be done by time they get home. Low sodium levels - huh never thought of that, I have what i call my dizzy days when I feel lightheaded, it comes and goes and never last long, I see my doctor next week I'll ask him about sodium levels