Sunday, December 17, 2017


Kathy reminds us each Sunday to slow down, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I really do need this reminder each and every week! My kids have 2 days of school left before they are off for 2 whole weeks for winter break. Yikes! Where did the year go?

I ran out to do some errands and last minute shopping.... I'll take the kids later this week to get Daddy done but others needed to get finished off today. =)

Sugar cookies got baked off for girl scouts tomorrow night. The girls liked decorating cookies last year and decided to do it again for this last meeting before Christmas. One of my co-leaders is making some too. Seems we have around 15 girls this year. It is hard to tell as people have been busy so we will see how many show up. They will be getting their cookie selling things tomorrow for cookie season pre sales starting on the 22nd!

I added borders to my log cabin quilt to make it a little bigger and made a backing for it. I just need to  pin it for some quick quilting. This will be a gift for my FIL so I have until the 25th to get it done! Anyone else seem to need a deadline to actually get things done? I find I do! That pinning and walking foot quilting is next up on my list.

The kids should be retuned from Grandma's soon - she is leery driving at night now so after their movie she will return them so she can get home before it gets too dark. We always offer to go pick up but she declines. That just means we have to feed them dinner.... think I can convince hubby it is his turn? We won't be hungry as we did Bob Evans for lunch today - he had his breakfast and I had the meatloaf.... and maybe a few of the sugar cookies that broke as I took them off the tray!

Off to the sewing room to unroll this and get it pinned.

With the borders it is now 58x70 - a good throw size I hope. I'm thinking I should be able to add the binding around 6PM and will be settling into my chair later tonight to hand stitch it down. Wish me luck.



I have to say--you keep on the move and are busy every minute--I want someone to bake the cut out cookies for me to decorate!!! Have fun at the scout meeting--
enjoy the moments, di

Ellen said...

The Christmas countdown has started in my household and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for it is keeping me very busy and I don't have young kids to take care of. Yes, deadlines are good motivators! Those cookies look good - I still haven't done any baking yet.