Monday, December 18, 2017


I'm starting to feel a little tickle on one side of my throat. Ut oh..... the boy has been congested for a few days and hubby has as well. I decided to take it easy on myself and threw some chicken legs into the crock pot with half a bottle of terriaki sauce from the fridge and a little onion and peppers. I'll throw some pea pods in later this afternoon and cook up some rice before dinner and that is one thing out of the way!

Tonight is scouts - we are having our party. Emily needs to wrap her present and I need to prep some badges to hand out to the girls. The cookies are baked off and I should be all set for that.

We do need to pop to the store - the kids parties are at school tomorrow. One is having a pancake feast in his so we are sending in whipped cream. The other will be snacking all day and we will send in some fruit (to offset all the candies!).

Have a wonderful Monday.


Ellen said...

Oh oh....hopefully you don't get a full blown cold!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a busy day. Hope you don't come down with the lergy!