Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday - Crayola Experience

Today was one of the last day's to use our yearly pass. It expires on Dec 30th... so we headed to Orlando today to use them one last time. Next year we'll be heading to Tampa for MOSI. Museum of Science and Industry. (Thanks family for the $ to get the family year pass!).

The bonus - the Worlds biggest Crayola Crayon was there for us to see!

It was very crowded but the kids had a good time doing some favorites.

The science lab is always a hit - they added that in the last year. We did some painting and used the drying machine to make some Christmas tree ornaments. My favorite is sitting at the round table with buckets of crayons and pictures to color them in.

While there.... we walked to the food court for lunch and saw some luggage. The kids needed new carry on bags - they use them when we go up to Vermont and when they stay overnight at Grandma's. I was looking at some before Christmas but didn't get them... and the price went up the day after Christmas on line so we took a look. Turns out their prices were around the pre-Christmas price I was looking at so they each picked out a travel bag!

Dinner is in the oven and it will be a little bit of a late meal tonight - but that's what happens when you get home at 5:30. Thank goodness there are Chicken cordon blue in the freezer (now in the oven) and I had a few potato's that needed cooking so they and an onion and leftover peppers from the appetizers on Monday are in the oven too with some rosemary, salt and pepper. I think some broccoli will get steamed as well. A nice rounded meal... and the kids and I had a Jamba Juice mid day for our fruit!


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

You all had a blast! :) What fun and making memories for them over their Christmas break :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

a crayola place sounds great - I had not heard of that one. I bet it was fun. So nice to fill up the kids times off from school with activities. Have a great new year

scraphappy said...

Sounds like a fun day. The Crayola experience is new since my kids were small, but it seems like a fun place. They sure look like they enjoyed it.

Ellen said...

You are making such wonderful memories with your kids!

Kristie said...

Oh my how they've grown!

a good yarn said...

Looks like they had a fun time.